Dirk Henning Wikipedia: Hape Kerkeling Husband Biography

There is a peak of curiosity in people to know about Dirk Henning Wikipedia, including his family members. Drik is also popular for being the husband of Hape Kerkeling.

Dirk Henning is a well-known public figure who openly acknowledges his homosexual identity. He has become a symbol of LGBTQ+ strength and acceptance via his bravery and pride.

Dirk’s choice to come out inspired many community members and was essential in increasing awareness about the necessity of LGBTQ+ rights and representation.

Henning has contributed to the continued development of the battle for equal rights and acceptance for all individuals, regardless of sexual orientation, by sharing his journey and experiences.

His honesty and advocacy have contributed to a more inclusive and diverse world where people can be themselves without fear of judgment or discrimination.

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Dirk Henning Wikipedia: Hape Kerkeling Husband Biography

Drik Henning tries to keep his private life out of the public eye. Drik is not available on social media too. In addition, Drik is famous for being the husband of Hape Kerkeling.

Hape Kerkeling has altered the German television scene in a way that few others have. After several years in the show industry, he has recently withdrawn.

But, before leaving, he detailed in his book a fateful event that he had previously kept hidden.

Dirk Henning wikipedia
Dirk Henning is famous for being the husband of Hape Kerkeling. (Source- Web.De)

Kerkeling applied for a Loriot drawing in 1977 but was turned down. With the student band “Gesundfutter,” he released “Hawaii.”

He also competed in talent shows such as the “Talentschuppen” before graduating high school. In 1983, he received his first award, the “Scharfrichterbeil” cabaret prize.

In addition, he rose to prominence in the TV series “Känguru” (1985-1986), playing characters such as “Siggi Schwäbli” and “Hannilein.” Since then, he has worked as a television host, actor, and singer.

Dirk Henning family

Dirk Henning has resolved to keep the details of his personal life private, particularly those concerning his mother and father.

Even though Drik’s married life has received much attention, his family information is being kept private.

Dirk Henning’s resolve to protect his family’s privacy in an era when many public figures share extensive personal details demonstrates his passion for his career.

It illustrates his dedication and resolve to keep his personal life secret from the public eye.

Regardless of his familial heritage, Drik’s achievements in his industry are ultimately a testament to his perseverance and diligence.

Dirk Henning and Hape Kerkeling relationship timeline

Dirk Henning became a new friend to him. Hape Kerkeling has been his wife since 2016. He and his husband split their time between Bonn and Umbria, Italy.

They don’t have any kids. Hape Kerkeling is currently not represented on Instagram or Facebook.

Hape Kerkeling was outed as gay by director Rosa von Praunheim in 1991, causing widespread anger at the time. Angelo Colagrossi, an Italian author and filmmaker, was his long-term life companion.

Dirk Henning Wikipedia
Dirk Henning and Hape Kerkeling were married 2016. (Source- amomama)

They collaborated on projects such as “Total Normal” (1989-1991), “Kein Pardon” (1993), and “Hape’s Magical Christmas” (2010). The divorce occurred in 2011. 

Until recently, the 52-year-old was not a big lover of partnership vows. “Such things that the state or the church regulates are not important to me,” he stated in an interview with “Bild am Sonntag” in 2008.

Kerkeling was still with his co-author Angelo Colagrossi, whom he met when he was 18. After 28 years, the relationship formally ended in the spring of 2011; meeting Henning could have been the catalyst.

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