Deanne Criswell Net Worth 2023: How Much Does She Earn?

Deanne Criswell’s net worth and earnings have sparked immense curiosity among her dedicated fans and followers.

Deanne Bennett Criswell is an American emergency management officer who has been the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) administrator since April 2021. She is FEMA’s first female administrator.

Criswell was born in Aurora, Colorado, in 1962. She earned a political science degree from the University of Colorado Denver.

She then spent the next 21 years as a member of the Colorado National Guard before retiring as a colonel.

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Deanne Criswell Net Worth 2023

Although Deanne Criswell‘s net worth has not been made public, it is assumed to be high—possibly in the millions of dollars.

She has worked in the public sector for more than 30 years. During that time, she has held important positions, including commissioner of the New York City Emergency Management Office and deputy administrator for response and recovery at FEMA.

Given the importance of these posts in disaster management and the high wages they are known to offer, she may have been able to use them to develop a solid financial portfolio that included investments and real estate.

Additionally, Criswell’s more than 20 years of devoted duty as a colonel in the Colorado National Guard would have increased her salary and given her the flexibility to make wise financial decisions, ensuring her financial security.

Deanne Criswell Net Worth
Deanne Criswell’ net worth is publicly disclosed (Image Source: CNN)

Military service frequently comes with perks and retirement packages that, over time, can significantly improve one’s financial situation.

Criswell has broadened her sources of income and her work in public and military service by publishing her book, “Disaster Preparedness: A Guide for Individuals and Families.”

The fact that this book is a bestseller suggests that it most certainly garnered significant royalties, boosting her overall fortune.

Deanne Criswell’s precise net worth is unknown. Still, several indicators, including her illustrious public service career, military service, and success as an author, indicate that she likely has a sizable net worth that might be in the millions of dollars.

Her ability to leverage her knowledge of disaster management and her commitment to public service contribute to her financial success.

How Much Does Deanne Criswell Earn?

The exact amount of Deanne Criswell’s compensation as FEMA’s administrator is unknown. However, it is believed to be in the six-figure range.

Her yearly salary falls between $150,000 and $200,000. She also receives other perks standard for senior government workers, like health insurance, retirement savings, and travel expense reimbursement.

Rumors regarding Criswell owning real estate, including a house in Washington, D.C., and a vacation home in Colorado, have been circulating.

It’s important to remember that these statements have not yet received formal confirmation.

Deanne Criswell Net Worth
Deanne Criswell earnings are around the six-figure range (Image Source: thehill)

Similarly, there have been unconfirmed rumors concerning her stock ownership in several businesses, including Fluor Corporation, a contractor for FEMA.

It’s interesting to note that, according to Glassdoor, the expected annual salary for an administrative position at FEMA is around $55,023.

In addition to the anticipated additional income of $2,026 per year, which may include bonuses, stock options, commissions, profit-sharing, or tips, this estimate includes a typical base salary of $52,997 annually.

The “Most Likely Range” denotes numbers between the 25th and 75th percentiles of all the pay information for this position that is currently available.

Despite the widespread nature of these rumors, it’s important to stress that any facts support none of these assertions.

It is hard to determine Deanne Criswell’s net worth or asset portfolio because she has kept a secretive posture on her money.


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