Who Is Daria Kasatkina Brother Alexandr Kasatkina? Age Gap And Family

Daris has established a reputation on the court, winning multiple awards for her exceptional abilities and unwavering work ethic. Behind her success is a network of adoring family members, including Daria Kasatkina brother, Alexandr.

Daria Kasatkina has become synonymous with representing achievement in women’s tennis.

Despite not enjoying the same degree of notoriety as his sister, Alexandr Kasatkina has remained a constant in Daria’s life.

Continue reading the article to explore their relationship and Alexandr’s contribution to Daria’s achievement.

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Daria Kasatkina Brother Alexandr Kasatkina

Beyond the tennis court, Daria’s most extensive support system comes from her family, particularly her brother Alexandr Kasatkina.

Alexandr has been a constant pillar of strength in the young tennis star’s life, both on and off the court.

Despite being far from athletics, Alexandr has stood by Daria’s side throughout her career.

Including in the initial stage of their career at 17 when Daria won the girls’ title in the French Open, capping off a fruitful junior career.

Daria Kasatkina Brother
Daria Kasatkina Brother grew up with Daria in Russia. (Source: Instagram)

He has been known to attend her games, encouraging her while she plays from the sidelines.

Moreover, Alexandr has been with his sister starting their early years in Togliatti, Russia, to Daria’s ascent to stardom on the professional tennis tour.

The Russian tennis star has frequently talked about how her brother has encouraged her throughout her tennis career. 

Daria Kasatkina and alexandr age gap

Born on May 7th, 1997, in Togliatti, Russia, Daria began playing tennis at six and quickly showed a natural talent for the game.

Talking about her brother, he has remained out of the limelight. Due to this, his actual date of birth is unavailable on the internet.

However, looking at the pictures, they seem to have an age of 4 to 5 years. 

She turned professional in 2014 and has since become a household name in tennis, winning numerous titles and earning a spot in the top 10 rankings.

Daria and Alexandr Kasatkina, her older brother, have a particularly close relationship.

After defeating Daria Gavrilova and Ana Konjuh at the 2015 US Open, she made headlines in her Grand Slam debut just a year later.

Daria Kasatkina BrotherDaria is in a blissful relationship with 28-year-old Olympic World Champion Natalia Zabiiako. (Source: Instagram)

Daria has indeed found inspiration and drive from Alexandr’s presence, who has served as a constant reminder of the value of family and the power that comes from their bond.

The Kasatkina family, including her brother and partner, Natalia, values their time together and fosters a deep bond in addition to their support for Daria’s tennis career.

Together, they rejoice over Daria’s successes and offer support during trying moments. 

Daria Kasatkina Family

Daria Kasatkina comes from a caring and supportive family who have been crucial to her tennis career.

She was born to a well-established family, Sergey and Tatiana Kasatkina. 

Their support and presence have shaped her into the exceptional player she is today.

Her parents have consistently encouraged and supported her throughout her career.

Sergey and Tatiana have been at her side since the star’s earliest days.

Daria Kasatkina Brother
Daria Kasatkina Brother has always been with the star sister through her thick and thins. (Source: Instagram)

Early on, they saw her potential and passion for the sport and made it a point to give her the tools and experiences she needed to develop her abilities.

Moreover, their relationship has been and will continue to be a crucial source of strength for Daria as she makes her mark on the tennis world. 

Their unshakable faith in Daria’s ability and commitment to her growth has been crucial in helping her achieve success. 

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