Did Fifty Fifty Disband? Lawsuit And Copyright Scandal

Did Fifty Fifty Disband? Fifty Fifty has launched a lawsuit against their agency, Attrakt, alleging breach of contract.

Sio, Saena, Aran, and Keena are members of the South Korean female group Fifty Fifty, created in 2022.

The group has an independent record label and debuted in November 2022 with their extended play, The Fifty. Their viral hit track “Cupid” helped them achieve commercial success.

The track, released in February 2023, propelled Fifty Fifty to the top of the US Billboard Hot 100 and the UK Singles Chart within four months of their debut.

They were the first K-pop female group to enter the top ten in the UK charts. They signed with Warner Records in 2023.

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Did Fifty Fifty Disband?

No, Fifty Fifty band has not been disbanded. FIFTY FIFTY is suing their agency, ATTRAKT.

After two years of training, Fifty Fifty announced its debut on November 14, 2022, by publishing the group’s official logo, shared across all social media channels.

On the same day, a pre-released music video for “Lovin Me” was posted to their official YouTube channel.

Did Fifty Fifty Disband
Fifty Fifty’s group has violated contract restrictions. (Source- kpop starz

On November 15, the members were disclosed through the concept photo of their debut album, which revealed their names and debut date.

In addition, they took official photos of the members for the first time. The “Log In” performance video was also published the same day.

On November 18, 2022, Fifty Fifty released their debut extended play (EP), The Fifty, with “Higher” as the lead single.

Fifty Fifty Lawsuit And Copyright Scandal

Fifty Fifty, the K-pop duo responsible for the smash song “Cupid,” recently launched a lawsuit against their management Attrakt.

According to the group’s legal representative, the agency violated contract restrictions.

On June 19, the four members submitted an application to the Seoul Central District Court for a provisional decision suspending the validity of their exclusive contracts through their legal representation, and the trial is presently continuing.

This is because ATTRAKT breached contract obligations and committed measures that led to the dissolution of a trust-based relationship.

While some remain skeptical without official announcements or facts, others have begun seeing the issue differently.

The media’s coverage of these rumors has raised public awareness of the CEO’s potential sacrifices and spurred additional debate among netizens and supporters.

FIFTY FIFTY Faces Massive Criticism

During the ongoing legal proceedings, rumors surfaced that the CEO of FIFTY FIFTY has sold expensive items to support the organization financially.

These alleged sacrifices have startled and affected netizens, prompting some to reevaluate their positions on the lawsuit.

After learning about the CEO’s possible personal sacrifices, people on the internet are empathetic and admiring.

Many people have backed FIFTY FIFTY, praising the CEO’s dedication to assisting the musicians despite the financial impact it may have on their personal lives.

Did Fifty Fifty Disband
Fifty Fifty is a South Korean girl group formed in 2022  (Source- Yahoo news

This newly gained viewpoint has resulted in a shift in attitude towards the lawsuit, with an increasing number of netizens taking the group’s allegations more seriously.

If the claims are valid, the CEO’s decision to contribute the proceeds of the sale of his pricey items to ATTRAKT demonstrates a significant financial commitment.

In addition, the gesture reflects the CEO’s belief in the group’s ability and commitment to giving ATTRAKT the resources they require to continue their musical journey.

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