Dang Matt Smith biography- YouTube Vlogger

Who is Dang Matt Smith?

Dang Matt Smith is an American Youtuber renowned for his humorous videos. The Chatroulette and Omegle video series posted on his YouTube channel helped DangMattSmith gain international fame.

Before focusing on comedic content and reaction videos, DangMattSmith started his YouTube career as a vlogger. In addition to being a YouTuber, DangMattSmith is also an up-and-coming actor.

DangMattSmith biography, career, family, relationships and net worth

Quick facts

Full nameMatt James Smith
BirthdayJune 7, 1999
Age24 years old
BirthplaceLos Angeles, California, USA
Also known asDangMattSmith
Father’s nameNot available
Mother’s nameNot available
SiblingsThree brothers
Height5 feet 9 inches
Weight72 kg
Educational qualificationsHigh school graduate
Marital statusUnmarried
Name of girlfriendSarah Kaynee
ProfessionYouTuber and actor
Net worthUSD 5.5 million

Early life

Dang Matt Smith was born in Los Angeles, California, on 7th June 1999. He was born in a middle-class African-American family. 

His real name is Matt James Smith. 

As per his date of birth, Matt is a Gemini. Gemini men are known to be enthusiastic, charming, and clever. They are also known for their sense of humor and flirtatious personality.

Being born in a working-class family meant that Matt understood the importance of hard work from his childhood itself. As a result, dang started producing quality content on his YouTube channel early.

It helped him build a great fanbase and helped him earn an impressive income.

Dang has three brothers. His brother Thomas Smith is also a YouTuber. 

The names of his other siblings are still unknown to the general public. Before starting his YouTube career, Matt used to work at a movie theatre.

However, Dang Matt Smith graduated from high school. 

Dang is five feet and nine inches tall. He has dark brown eyes, and his hair is black. 

Dang Matt Smith is of medium build and is dark-skinned. Similarly, he has full lips, a Nubian nose, and a round face.

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Youtuber Dang Matt Smith
Youtuber Dang Matt Smith

Sarah Kaynee, a YouTube celebrity, is currently dating Dang Matt Smith. Matt and Sarah have confirmed they are dating. Both have posted adorable pictures on their respective social media accounts.

Like Dang Matt Smith, Sarah too posts reaction videos on her YouTube channel. Her video “Funniest Kid Test Answers” is the highest viewed video on her channel.

The video features Sarah and Matt together. Although it seems to be a funny and casual video, the two of them look very comfortable with each other and have good chemistry.

Lauren Francesca and Dang Matt Smith were rumored to be dating in the past, but neither confirmed it. They have, however, collaborated on several videos together.

The video titled “My Boyfriend Does My Voiceover Feat Dangmattsmith” posted on Lauren’s channel created the conjecture that Matt and Lauren were probably a couple. However, the two of them never confirmed nor denied those speculations.

Matt James Smith has no children, biological or adopted.

The career of Dang Matt Smith


Vine was an American social networking platform where users could post videos content for six seconds.

It had more than 200 million users by December 2015. Matt Smith, however, discontinued Vine on October 27, 2016.

Matt Smith started his content creation career on Vine, and before Vine was closed, he had over 60,000 followers. However, he stopped posting videos on Vine in November 2015.

Because Matt had quite an impressive fan following ever since his Vine days, he could make quite a smooth transition to his YouTube career.


Dang Matt Smith joined YouTube on 18th August 2011. In his early YouTube days, he was a vlogger, but his comedic content made him famous.

Several of his videos on Chatroulette and Omegle became popular, and viewers began to appreciate his sense of humor.

DangMattSmith’s channel now focuses on comedy, reaction videos, and skit performances instead of vlogging.

Occasionally, Matt collaborates with other YouTubers, which has helped him gain a huge fan following worldwide.

He has increased his viewership due to the massive popularity of his hilarious reaction videos. Presently, Matt seems to be enjoying creating content revolving around horror-comedy, which generates a lot of likes, comments, and views.


Jon Cozart

DangMattSmith is often associated with Jon Cozart, an American YouTube personality, musician, and comedian. He and Matt filmed the YouTube Rewind 2015 video together.


DangMattSmith’s brother Thomas Smith is also a YouTuber most popularly known as Smuuuth. The channel has 34.4K subscribers and primarily focuses on skit animations and storytime videos. DangMattSmith and Smuuuth have collaborated on many videos together.


Alia Shelesh, popularly known as SSSniperWolf, is an American YouTube personality who posts many reaction videos and gaming content on her YouTube channel. SSSniperWolf featured Matt Smith in a video uploaded on her channel titled “FUNNIEST DETENTION SLIPS GIVEN TO KIDS ft. dangmattsmith.” Similarly, Matt collaborated with Alia on a video called “PEOPLE WHO BEAT THE SYSTEM Ft. SSSniperWolf”.

Acting career

It is indeed commendable that Matt Smith has built a successful YouTube career at such a young age, but he has also been able to branch out to the acting world. DangMattSmith appeared in the series called On The Ropes, which marked his acting debut.

On The Ropes was released in 2019, and Matt played the role of Noah in the drama series. Matt starred in the show alongside Ava Jules and Ryan Garcia. Season one of On The Ropes is available for viewing on YouTube.

DangMattSMith also made his appearance in the mini-series Camp Nick and Annie v/s Hayley, both of which were produced by Nickelodeon.

Merchandise business of Dang Matt Smith

It is not uncommon for YouTubers and internet influencers to release merchandise for their fans. Matt sells his merch on Crowdmade, an online platform for YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat creators to sell clothes and accessories. DangMattSmith’s merchandise includes graphic T-shirts and facemasks around his brand image.

Awards and recognitions

Matt won the award for Best YouTube Comedian at The Shorty Awards in 2018. The Shorty Awards are conducted to celebrate the work of online content creators and internet influencers.

The net worth of Dang Matt Smith

As a viral Youtuber with millions of subscribers, Dang Matt Smith has an impressive net worth even though he is in his early 20s. Matt’s net worth is estimated to be approximately around USD 5 million.

He gains most of his income from his YouTube videos. Likewise, Matt also makes a good deal of money from his TikTok account. Matt makes about $1.2k per TikTok video as per an estimation. In addition, some of Dang’s income is also generated through the sponsored content posted on his social media accounts.

DangMattSmith has previously revealed that he has a driving license. Nevertheless, he has not mentioned the brand, model, and price of his car. Although judging by his net worth, it probably is an expensive car.

Having a net worth of USD 5 million means that Dang lives a pretty lavish lifestyle, and Smith has made some expensive purchases till now.

Social media of Dang Matt Smith


Matt James Smith’s YouTube channel is called DangMattSmith. The channel currently has 12.7 million subscribers and over 2.5 billion views. Matt has uploaded about a thousand videos to date.

His most-watched video is titled “Funniest Student Test Answers, ” with around 33 million views. Following this, his second most popular video is called “Creepiest Children’s Drawings,” with over 25 million views. His channel is the 557th most subscribed channel on YouTube.


Matt James Smith is not just a huge YouTube personality but is also a well-known TikToker. He is active on the hugely popular social media platform under “dangmattsmith.” The account has 10.3 million followers and 133.1 million views.

DangMattSmith mainly uploads funny skits, duet videos, and viral challenges on his TikTok account.


DangMattSmith joined Twitter in November 2012. His username is “DangMattSmith,” and the account has 94.9k followers. Furthermore, Matt is following 775 accounts on his Twitter.


On his Instagram account named “dangmattsmith,” the YouTuber primarily replicates his humorous content and posts funny memes and videos.

He also occasionally uploads his photos and photos with his girlfriend, Sarah Kaynee. Matt has 1.3 million Instagram followers, and he follows 1,936 others.


The popular video creator also has an active presence on Facebook, and his page has over 1.2 million followers and 5.7k likes. His funny content gets many likes, comments, and views everywhere on FB pages.

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