David Ong Scandal: Affair With Wendy Lim Led To Resignation

The scandal affairs of Singaporean politicians have been in the headlines over the internet recently. People seem more peculiar about the David Ong scandal, which led to his resignation in 2016.

David Ong is a well-known Singaporean former politician. He served as a Member of Parliament (MP) for Jurong Group Representation Constituency (GRC) (Bukit Batok).

Born on May 19, 1961, Ong grew up in a small housing flat in Queenstown. He graduated in 1979 from Tanjong Katong Secondary Technical School.

The politician’s resignation had heated when rumors about his extramarital affair with Wendy Lim were a trending headline in 2016.

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David Ong Scandal: Led To Resignation

On March 12, 2016, the political landscape of Singapore was rocked by the sudden resignation of David Ong, the Member of Parliament (MP) representing Bukit Batok.

The reason behind his unexpected resignation was revealed to be a personal indiscretion, an extramarital affair with a married grassroots activist in his ward, identified as Wendy Lim, who worked in a logistics firm.

Additionally, she was an ex-Singapore Airlines stewardess

The scandal gained significant attention and scrutiny as both David Ong and Wendy Lim were married, each having three children of their own.

David Ong Wendy Lim affair
David Ong and Wendy Lim were married and had three children of their own. (Source: The New Paper)

The alleged affair was believed to have lasted approximately six months before it came to light when Wendy Lim’s husband lodged a complaint.

After the news of the affair surfaced, Ms. Lim’s Facebook page was made private shortly following David Ong’s resignation.

The Prime Minister’s Office acknowledged David Ong’s dedication to his role as an MP and his service to his constituents.

However, the controversy surrounding the extramarital affair left no option but for him to step down from his position in Parliament.

David Ong issued a statement expressing regret for his actions and requested privacy for himself and his family during the healing process.

The scandal led to a by-election in the Bukit Batok single-seat ward, as a replacement for David Ong was necessary.

The PAP and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong recognized the importance of addressing the situation through a democratic process and allowing the constituents to have their say in choosing a new representative.

Where Are David Ong And Wendy Lim Now?

The scandal surrounding the extramarital affair between David Ong and Wendy Lim in 2016 had a profound impact on both their lives, leading them to adopt a low-profile existence ever since.

Following their affair coming to light, both individuals seemed to have retreated from the public eye, avoiding media attention and public appearances.

After the news of their affair broke in 2016, David Ong resigned as the Member of Parliament (MP) for Bukit Batok, citing “personal indiscretion” as the reason for stepping down.

Similarly, Wendy Lim, who was identified as the woman involved in the alleged affair has also remained out of the public eye.

David Ong Wendy Lim present
Both David Ong and Wendy Lim have been out of the public eye. (Source: Yahoo News Singapore)

Since the scandal, little information about David Ong and Wendy Lim’s personal lives or professional whereabouts has surfaced.

They seemed to have withdrawn from public life and social media platforms, possibly choosing to focus on their families and private matters away from the public’s scrutiny.

In the years following the affair, public interest in David Ong and Wendy Lim’s current status has persisted, particularly given the emergence of other political scandals involving Singaporean politicians like Tan Chuan Jin and Nicole Seah.

However, due to their decision to maintain low-profile, concrete updates on their current lives have been scarce.

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