Dad joke memes

Dad joke memes

A Dad joke is a short pun, typically presented as a one-liner or a question and answer, but not a narrative. Many dad jokes may be considered anti-jokes, deriving humor from an intentionally unfunny punchline.

While the exact origin of the term dad joke is unknown, a writer for the Gettysburg Times wrote a vigorous defense of the genre in 1987 under the headline, “Don’t ban the ‘Dad’ jokes; preserve and revere them.”

In the United States, fathers are often known for their lame jokes, which only they find funny! Indeed, it is a kind of humor most associated with middle-aged men, especially fathers. They often use puns, or play-on-words, when a word has more than one meaning.

Indeed, dad jokes are so bad that they are good! It is a mystery why every father loves these jokes and can’t get enough of them. As much as we might roll our eyes at a dad joke that we can’t even pretend to find funny, we can’t deny the fact that we love our dads cracking them. Their sheer pleasure on their faces and their laughter after delivering the punch line make the dad joke funny.

So, let us all admit dads are not only good at teaching us how to ride a bike or giving us valuable life advice. But, they are equally good at cheering us up with their dad jokes that only they know the right way to deliver hilariously!

That is why today, we have collected some of the funniest dad jokes memes that we are sure you all will enjoy. Why should our dads always be the ones who deliver these strangely amusing jokes? So let us now turn the table and be the ones to share these jokes with our dads.

So, first, have a good laugh reading these funny dad jokes memes. Then, make sure that you share these jokes with your dad. We are sure he is going to love you for that. As for the jokes, he will have the loudest laugh of all. So, enjoy these hilarious dad jokes memes we collected for you and your dad!

See, you never expected this, did you?

funny meme

I wish you could appreciate the things your dad did for you!

Dad joke memes
Dad joke memes collection

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Did you get it? Fish and live stream?

Dad joke memes

Have kids. You will have fun, they said!

Dad joke memes
Collection of Dad joke meme

I don’t know why you come running to me for every problem you have!

Dad joke memes

I wish I knew this before I decided to become a father!

Dad joke memes
Dad jokes meme collected from the Internet.

What? This is going to be one hell of a plan!

Dad joke memes
Dad joke meme

Can someone please explain why these kids are so weird?

So, you wanted to know what hurts the most?

meme collected for entertainment

Anything for my little princess!

meme for entertainment

The level of intelligence you need to answer this question!

Dad joke memes
Funny Dad joke memes collected from the Internet

That poor lonely green!

Dad joke memes
Dad joke memes for you to share

How many fans do you need to become a celebrity?

Dad joke memes
Dad joke memes collected for your laughter.

How many of you are into soap operas?

Dad joke memes

So, you don’t need to become a dad to tell dad jokes.

Funny Dad joke memes
Funny Dad joke memes on the Internet.

The name says it all!

Hilarious collection of meme
Hilarious collection of Dad joke memes

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Poor melons, they have no other options!

Dad joke memes

Neither could I stand though I am two-legged!

Dad joke memes
Dad joke memes on the Internet collected for you.

The sky is your limit.

Dad joke memes

At least, I am good at something!

Dad joke memes
Crazy Dad joke memes ideas to share

I am not a karate master, but I get rewarded too!

Dad joke memes
Dad joke meme ideas to share

Yes, they do!

meme collection

So sad for the couple!

hilarious meme

Learn to be like sand!

hilarious collection of meme

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I agree. It is the sweetest!

crazy meme collected for you

Now you know where all its wisdom comes from!

funny meme collection

A huge round of applause for the scarecrow!

Dad joke memes

Where do you go to pick them up?

Dad joke memes

I never knew he was a genius!

Dad joke memes

Action speaks louder than words!

Dad joke memes

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She never said Barby what. Neither did I ask!

Dad joke memes

It works the way they want, after all!

Dad joke memes
Dad joke memes collection for entertainment.

I will never understand his sense of humor!

Dad joke memes
Crazy Dad joke memes collected for fun.

It is not what it is!

Dad joke memes

Okay, Dad!

Dad joke memes
Crazy Dad joke memes collection

Like father, like son!

Dad joke memes
Image collection for Dad joke memes

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He is too young to speak!

Dad joke memes

I don’t believe in violence!

Dad joke memes
Ideas for Dad joke memes

Our plans are always perfect!

Dad joke memes

You should have told me that we were taking turns!

Dad joke memes

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