DeMario Jackson, a former “Bachelor in Paradise” contestant, claims he lost six figures in brand deals after rape allegations against him. Now he wants his integrity restored.

DeMario Jackson sued by two women for sexual abuse
DeMario Jackson sued by two women for sexual abuse

As a result of his sexual assault lawsuit, he lost ten deals worth $25,000 with brands he worked with for years.

As a result of another sexual assault report, DeMario says it “sucks.”

After hooking up with Corinne Olympios in a swimming pool in 2017, he lost his role in “Bachelor in Paradise.” Since then, he claims to have suffered hardships.

As DeMario describes it, he feels like it is the same nightmare he experienced in 2017. In addition, he stated that he often encounters insomnia and feels trapped at home.

According to reports, two women filed lawsuits against DeMario on Tuesday. It appears that they went on dates with him and indulged in non-consensual sexual acts by DeMario.

The former reality star’s lawyer, Walter Mosley Jr., claims the LAPD investigated the incident, but no criminal charges were brought against DeMario.

As a result, he believes that DeMario has evidence that will help clear him in court.

According to DeMario, he maintained a good relationship over time with his accusers.

Apparently, the accusers even planned to meet the day after they reported the incident to the police.

Nonetheless, his attorney views the suit as attempting to extort his money.

While DeMario’s social media accounts include numerous posts regarding paid partnerships, the brand names remain anonymous.

According to him, his day job in staffing and recruitment is now in jeopardy.

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