Diego Loyzaga New Girlfriend Franki Russell: Break Up With Ex Barbie Imperial

People are more and more curious to know about Diego Loyzaga new girlfriend, Franki Russell. The talented Filipino actor has recently made headlines with the revelation of his new romantic partner.

Carlos Diego Loyzaga Manhilot, aka Diego Loyzaga, is a renowned Filipino model, actor, and video jockey.

He gained his much-deserved spotlight after he signed a three-year exclusive contract with ABS-CBN.

ABS, one of the major television networks in the Philippines, helped initialize his career in the entertainment industry in 2011.

Recently, there has been a lot of buzz regarding the confirmation of rumor regarding his new girlfriend in 2023. 

Continue reading to find out.

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Diego Loyzaga New Girlfriend, Franki Russell

Diego Loyzaga has captured the hearts of fans once again as he introduces his new girlfriend, Franki Russell, to the world.

Loyzaga had been relatively discreet about his love life since his past relationship.

However, his relationship with Franki has become the talk of the town after Franki posted a heartfelt birthday message dedicated to Diego on her Instagram.

Although the accompanying photos have since been deleted, it was clear that their connection ran deep. 

More speculations were raised as Franki praised Diego’s kind-hearted nature and expressed her appreciation for having him in her life.

Sam Verzosa Ex Wife
Diego Loyzaga and Franki Russell celebrate love and happiness in the upcoming days. (Source: YouTube)

The public display of affection left fans eagerly anticipating more details about their relationship.

In a recent interview, Diego shed some light on his blossoming romance with Franki.

He revealed that they initially met while working together on the set of Rolling In It.

Their connection was instantaneous, with Diego immediately noticing Franki’s charming accent and realizing they shared a common background.

He grew up in Australia, while Franki is a Filipina-New Zealander.

The pair quickly bonded over their similarities and began spending more time together. 

Diego Loyzaga Dating history: Break Up With Ex Barbie Imperial

Diego Loyzaga’s romantic history has been a topic of interest for many fans.

Before his current relationship with Franki Russell, he was in a highly publicized relationship with fellow actress Barbie Imperial.

The former couple dated for about a year before confirming their split in February.

Despite the breakup, Diego and Barbie were seen together at a restaurant a month later, leading to speculation of a possible reconciliation.

However, the actor quickly dismissed these rumors, emphasizing that they had been through ups and downs.

He also added that the duo had maintained a friendship and were on good terms.

However, Diego’s relationship with Barbie garnered significant attention due to their chemistry and genuine connection.

Diego Loyzaga New Girlfriend
Diego Loyzaga posted a sweet photo with his then-girlfriend, Barbi, before breaking up. (Source: Instagram)

They were often seen sharing sweet moments on social media, capturing the hearts of their fans.

Although their romantic journey eventually ended, their relationship serves as an example of the complexities of love and the challenges that couples face.

With his new relationship with Franki Russell, Diego Loyzaga embarks on a fresh chapter in his love life.

While details about his previous relationship with Barbie remain in the past, fans eagerly anticipate seeing how his newfound love with Franki blossoms.

Loyzaga was born on May 21, 1995, in San Juan, Metro Manila, Philippines.

Diego is the son of famous actress Teresa Loyzaga and actor Cesar Montano.

He also has a diverse family background, including his grandfather Carlos Loyzaga, a Filipino basketball legend.

The list further includes relatives in the entertainment industry, such as Bing Loyzaga, Chito Loyzaga, and Joey Loyzaga.

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