Courtney Casgraux Reddit Video Gone Viral, OnlyFans

The Oregon Democratic congressional candidate has been trending over all the places after a recent controversy fueled fire online. Courtney Casgraux Reddit video is allegedly going viral.

Courtney Casgraux is a well-known Democratic congressional candidate from Oregon.

She is a notable entrepreneur recognized for founding GBY BEAUTY, a successful beauty brand with a national reach, including consulting contracts and a prominent presence in California and New York.

Additionally, she is also the founder of Medium Exchange Gallery NYC. Recently making headlines due to a viral Reddit video, Casgraux faced speculation about her political future.

The curious crowd has been particularly interested in whether she maintains an OnlyFans account, adding an intriguing element to her public image.

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Courtney Casgraux Reddit Video Gone Viral

Courtney Casgraux, a Democratic congressional candidate from Oregon, faced a shocking turn of events when a video from her past as a Manhattan dominatrix went viral on Reddit.

Casgraux, aspiring to represent Portland’s western suburbs, found herself in the public eye on August 31, 2023, as an anonymous user posted a clip of her working at a Midtown BDSM dungeon.

She said that her heart kind of sank in, and she went psycho after she saw the video.

In her 20s and 30s, Casgraux had worked as a dominatrix, charging $500 per hour.

During the pandemic, she returned to this unconventional profession at Donatella’s Dungeon, a discreet sadomasochism sex club in Manhattan.

Courtney Casgraux Reddit Video
Casgraux worked as a dominatrix in her 20s and 30s. (Source: Daily Mail)

Facing the unexpected exposure, Casgraux chose to embrace her past, creating a Playboy profile to sell provocative pictures of herself for up to $150 each.

This move, she claims, is a way to “reclaim her sexuality” and intertwine it with her political views.

Despite not receiving compensation from Playboy, Casgraux uses the platform not only for alluring content but also to share substantial information, including constitutional insights and her views on small American farms’ challenges.

Casgraux’s campaign has encountered financial challenges as a single mother-of-one, raising just $757 from 13 donors.

Nevertheless, she remains determined to push forward, navigating the intersection of her unconventional past, present political aspirations, and a unique approach to raising campaign funds.

Does Courtney Casgraux Have OnlyFans?

Following the controversy surrounding the leaked video on Reddit, the online community has been curious about whether Courtney Casgraux, the Oregon Democratic congressional candidate, has an OnlyFans account.

Does Courtney Casgraux have an OnlyFans account? Well, the answer to this question is no.

Casgraux has not ventured into the realm of OnlyFans; instead, she has chosen to utilize her unexpected exposure to “reclaim her sexuality.”

In an unconventional move, she created a Playboy profile, offering provocative pictures for up to $150 each.

The politician does not seem to be interested in the line of adult entertainment but wants to prove that there is no shame about the past and that anyone can run for Congress.

Courtney Casgraux OnlyFans
Courtney Casgraux does not seem to have an interest in the line of adult entertainment. (Source: Instagram)

Despite not receiving compensation from Playboy, Casgraux’s platform serves a dual purpose.

While she shares alluring content, she also delves into weightier topics, providing constitutional insights and addressing challenges small American farms face.

The positive feedback she has received for her unorthodox campaign methods indicates a level of acceptance for her unique approach.

For Casgraux, the election is not solely about victory; it’s about embracing her past without shame and using it as a platform for self-expression and political engagement.

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