Debby Clarke Belichick- The ex-wife of Bill Belichick

Who is Debby Clarke Belichick?

Debby Clarke Belichick is an American businessperson. She owns a construction support store called ‘The Art of Tile & Stone’ in Boston. However, the reason for her fame is her association with Bill Belichick.

Bill was the general manager of the New England Patriots.

Debby is a female name commonly used as a short form for Deborah. Deborah is a Hebrew name that belongs to the Biblical prophetess who summoned Barak to battle the army of invaders.

Debby and her ex-husband were college sweethearts and had tied the knot in 1977. But, after 29 years of marriage, the pair parted ways in 2006.

Please continue reading to learn more about Debby’s life, family, and children. But more importantly, to learn about what had happened that led to the end of her long-term marriage.

Debby Clarke Belichick Biography
Debby Clarke Belichick Biography

Quick facts

Full nameDebby Clarke Belichick
Age68 years old
BirthplaceNashville, Tennessee, USA
Currently residingWellesley, MA, USA
ParentsNo information
Marital statusDivorced
SpouseBill Belichick (1977-2006)
ChildrenAmanda Belichick
Stephen Belichick
Brian Belichick
EducationWesleyan University
Annapolis High School
Height5 feet 5 inches
Hair ColorBlonde
HobbyListening to classical music/ gardening
ProfessionBusinesswoman (The Art of Tile and Stone)
Net worthUSD 3 million
Social mediaNot Active

The early life of Debby Clarke Belichick

Debby Clarke with ex-husband Bill Belichick and her two children

Debby was born in Nashville, Tennessee, the United States, in 1955 to a middle-class family. Her father owned a small store in Nashville, and her mother was a housewife.

Debby Clarke Belichick achieved her high school degree from Annapolis High School. After completing high school, she attended Wesleyan University.

According to some sources, Debby was interested in designing very early. She was also a massive fan of all kinds of arts. Debby first started going to museums and photography exhibitions while attending high school.

During her early days of marriage, she gave up on her design career to focus on her family. It explains that she has selfless and supportive kind of nature.

Apart from Debby’s interest in art, she also loves listening to classical music. Many have seen Debby going to several opera shows with her ex-husband.

Debby is 5 feet 5 inches tall and flaunts beautiful blonde hair. Furthermore, she also has a keen interest in gardening. She is also an animal lover who has had several cats.


Debby Clarke Belichick met Bill for the first time in college. In 1977, She graduated and achieved her bachelor’s degree at Wesleyan University.

Bill was already in his senior year. He played college football along with lacrosse. But the couple knew they were perfect for each other. So, they decided to tie the knot after completing their education.

The pair married in 1977, the same year Debby completed her undergraduate degree.

They went on to have three children after their marriage. Debby and Bill welcomed their oldest child, Amanda, in 1984. Additionally, she had two sons named Stephen and Brian.

Throughout the marriage, Debby devoted her time to the family. She also supported her then-husband.

Despite Debby’s complete devotion to her marriage, the couple split up in 2004. She filed for divorce, citing Bill’s infidelity.

Bill was cheating on Debby with a former receptionist named Sharon Shenocca.

Some reports stated Bill was sending monthly cash gifts to Shenocca, costing around USD 5,000. Likewise, he had also bought her a twin house in a place called Park Slope townhouse, which was worth USD 2.2 million.

During the affair, Shenocca had just separated from her then-husband.
News broke out that Debby had filed a case against him for domestic violence before the divorce.

Debby claimed that she was suffering from domestic violence. She also stated that her eldest daughter had seen Bill dragging her through the stairs. There were also reports that Bill held her by the neck, causing her several injuries.

Thus, after the news of Bill’s extramarital affairs broke out, Debby filed for a divorce. Although Debby had filed for divorce in 2004, it was only approved and finalized in 2006.

Bill Belichick (ex-husband)

Bill was born on April 19, 1952, in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. His father, Steve Belichick, was an assistant football coach. So we can understand Bill’s career choice.

Bill Belichick

After completing high school, Bill joined Wesleyan University. At college, he played football as a center or tight end player for the university’s team.

Bill graduated from college in 1975 with a bachelor’s degree in economics.
His career as a coach launched in the same year he graduated. He was offered the assistant coach position at Baltimore Colts.

He has coached football teams like Cleveland Browns, New York Giants, and New York Jets.

In 2000, Bill began coaching the New England Patriots. There he got complete freedom to control the team. He has been coaching the team to date.

Today, Bill is considered one of the best coaches in the National Football League. He is the sole head coach in NFL history to achieve eight Super Bowl rings and win three Super Bowls.

After the end of his long marriage with Debby, he continued dating Sharon. But unfortunately, Bill and Sharon only dated for a short time before calling it quits.

Today, Bill is dating Linda Holliday, an American model and a businesswoman. She is an American TV presenter, model, and businesswoman born on June 5, 1963, in Knoxville, Tennessee, USA. 

Before she met Bill, she had been married three times. She was first married to Dennis Hess, with whom she shares two children. 

After divorcing Hess, she married Baughn Corder and Eugene Holliday. 

Linda has been in a relationship with Bill for over 13 years.


Debby Clarke with Bill Belichick
Debby Clarke with her family

Like her parents, Amanda, born in 1984, went on to join Wesleyan University. She played lacrosse like her father and first became a coach at a school called Rosemary Hall. Later, she joined Holy Cross College as a head coach for their lacrosse team.

Amanda was hired as a lacrosse coach by the Connecticut preparatory school. There, she also worked in the school’s admission unit.

Later, she worked as an interim head coach for the women’s team at Wesleyan University. Then, she became an assistant coach for the University of Massachusetts Amherst’s women’s lacrosse team.

She has also worked as a coach for the Ohio State Buckeyes and Holy Cross College.

The couple’s second son, Stephen Belichick, was born on March 25, 1987. Stephen attended Rutgers University, where he played football and lacrosse. Stephen was awarded a scholarship at Rutgers University. 

After his graduation, Stephen became an assistant coach for the New England Patriots in 2012.

Today, Stephen is working as the outside linebacker’s coach for the football team.

Debby and Bill’s youngest son, Brian Belichick, attended Trinity College. He, too, followed his father and sibling’s footsteps and played lacrosse. Brian later went on to work as a scouting assistant of the New England Patriots.

Around the same time, his brother, Stephen, started working as the assistant coach for the team.


Debby had taken a break from her design career after her marriage. But, she established the Bill Foundation with her ex-husband in 1993.

Debby also helped her husband manage the organization. The charity organization focuses on raising money for the homeless and needy people.

Furthermore, the organization also provides football and lacrosse coaching, mentorship, and financial support. The couple’s mission was to focus on their family’s values, spreading their love for sports. It was also to be a helpful hand to future athletic leaders.

Today, Bill’s long-term girlfriend, Linda Holliday, manages the organization. According to its web page, Holliday works as the Executive Director for the foundation.

After her divorce, Debby launched a design store called ‘The Art of Tile & Stone’ in 2009. She runs the store with her friend Paige Yates. Sources say she opened the store with the funds she received from her divorce settlement.

‘The Art of Tile & Stone’ is a tile store that offers various services. The services range from installing a foundation stone to providing interior designing services.

The store gained attention for its collection of hand-selected tiles and stones. Also, they gained popularity for their in-house design expertise.

You can follow The Art of Tile and Stone’s Instagram account to learn more about Debby’s store. The store’s Instagram handle is @artoftileandstone.

Debby Clarke Belichick Net worth

Debby Clarke’s net worth stands at USD 3 million. Her net worth includes the funds she received from her divorce and her income from her store. Debby’s net worth will increase, considering her store’s popularity.

At the same time, her ex-husband’s net worth stands at around USD 35 million.

Social media

Debby is not active on any social media platforms. The only form of social media she uses is for her business ‘Art of Tile & Stone.’ You can follow her business Instagram account as @artoftileandstone

Debby Clarke Belichick Now

After the end of her marriage, Debby Clarke Belichick maintained a very private life. Besides her store’s Instagram page, Debby has no social media platforms to follow.

She is busy working on her tile and design store, which seems to get much attention online. Her store is based in Massachusetts, so we can guess she resides there now. 

Unlike Bill, she is still single. Although her relationship with Bill ended ugly, we hope she is doing well now.


Where is Debby Belichick?

Debby Belichick is residing in Massachusetts as of now. However, in this city, she also runs her own business called ‘Art of Tile & Stone.’

Is Bill Belichick married now?

After the divorce from Debby in 2006, Bill Belichick Has Not Remarried. However, He Is Dating A TV Presenter Named Linda Holliday.

Is Amanda Belichick married?

Debby Belichick and Bill Belichick’s firstborn, Amanda Belichick, Is Married. She Tied The Knot With Anthony Desantis In 2017.

How Did Debby Clarke And Bill Belichick Meet?

Debby met Bill when they were both attending Wesleyan University. 

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