Their team announced Tuesday that Liz Cambage has agreed to part ways with the Sparks.

Although the reasons for the “contract divorce” were not released, Yahoo Sports reported that numerous conflicts led to the decision.

As a free agent, he signed with Los Angeles on Feb. 15. Cambage brought “baggage” to her new team, according to Haynes. For example, she was involved in a racial slur controversy before the 2021 Tokyo Olympics when playing for the Australian national team during a scrimmage with Nigeria.

Tensions rose when Cambage officially joined the Sparks in 2022. Choosing a jersey number was the first step. She wanted to wear No. 8, but the Sparks said she could not because DeLisha Milton-Jones’ number had been retired. In addition, she wanted No. 1, but Amanda Zahui B. already wore the number, and it reportedly meant a lot to the forward.

When the Sparks approached Zahui B., she declined to change her number. But the Sparks did it anyway. On social media, the forward discovered her number had changed. Moreover, Zahui B. lost her overseas commitment and was suspended for 2022. 

A few of Cambage’s teammates also reportedly had locker room issues. In film sessions, the 30-year-old reportedly heard “calling out” her teammates for not passing enough to her. As tensions grew, the teammates explained why.

The Sparks played her former team, the Aces, on Saturday. The ball was not being passed to Cambage enough, once again, according to reports.

Just to satisfy Sparks, her teammates gave her the ball even though it wasn’t included in the play. The Sparks then lost 84–66, which caused Cambage to leave early.

“This won’t work anymore.” Best of luck to you guys,” Cambage told Yahoo Sports as he left the locker room.

She played her last game in a Sparks uniform, which makes her words true. It’s unknown what’s next for Cambage following the “contract divorce.”