Damian Lillard Religion: Is He Christian? Family Ethnicity And origin

Damian Lillard Religion: Is He Christian? Fans of the NBA player are curious to know about his religion and ethnicity.

Damian Lillard is a professional basketball player from the United States who currently plays for the Portland Trail Blazers of the NBA.

He began his professional career with the ‘Trail Blazers’ and earned the ‘NBA Rookie of the Year Award’ to signal his arrival in the professional ranks.

Despite many injuries, Lillard is the fastest player in professional basketball history to reach 10,000 points.

He received the ‘Magic Johnson Award’ and is a well-known basketball personality in the United States.

Lillard is a rapper and hip-hop artist who has published two successful albums and a lot of songs in addition to basketball.

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Damian Lillard Religion and Ethnicity: Is He Christian?

Yes, the NBA player Damian Lillard is a Christian. The athlete is of African American ancestry. 

Lillard grew up attending church in Oakland, California but had fallen out of the practice of reading the Bible.

Faith was not a new concept for Lillard, who grew up in the church, but he had lost sight of it as he became more passionate about basketball.

Lillard learned that the enormous blessings he had received, such as a healthy son and an excellent NBA career, were from God, not himself.

As a practicing Christian, Lillard has a verse from Psalms 37:1-3 tattooed on his left arm. To assist high school students in the Portland metro region in graduating, Lillard founded the RESPECT Program.

Damian Lillard Family and Origin

Damian Lillard’s father, Houston Lillard, is a resident of Oakland, California. He took proper care of his family throughout their struggling phase.

Houston has always been a very supportive father; as Damian said, his father has been his best friend for as long as he can remember.

He presented his support by going to his basketball games and helping him with his studies.

In addition, he also motivated the NBA star by passing down life lessons and never backed down on any chances he got to share his wisdom.

The athlete’s mother, Gina, worked for a health insurance company for almost 18 years.

Damian Lillard Religion
Damian Lillard was rared by the single mother as his parents were separated. (Source- GH gossip

She used to work so much that she eventually got sick and had to go to the hospital a lot.

Like Damian, Damian’s mother found it challenging to attend workdays due to her illness and frequent hospital visits.

Gina was extremely anxious during those trying times. She was at a loss for what to do. Finally, she had no choice but to pray and seek assistance. 

Damian was practicing and working out in preparation for the draft.

Does Damian Lillard Have Any Siblings?

Lanae Lillard, born on February 25, 1998, is Houston’s daughter but is best known as Damian Lillard’s sister.

The Lakeridge Pacers’ younger sister, the Blazers’ point guard, played her first season on the Lakeridge Pacers’ girls’ basketball team.

She had scored seven points in a 65-24 loss to Tigard. Damian is a big fan of his sister and constantly inquires about her activities.

Damian Lillard Religion
Damian Lillard with his family. (Source- Players Bio

On the other hand, Lanae is a supporting sister involved in a feud with Paul George and his girlfriend, Daniela.

His brother, Houston, was a starting quarterback for the Indoor Football League’s Tri-Cities Fever.

He is now the head football coach at Portland’s Jefferson High School. Houston Jr. began his football career at Oakland’s San Lorenzo High School.

Houston attended Laney Community College after graduating. He was named first-team All-League in 2005 for his exceptional performance.

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