David Dobrik Missing Update 2023: Is He Dead Or Alive? Scandal And Controversy

David Dobrik Missing case has been a trending topic among fans. Stick with us to know more updates about him in this article.

Dobrik was born on July 23, 1996, in KoŇ°ice, Slovakia. He is famous for his content creation on the video-sharing platform Vine.

David went to Vernon Hills High School and played tennis there. He earned a spot in the 2014 Boys Tennis State Tournament.

He began vlogging on YouTube in 2015, and his funny videos quickly gained popularity.

Dobrik launched his second channel, David Dobrik Too, in August 2016, where he broadcasts blooper reels, challenge videos, and his more direct sponsorship partnerships.

The Slovakian guy gathered almost 18 million subscribers quickly, earning him the label “Gen Z’s Jimmy Fallon” by the Wall Street Journal.

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David Dobrik Missing Update 2023: Is He Dead Or Alive?

Fans are missing David Dobrik, The Slovak-born online sensation hasn’t posted since March 2022, and fans wonder why his channel has been silent for so long.

The 26-year-old appears to have moved his concentration away from his YouTube channel and onto wholly different projects.

In 2021, The business owner of ‘Doughbrik’ has to deal with the public sexual assault claims leveled by former Vlog Squad member Dominykas ‘Durte Dom’ Zeglaitis.

Following the allegations, YouTube demonetized all of Dobrik’s channels, and he lost many sponsorships.

David Dobrik Missing
David Dobrik Returns to YouTube After Sexual Assault Scandal. (Source: people)

Despite taking a break from the platform, he successfully returned in mid-2021, launching him back into the spotlight.

Dobrik prepared for his pizza company ‘Doughbrik’s’ to open on November 12, 2022.

He also stated that he had been taste-testing pizza for “months” before launching the restaurant to the public.

This might be one of the primary reasons he stopped producing videos.

The majority of his past responsibilities have likewise been related to other businesses. He has, however, kept his 11.1 million followers up to keep up with his pizza company.

Despite not maintaining his YouTube account, David has been more active on Instagram.

His most recent publication, published in May 2023, was a giveaway of ten Teslas in collaboration with WorkNinja.

Despite his channel’s continued popularity, David hasn’t uploaded in a long time, and followers wonder when he’ll reappear.

Youtuber Dobrik Scandal And Controversy

As mentioned earlier, Several former Dobrik friends and coworkers came out with charges of sexual misconduct and bullying against him. 

Former Vlog Squad member Seth Francois said he was misled into participating in a non-consensual behavior as part of a scam for one of Dobrik’s vlogs.

Another lady, “Hannah,” said that she was assaulted by Vlog Squad member Durte Dom when they were making a video for Dobrik’s channel.

The public’s response to these charges was fast and robust. Many fans expressed their dissatisfaction and outrage, resulting in a public reaction.

Dobrik’s sponsors and commercial partnerships were put in a difficult position due to the incident, causing them to reconsider their relationships with the YouTuber.

In reaction to the complaints, several major sponsors, including DoorDash, HelloFresh, and EA Sports, preferred to cut connections with Dobrik.

David Dobrik Missing
David Dobrik is emotional in his apology video. (Source: youtube)

Furthermore, the dispute might impact Dispo, a photo-sharing app that Dobrik co-founded and serves on the executive team of.

Dobrik addressed the social media subject in response to rising pressure and criticism.

Later, He apologized in two videos, recognizing the charges and expressing sorrow for his previous actions.

Despite these apologies, Dobrik took a break from social media to think and reconsider his behavior because of the seriousness of the charges and the public reaction.

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