Death Quotes to share on the Death Anniversary

Death Quotes

The word “Death” is excruciating, and it’s the bitter truth of life. Nobody is immortal, Everybody has to die, and nobody can change this fact. Here in this post, We have tried to cover some emotional/inspirational death quotes that you can dedicate to your loved ones or the one you really cared about on their death anniversary.

Death Quotes For your Loved one
Death Quotes For your Loved one

Share these Death Quotes on their death anniversary to express how you are feeling without them.

Death Quotes For your Loved ones

  1. Losing you is unbearable. Among the stars in the sky, only one shines brighter than any other, and that star is you. Wishing you a happy life in the universe of the creator.
  2. Man is mortal, but his love for them is immortal. Even though you are not here with us, your memory is preserve in our minds. May you rest in peace in Heaven!
  3. I can’t see you, hear you, or touch you, but I feel you all the time because you live inside me. Someday we’ll see each other again, my love! One day again!
  4. God’s will cannot be questioned by us. However, it hurts that he called you so soon. May your soul rest in peace!
  5. The bitter truth of life is that everyone must die one day. However, I am unable to console myself. When I think of you being gone forever, my eyes fill with tears. The body, not the soul, is what dies.
  6. We’ll always remember you in our hearts. I can only pray for you since there is nothing more I can do. God bless you and your spirit!
  7. We can’t win against death, the biggest enemy of our lives. Nothing can fill the emptiness left in my heart after you passed away. I’ll always miss you. May God give you peace!
  8. “In your life, you touched so many. In your death, many lives were changed”.
  9. Perhaps they are not stars, but instead openings in Heaven where the love of our lost ones shines down upon us to let us know they are at peace.
  10. Others are rejoicing to meet our friend behind the veil as we mourn his passing.
  11. My heart aches every day when I think of you, but remembering you is easy.
  12. Your voice I long to hear. I miss and love you dearly. I wish you were here. Tears fall freely from my eyes. It’s like a river of grief. From pain, you have found peace. That is my only comfort.

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Quotes for 1st Death Anniversary

  1. My heart still can’t accept the fact that you’re no longer with us.
  2. You were my pillar of support. There hasn’t been a single day in the last year that I haven’t missed you. It’s difficult for me to get past this pain.
  3. As much as we wanted to be together forever, but our hopes had been dashed. Last year, you abandoned me and went to heaven on your own. Because I can sense you, I continue to believe you are by my side.
  4. Nothing is more painful than being separated from a loved one.
  5. I can’t express how badly I’ve been hurting since your death. This has been the most difficult year of my life.
  6. The body, not the soul, is what dies. You will always have a place in our hearts. I’m sorry, but there’s nothing I can do for you except pray. God bless you and your soul!
  7. Our greatest adversary in life is death, which we can never defeat.
  8. I will never be able to fill the void left in my heart by your death. I’ll never forget you. May God bless you with peace!
  9. Time heals all wounds, but I still can’t stop crying after a year. My heart is heavy with grief. I’m not sure how I’ll get out of this rut. I’m going to miss you a lot!
  10. It’s been a year since I last saw you. I’m still alive, by the way. I’m sure you’re looking down on me and blessing me from above.
  11. On this darkest day, you went to the land where no one ever returned a year ago. I don’t know what’s going on inside of me. Every day and every minute, you are missed. I hope you’re having a good time with the other angels.
  12. I can’t believe it’s been a year since I last saw you. It seems like just a few days have passed. Your death has reminded us that nothing is permanent in this life and that we must all depart when God so desires. Just relax and enjoy yourself in heaven, and don’t worry about us!
  13. We can tell how much time has passed, but we can’t tell how much time has passed. It’s been a year, yet there’s no way of knowing when the grief will end. Please take your time.
  14. Many lives were changed by your death, you touched so many.
  15. Maybe they aren’t stars at all, but apertures in Heaven through which our loved ones’ love shines down on us, letting us know they are happy.
  16. Although it may be difficult to see past the sadness now, may gazing back in remembrance bring you peace tomorrow. 
  17. People we love never leave our side; they walk by our side every day.
  18. Unseen, unheard, yet never far away; still loved, missed, and beloved.
  19. Death is meaningless to us because when we are alive, death has not arrived, and when death has arrived, we are not alive.

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