Dan Hentschel What Happened: TikToker Arrested For Poisoning Partner

Discover the truth behind Dan Hentschel What Happened to the TikToker in the latest viral sensation—unveiling his controversial pranks and antics.

Dan Hentschel, known as @danhentschel on TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter, is a famous parody artist who shares therapy-related content and life advice.

His online journey began in January 2018 with Instagram posts, although his first accessible Instagram post dates back to November 2018.

He expanded his presence on Twitter in August 2019. TikTok became another platform for him to showcase his talents, with his first available video appearing in March 2021.

With a focus on therapy and life guidance, Dan Hentschel has garnered a following for his unique and engaging content across multiple social media platforms.

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Dan Hentschel What Happened to the Tiktoker?

Dan Hentschel, a TikTok user known for his content, recently sparked a significant online controversy due to a controversial prank he executed.

On June 16th, 2023, he initiated a series of videos in which he claimed to be slowly poisoning his partner with sodium from their Brita water filter to make him foster a stronger The first video showcasing this hoax process garnered over 370,000 plays and 57,000 likes within a week, causing widespread concern.

On June 17th, Hentschel escalated the prank by posting a video stating that his partner had been hospitalized, suggesting that it was a sign they needed to break up.

This video received over 190,000 plays and 15,000 likes in six days, intensifying the online outrage and worry surrounding his actions.

Dan Hentschel What Happened to the Tiktoker?
Dan Hentschel claimed to be putting salt in their shared Brita filter.(Image Source: TikTok)

Taking the prank even further, on June 22nd, Hentschel used his Twitter account, “True Crime Gazette,” to share a fabricated news article screenshot, purportedly from The New York Post, about the situation.

This tweet quickly amassed over 800,000 views and 7,000 likes within a day.

However, it is essential to clarify that these events were all part of an elaborate and misleading prank orchestrated by Hentschel.

There is no actual harm or poisoning taking place. In an online environment where misinformation can spread rapidly, it is crucial to exercise critical thinking and verify the authenticity of claims before concluding.

While pranks are shared on social media platforms, it is essential to remember the potential impact they can have on individuals and communities and to use discretion when sharing or engaging with such content.

Is Dan Hentschel Arrested For Poisoning Partner?

Dan Hentschel, known for his TikTok antics, recently stirred controversy with an elaborate prank that left some viewers genuinely concerned.

Hentschel changed his TikTok profile picture and name to “True Crime Gazette” and proceeded to document what he called “the murder” of his girlfriend in a series of videos.

This series began with a video where he pretended to put bacon grease in her beauty products and escalated to the point where he claimed to be putting salt in their shared Brita filter.

In this salt-themed video, he explained his sinister motiving that dehydration would make his partner more dependent on him and less likely to leave or cheat on him.

As a result of these alarming videos, some viewers expressed their discomfort and concerns, questioning the legality of his actions and the plausibility of his pranks.

However, it’s essential to emphasize that Hentschel was not poisoning anyone. He continued to escalate the prank by simulating his own “arrest.”

Dan Hentschel arrested
Dan Hentschel created a fake screenshot of his arrest pranking his viewers. (Image Source: Twitter)

Using fabricated New York Post-style articles, along with fake security footage and Twitter screenshots, Hentschel successfully tricked some viewers into believing he had been arrested.

His TikTok handle enhanced the ruse, which was named “True Crime Gazette” at the time.

The prank played on familiar tropes in true crime TikToks, which led some viewers to believe the hoax briefly.

While the prank initially took in some viewers, it became clear that Hentschel’s actions were part of an elaborate and misleading stunt.

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