Dexter Bain Murder Update 2023 Where Is Shooter Kyle Ledesma Now?

Dexter Bain Murder: Unveiling a chilling tale of shattered dreams and lost lives, the abrupt demise of a devoted father and part-time bartender, Dexter Bain, sends shockwaves through a community as investigations peel back the layers.

Dexter Bain, a devoted father and part-time bartender, met a tragic end during a failed robbery attempt at the Calgary pub where he worked.

Despite his valiant efforts to protect the establishment, he suffered two gunshot wounds and tragically passed away while being rushed to the hospital.

His untimely death has left a void in the lives of his loved ones and the community he served.

Those who knew him will remember Dexter’s dedication to his family and his commitment to his job as a bartender. May he rest in peace.

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Dexter Bain Murder Update 2023

In a recent update to the murder case of Dexter Bain, new details have emerged regarding the investigation.

Undercover officers took on the personas of a fictitious crime lord named “Mr. Big” and his organization in an elaborate sting operation to elicit a confession from the suspect, Kyle Ledesma.

Ledesma revealed during the operation that he had been involved in the botched burglary and admitted to shooting Dexter Bain twice in the back of the head before escaping with marijuana and cash.

Following his conviction for second-degree murder in the 2010 shooting, Ledesma’s bail order has been revoked, and he awaits a sentencing hearing while in custody.

Dexter Bain Murder
Kyle Ledesma shot 36-year-old Dexter Bain to death in the northeast in November 2010. (Source: Global News)

The case has garnered public attention, and an upcoming episode of ID’s See No Evil is scheduled to delve further into the investigation.

The episode titled “Mr. Big” will explore the Calgary pub where the tragic incident took place and the subsequent efforts by detectives to identify the shooter using surveillance footage and a staged sting operation.

Despite the efforts of authorities and the critical condition in which Bain was found, he succumbed to his injuries while being rushed to the hospital.

The case resolution brings some closure to his grieving family and friends.

Where Is Shooter Kyle Ledesma Now?

Following his initial conviction and sentencing to life in prison for the second-degree murder of Dexter Bain, Kyle Ledesma’s case took a series of twists.

The Court of Appeal overturned his conviction, leading to a new trial in early 2019.

During this trial, Ledesma’s defense presented an alibi witness, Harlan Obey, who claimed that Ledesma was with him on the night of the murder, along with another individual named Chris Ates.

Dexter Bain Murder
Kyle Ledesma was convicted a second time in the 2010 shooting death of Dexter Bain (Source: Sportskeeda)

They asserted that they had no firearm knowledge and had spent the evening playing video games at Ledesma’s place after a trip to the store for drinks and chips.

However, despite the introduction of the alibi witness, the jury once again found Ledesma guilty. He was resentenced to life in prison without parole for a minimum of 12 years.

Inmate records indicate that Ledesma will be eligible for full parole in January 2024.

In April 2021, a three-member Court of Appeal panel denied his appeal for a third trial, bringing a potential end to the legal avenues for his case.

Dexter Bain Murder Details

Dexter Bain’s murder, which occurred in November 2010, involved a tragic sequence of events.

During a botched burglary at the Our Place Pub in Calgary, a beloved bartender and father, Dexter Bain, was shot twice and killed.

The suspect, Kyle Ledesma, confessed to shooting Bain twice in the back of the head before fleeing the scene with 15 pounds of marijuana and $10,000 in cash.

The investigation into Bain’s murder turned interesting when undercover officers posed as a fictitious crime organization led by “Mr. Big.”

Dexter Bain Murder
Ledesma found guilty of fatally shooting Calgary bartender; victim’s mother reacts (Source: Global News)

Through a months-long sting operation, the officers obtained a confession from Ledesma, detailing the shootout and his involvement in the crime.

Ledesma faced trial and was ultimately convicted of second-degree murder.

The case garnered public attention, and an upcoming episode of ID’s See No Evil is set to explore the details and investigation surrounding Dexter Bain’s tragic murder.

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