Confused Memes that are trending right now

Confused Memes

Have you ever been in a conversation and did not understand anything the other person was talking about? You are confused; you begin to ask yourself if you are smart enough or it’s the person who has the problem. And this confusing moment can be a head-scratcher. 

But it gives you all the reason to laugh about it and make memes as well. Seeing someone confused is pretty funny. And you have seen so many known faces in these kinds of memes. 

The most popular is the confused NBA player, Nick Young. Some fan favorites are John Travolta, math lady, Ariana Grande, confused girl, confused Mr. Krabs, etc.  And all these confused people and character makes it so easy to explain confusing times of your life. 

So let’s take a look at the funniest confused memes on the internet.

Am I the only one who hates being asked if I am a robot? No matter how many times I click the correct picture, it just won’t end! And honestly, Google doesn’t help with the picture either. Explaining this situation is this meme.

When you are so invested in a conversation and even end up saying such excellent kinds of stuff, but then there’s always a stupid person who destroys the whole thing. I am pretty sure they don’t care because they aren’t clever enough to understand you.

Don’t bore me with the suspense; just tell me already!

Okay, this baby is brilliant and is not buying your stories.

You know it is not always your fault when you don’t understand something; sometimes, things aren’t so clear.

Okay, this one is hilarious.

Do you know that men in Scotland wear skirts as a part of their national dress? If you have you ever wondered about this?

This person did not pay attention in his marketing classes. We understand what you are trying to say, but you have to admit that you didn’t say it clearly.

So do you want me to come or go? Because you are sending me too many confusing signs.

This is why naming something is not a joke.

Do you remember Justin Beiber’s hairstyle? The craze that girls had over him, and his hair was crazy.

This meme does have something to say. You shouldn’t waste food, people, because there are many hungry people around the world.

I think the founder of M&Ms should go to therapy. He needs help.

Well, well, well, isn’t life just unfair?

Okay, sometimes that fact that you are even at a gym is a lot, so people asking questions can be understandably annoying.

This is why you should always have your headphones on.

The economy is killing us.

Was it a dream or a memory? This is always a question I find myself asking whenever I try to remember my childhood.

If you are an advisor among your friends, this trick is the only way to save yourself.

More puns just for you!

I miss many things about my school, but the surprise test isn’t one of them.

Wait a damn minute. Something isn’t right.

Oh, poor Melania Trump. Don’t worry, and you will get your share.

This is a red flag that you shouldn’t ignore.

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