Cinema Sabaya: Who Is Dana Ivgy Husband Itamar Shimshony? Family And Net Worth

Who is Itamar Shimshony, Dana Ivgy husband? The actress, Dana is widely known for her versatile acting in screens and theatres all around Israel.

Dana Ivgy is a well-established Israeli actress, writer, and director. 

Her breakthrough role came in Keren Yedaya’s film “Or (My Treasure),” where she portrayed a troubled teenage girl.

Since then, Dana’s acting has garnered a number of fans who are eager to know about her little-known love life.

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Meet Dana Ivgy Husband – Itamar Shimshony

Despite Dana’s exposure in the theatres and movies, her love life has remained on the low. 

Although there are some information available on the internet suggesting her spouse, there is no trustable source. 

According to LivingOrDead, Dana is married to Israeli artist, Itamar Shimshony. She has been married to Itamar since 2007. However, their current whereabouts are not available to the public.

Dana Ivgy Husband
Dana’s spouse, Shimshony is an interdisciplinary artist. (Source: Instagram)

Whereas other sites like NetWorthPost, suggests that she is married to Alek Mirkovich.

Nonetheless, Ivgy’s decision to keep her romantic life off the internet might be for a reason. Despite the constant attention, she remains a mystery, and her fans are left to speculate about her life.

She remains one of the most talked-about celebrities, and her fans continue to follow her every move, hoping to catch a glimpse of the real person behind the mysterious façade.

Dana Ivgy Family Consist of many artists

Dana Ivgy was born in an artistic family in Tel Aviv, Israel. She is widely known as the daughter of renowned Irish actor Moshe Ivgy.

Dana’s mother, Irit Sheeleg is also not a stranger to the Israeli entertainment industry. Irit has successfully marked herself as an actress and a project developer.

Dana has two other half siblings, Ella and Lilly who were born from Moshe’s second wife Orit. It is also known that she grew up in a Moroccan Jewish family.

Dana Ivgy father
Dana’s father, Moshe has won 9 awards and has been nominated on 11 different occasions. (Source: IMDb)

Nonetheless, Dana’s parents are very private and do not appear to share much information about themselves publicly.

However, her father, Moshe has marked himself as a serious, skilled, and professional actor. After appearing in a few films, including “Under the Nose” (“Mitahat La’af”) Moshe successfully made a name for himself.

Similarly, her mother Irit is also a renowned actress known for her supporting role in the 2012 movie “Fill The Void.” Her role also got her first Israeli Film Academy award.

It is clear that her talent and hard work have been inherited from her parents. However, it is also known that, Irit and Moshe are no longer together.

Dana Ivgy Net Worth And Earnings

Dana is a versatile artist, having been known for her contributions to the Israeli film and theatre industry. 

She has left a mark through her acting, directing, and composing abilities.

With her work in more than 50 projects, she is one of the few artists to earn a decent amount of money. She supposedly earns through her plays and movies contract.

Dana Ivgy husband
Dana enjoying her pool in her residence in Israel. (Source: Instagram)

Given her accomplishments and the media exposure she has received, it can be inferred that Dana Ivgy has amassed a commendable net worth.

Even though Dana is known for her privacy, her fans can’t help but speculate about her personal life. They are always looking for clues and hints about her relationships, interests, and daily life.

Every little detail that surfaces about her is analyzed and dissected by her fans, who are desperate to know more about the enigmatic star. 

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