Did Charlie And Tiana Break Up In 2023? MoistCr1tikal Relationship Update

The popular gaming commentator and YouTuber, MoistCr1tikal’s relationship has been a recent highlight. Did Charlie and Tiana break up in 2023? Or are they still together?

Born on August 2, 1994, Charles Christopher White Jr., widely recognized as MoistCr1TiKaL, Cr1TiKaL, or penguinz0, is a multifaceted American content creator.

His versatile career spans YouTube, streaming, music, acting, and podcasting.

Charlie’s rise to fame is primarily attributed to his commentary videos and live streams, where he delves into internet culture and video games, entertaining a vast audience.

In addition to his online endeavors, he co-founded Moist Esports, an esports organization, and is part of the musical duo, The Gentle Men.

Notably, he was previously associated with Disney’s Maker Studios.

While the internet may be abuzz with his endeavors, Charlie’s personal life, particularly his relationship with Tiana Tracy as of 2023, remains curious.

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Did Charlie And Tiana Break Up In 2023? Relationship Update

The internet can be a whirlwind of rumors and speculations, especially regarding the personal lives of well-known figures.

One such figure is American YouTuber and streamer Charlie, famously known as Cr1TiKaL or penguinz0.

His relationship with his girlfriend, Tiana Tracy, has been a source of fascination for fans ever since they began dating in 2016.

The love story of Charlie and Tiana supposedly began during their college years, and their shared affection for dogs seemed to have deepened their connection.

However, as we enter 2023, rumors of a potential breakup have left fans wondering whether the beloved pair have parted ways.

Charlie And Tiana Break Up
The rumor of Charlie and Tiana’s break up has left fans wondering. (Source: Glamour Path)

Have Charlie and Tiana really gone their separate paths? The answer remains elusive.

Despite the flurry of speculations circulating on the internet, no credible sources have confirmed any news of a breakup between the two.

Adding to the intrigue is that neither Charlie nor Tiana has addressed or commented on the rumors of their alleged split.

A glance at their respective Instagram accounts reveals that photos of the couple together still occupy their feeds, hinting at the possibility that they are still very much in each other’s lives.

For now, their love story remains a captivating and enigmatic journey for their fans to follow.

Who Is MoistCr1tikal Girlfriend, Tiana Tracy?

MoistCr1tikal, known as Charles White Jr., has a devoted online following, but the curiosity surrounding his personal life often extends to the people in his life.

One such individual who has garnered attention is Tiana Tracy, the girlfriend of the famous YouTuber, streamer, and internet personality.

Charlie and Tiana’s love story began in 2016, and since then, their relationship has captured the imagination of fans.

According to available information, Tiana Tracy was allegedly born on November 9, 1997, although her personal details have remained mainly private.

Tiana Tracy graduated from Hillsborough Community College with a degree in veterinary technology in 2020.

Recent reports suggest that she has furthered her passion by becoming a veterinarian.

Tiana Tracy
Tiana Tracy earned a degree in veterinary technology in 2020 from Hillsborough Community College. (Source: Briefly News)

Apart from her professional life, Tiana Tracy is an amateur photographer who frequently shares her captivating snapshots on her social media accounts.

Her Instagram is brimming with photographs of herself alongside her boyfriend, Charlie, providing a glimpse into their life together.

While Tiana Tracy’s personal life remains largely shrouded in secrecy, her connection with Charlie has introduced her to public prominence.

On Instagram, she has amassed over 31k followers, reflecting her growing online presence.

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