Daddy’s Girls Angela Vandusen Arrested And Mugshot: What Did She Do?

Get the latest updates on Angela Vandusen arrested allegations – Understand the controversy surrounding the Daddy’s Girls leader.

Angela Vandusen, known as @AngelaTheeG0ddess on TikTok, initially created the ‘Daddy’s Girls’ group in 2020 to provide a safe and supportive community for more prominent women to connect.

However, a seemingly positive endeavor has taken a disturbing turn.

Recent allegations have emerged from alleged victims, accusing Vandusen of coercing them into self-harm, including cutting themselves and pulling out their hair, all in the name of demonstrating their loyalty and devotion to her as the group’s leader.

These allegations have cast a dark shadow over the once-promising online community.

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Angela Vandusen Arrested

Allegations surrounding Angela Vandusen and the ‘Daddy’s Girls’ group have taken a severe turn, sparking widespread concern and calls for her arrest and de-platforming.

The controversy began to surface during the summer when a TikTok account named Aunt Karen posted a detailed video outlining the disturbing situation.

Although Aunt Karen was not a group member, she had direct conversations with former members who shared their experiences, prompting her to raise awareness about the group’s activities.

As the allegations gained momentum, a petition emerged, aiming to garner support for Angela’s arrest and removal from social media platforms.

With over 22,000 signatures, the petition underscores the severity of the accusations.

Angela Vandusen Arrested1
More than 22000 people signed a petition to get Angela Vandusen Arrested. (Image Source: Daily Mail)

The petition’s creator, who goes by the username Midnight Mania, echoes the claims made by several former group members, alleging that “insecure plus-sized black women” were coerced into self-harm, financial submission, and idolizing Angela as a deity.

Midnight Mania further accuses Angela of engaging in psychological manipulation, asserting that she systematically eroded members’ self-esteem through what is described as “sociopathic abuse.”

In response to these grave allegations, TikTok removed Angela Vandusen’s account due to multiple community violations.

The situation has ignited a broader conversation about the responsibility of social media platforms in ensuring the safety and well-being of their users, as well as the potential consequences for individuals who misuse their influence online.

The unfolding events surrounding Angela Vandusen are a stark reminder of the complexities and challenges of the digital age.

What Did Daddy’s Girls Angela Vandusen Do?

Angela Vandusen, known as @AngelaTheeG0ddess on TikTok, initially created ‘Daddy’s Girls’ in the winter of 2020, ostensibly as a supportive space for plus-sized women to connect.

However, disturbing allegations have emerged, accusing Angela of operating a cult-like group that targeted insecure black, plus-size, gay women on TikTok.

Based in Michigan, the 27-year-old Angela initially gained online attention by posting provocative dance and lip-sync videos, sharing her weight-loss journey, and expressing her appreciation for big, beautiful women, especially women of color.

She encouraged her supporters to address her as ‘Daddy’ and incorporate ‘Daddy’s Girls’ into their TikTok bios, creating a sense of belonging.

Over time, the group’s atmosphere took a distressing turn. Members claimed Angela imposed strict rules, including a mandate that all videos must revolve around her.

Angela Vandusen’s dedicated followers used yellow hearts to symbolize their allegiance. (Image Source: Rolling Stone)

Shockingly, some members alleged they were required to pray to Angela both in the morning and at night.

Moreover, Angela purportedly instructed members to inflict harm upon themselves to demonstrate their loyalty, even demanding photographic evidence of self-inflicted scars.

Former members, initially drawn to the group for a sense of relatability, described how the group’s livestreams gradually became increasingly sexualized.

Angela reportedly generated substantial income during these streams, with viewers and fans sending her money, leading some to perceive manipulation and emotional entrapment.

Angela’s control extended to implementing strict regulations, such as members needing permission to conduct their livestreams and an obligation to produce content solely centered on Angela.

Allegations also included claims that members were obligated to engage with Angela’s content, attend all her livestreams, and even pray to her twice daily.

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