David Nehdar Biography- Husband of Lacey Chabert

Who is David Nehdar?

David Nehdar is the husband of the popular Hallmark actress Lacey Chabert. He came into the spotlight after marrying the famous actress. In an interview, Lacey said they were best friends before deciding to become husband and wife.

David comes from a family of wealthy businessmen. He specializes in finance and investments. However, Nehdar likes to stay away from the spotlight and keep a low profile. He is barely seen making public appearances with his wife, Lacey.

Quick facts

Full nameDavid Nehdar
NicknameDave Nehdar
BirthdayAugust 16, 1974
Age49 years old
Sun sign Leo
TraitsPositive: Magnanimous, Elegance, and Dedication
Negative Egoistis, Lazy, and Immobile
BirthplaceLos Angeles, California, USA
Currently residingLos Angeles, California, USA
ParentsNo information
In-lawsTony Chabert (father-in-law)
Julie Chabert (mother-in-law)
Marital statusMarried
SpouseLacey Chabert
ChildrenJulia Mimi Bella Nehdar (daughter)
EducationBachelor’s degree in business (Finance and Investment)
Net worthUSD 9 million
Eye colorBlue
Hair ColorDark brown
Height5 ft 10 inches


Actress Lacey Chabert with her husband in the photo

David Nehdar was born in Los Angeles, California, on August 16, 1974. He went on to study Business Management, specializing in Finance and Marketing. He is from a family of businessmen.

He spent his childhood in California and must have been influenced by his father’s career. David has blue eyes and dark brown hair, making him look charming.

Despite marrying the famous hallmark actress, David prefers to stay private. He is very secretive and has no social media accounts or photos of himself online. This is why little is known about him, as he rarely publicly discusses these topics.

In an interview, Lacey revealed David is a supportive husband and great father. He wakes up early to cook breakfast for his family, allowing Lacey to catch up on her emails and texts. The Nehdar couple shares the responsibility of taking care of their daughter and works together to provide her with a happy and healthy upbringing.

Despite being a celebrity’s spouse, David has rarely been seen with Lacey on the red carpet. He prefers to stay out of the limelight and support his wife from behind the scenes. David’s dedication to his family and desire for privacy make him an admirable individual who values his loved ones above all else.

Marriage of David Nehdar and Lacey Chabert

David Nehdar and Lacey Chabert's wedding photo
David Nehdar and Lacey Chabert’s wedding photo

David Nehdar and Hollywood actress Lacey Chabert met and fell in love. After years of dating, they tied the knot on the 22nd day of December 2013. Although the couple kept their relationship private, they were considered best friends before they started dating.

Lacey said they had to plan their wedding within six weeks because she was filming a movie. Despite the challenges, it was a chaotic yet beautiful wedding ceremony. The caterer quit, her sister’s dress didn’t arrive, and her shoes broke. But despite all these challenges, Lacey describes the day as “the perfect chaos.”

Lacey and David wanted to keep their relationship as private as possible, away from the scrutiny of strangers. In an interview, Lacey explained that she and David prefer to stay discreet and out of the public eye. This is why David has rarely been seen with Lacey on a red carpet and has no social media accounts.

It wasn’t until Lacey announced her wedding on her social media account that the world learned about her real husband. In the post, Lacey shared images of her wedding day and expressed her love and gratitude for her husband.

Lacey Chabert

David Nehdar's wife, Lacey Chabert

The Queen of Festive Hallmark Movies was born to Tony and Julie Chabert on September 30, 1984, in Purvis, Mississippi. She is a well-known American actress and singer with a successful career spanning over two decades.

Lacey’s impressive acting skills have earned her numerous accolades and critical acclaim. She has starred in several successful television series and movies, including “Mean Girls” and “Party of Five.” In addition to her acting career, She is also an accomplished singer.

Her career in the entertainment industry started with voiceovers. She lent her voice to the animated series “The Wild Thornberrys,” where she played the role of Eliza Thornberry. She also did the voice for Meg Griffin in “Family Guy.” His wife’s success in the entertainment industry is a testament to her talent and hard work, and she inspires many aspiring actors and singers worldwide.

Julia Mimi Bella Nehdar

Lacey Chabert with her baby in the picture
Lacey Chabert with her baby in the picture

On September 1, 2016, Nehdar and Chabert welcomed Julia. She announced her birth on Instagram with a post that read, “And then my soul saw you, and it kind of went, ‘Oh, there you are. I’ve been looking for you.'” The Nehdar couple named her after Lacey’s mother and the name Mimi after her grandmother.

Since then, Lacey has shared several pics of her child on her social media accounts, showcasing her love and dedication to her family. Both are devoted parents who share the responsibility and providing her with a happy and healthy upbringing.

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net worth

David Nehdar is a successful businessman. He has inherited considerable net worth and property. He leads a lavish lifestyle and is involved in his family business, specializing in finance and investments. Although many people may be curious about David’s career in the entertainment industry, he has never acted in any movies or TV shows. Instead, he has focused on his career as a businessman.

According to some sources, David’s net worth is around USD 9 million, as per various online sources. His wife’s income is also considerable, with her net worth valued at around USD 4 million. The Nehdar couple has amassed a significant fortune, allowing them to enjoy a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle. David’s dedication to work and family has helped him build a successful career and a fulfilling personal life.

Social media

David Nehdar has zero social media presence. He is a very private person who wants to stay from the limelight. He rarely makes public appearances.


How did David Nehdar meet Lacey Chabert?

There is no information about how these lovebirds first met; however, both have always been close friends. She used to call him her best friend. They dated for several years before getting married. 

Has David Nehdar Been In Hallmark Movies?

He has not been in any Hallmark movies, but his wife has appeared in 18 Hallmark channel movies.

What does David Nehdar do for a living?

He is a successful businessman by profession. It is unclear what kind of business he owns, but he lives a luxurious life with his actress wife, Lacey Chabert.

Is David Nehdar Gay?

No, he is not gay.

Who is Lacey Chabert’s husband in real life?

David is a successful businessman who has worked his way up with his skills and knowledge. He is wealthy and stays away from the media.

Is Lacey Chabert still married to David Nehdar?

Based on research, we do not have a definitive answer if she is still married, but there is no rumor about her affair with any other person. It is safe to say that she is still married to David.

Are David Nehdar and Warren Christie the same person?

No, Warren Christie and David are two different people.

How old is David Nehdar?

In 2024, he is 49 years old.

Is David Nehdar an actor?

No, he is a businessman.

How many children do Lacey Chabert and David Nehdar have?

They have one daughter, and her name is Julia Mimi Bella Nehdar.

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