Did Sophie Cheat On Joe Jonas Or Vice Versa? Affair Speculations

The rising divorce speculations have given rise to the cheating rumors between Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas. So, did Sophie cheat on Joe Jonas or vice versa?

Celebs are no strangers to rumors, being in the limelight and media radar 24/7. If some news arises, such as them getting divorced, all sorts of speculations start circulating on the Internet.

American heartthrob Joe Jonas has been in the spotlight for a while now as a member of the Jonas Brothers and a solo artist. His vocal is extraordinary, and he can play multiple instruments.

Besides his musical journey and artistic endeavors, Jonas’ love life has made headlines several times. His fairy tale romance with his wife, Sophie Turner, is well-known among his fanbase.

Sadly, the news of Joe contacting two divorce lawyers has emerged, sparking wonder and shock worldwide. Are the power couple on the cusp of a split after four years of marital bliss? What about the cheating rumors?

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Did Sophie Cheat On Joe Jonas? Rumors Of Affair

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner made their romance public in 2016. A year later, they got engaged, and fast forward a few years later, the pair are proud parents of two.

While some celebs prefer being discreet with their personal affairs, the Jonas couple has never shielded away from displaying PDAs. Joe Jonas’ wife has, time and again, made cameo appearances on his MVs.

Did Sophie Cheat On Joe Jonas
The divorce speculations between Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner have given birth to cheating rumors (Source: Elle)

Likewise, the English actress has always been vocal about supporting her singer-husband. She often attends his concerts and music performances and accompanies him on red carpets.

The duo’s divorce rumors sparked after the artist was seen walking ring-less in NYC. TMZ reported that the duo had been having several issues for at least six months.

Not just that, the magazine shared the scoop of how Joe has contacted at least two divorce lawyers and how he has been taking care of his kids all on his own.

While the divorce rumors continue, fans suspect whether infidelity has led their beloved couple to have fallen out. However, there is no confirmation of either party cheating or having an affair as of this writing.

So, answering whether Sophie is cheating on Joe or vice versa is challenging, as no official verification has come.

If the recent shots of Joe performing with his ring on are any verification, the pair are not even having a divorce, for all we know.

Did Joe Jonas Cheat On Sophie?

As we mentioned earlier, the cheating rumors of Joe and Sophie lack verification and actuality. Joe has never hinted at being unfaithful to his spouse over the years.

Given the couple’s strong bond and chemistry, it’s unlikely they have cheated on one another. Maybe it’s just a hoax, similar to Steve Harvey’s wife, Marjorie Harvey’s cheating rumors.

Keeping that fact aside, Joe once shared how he nearly cheated on his partner. But don’t worry, fans; it was just an error and nothing more.

Did Joe Jonas Cheat On Sophie
Joe Jonas cheating on Sophie and vice versa needs official confirmation (Source: US Magazine)

The musician hilariously shared how he mistook his wife’s look-a-like to be her and nearly kissed her. Sophie’s photo-double and her looked so uncannily similar that Joe mistook the latter as his wife.

The actress was completely okay with Joe’s error, and the husband-wife shared the story during an interview with Elle.

Overall, Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s infidelity speculations are rumors. The pair have made headlines with the news of them getting a divorce; still, fans have to wait to see if the scoop is authentic or not.

As per recent updates, Joe Jonas filed for divorce from Sophie Turner in Miami-Dade County, Florida saying that their marriage is ‘irretrievably broken.’

It’s also been stated that after their Miami residence had been listed for several months in August, they sold it for $15 million.

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