Diyawinnage Sewwandi Maduka Kumari Murder: Husband Eshan Tharaka Koottage Arrested

What was the reason behind the Diyawinnage Sewwandi Maduka Kumari Murder? Let us explore the details associated with this topic.

A recent piece of news has rapidly circulated across the internet, capturing the attention of many.

It revolves around a troubling incident where authorities formally charged a man with the murder of his wife.

This distressing event unfolded on Monday, September 11, 2023, when the authorities discovered the lifeless body of the man’s spouse at a hotel in Katong.

The accused individual, Eshan Tharaka Koottage, who comes from Sri Lanka, wore a white long-sleeved shirt when he received the severe charge.

Let us look deeper at the topic and discover the truth behind it.

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Diyawinnage Sewwandi Maduka Kumari Murder Case explained

Eshan Tharaka Koottage, originally from Sri Lanka, has been accused of committing a massive crime.

It is alleged that Eshan took the life of Diyawinnage Sewwandi Maduka Kumari within a time frame spanning from 10:45 a.m. to 4:42 p.m. on a Saturday.

The murder occurred inside the Holiday Inn Express Singapore Katong premises beside the i12 Katong Mall.

The authorities were alerted to this inhumane act when the 30-year-old Koottage reportedly presented himself at the Marine Parade Neighbourhood Police Centre, located approximately 1.5 kilometers away from the crime scene, at 5:05 p.m.

Shockingly, Eshan himself confessed to the murder upon arrival.

Diyawinnage Sewwandi Murder
Eshan admitted to committing the murder when he arrived. (Source: News1st)

The police stated on Saturday that their officers quickly went to Koottage’s hotel room.

Sadly, they found 32-year-old victim Diyawinnage Sewwandi Maduka Kumari’s lifeless body with a severe slash wound.

Despite the efforts of paramedics, they declared Diyawinnage dead at the scene.

The police discovered the murder weapon in the hotel room, believed to have been used for the crime.

Following this discovery, the police took Diyawinnage Sewwandi Maduka Kumari’s husband into custody at the police post, marking a significant development in this distressing incident.

Eshan Tharaka Koottage: Husband Kills Wife Singapore

Following the emergence of this news, the public has been left speculating about the potential consequences that Eshan Tharaka Koottage may face if found guilty of the charges against him.

During Eshan’s appearance in the State Court via video link, it was notable that Koottage, who did not have legal representation, appeared unbothered and calm.

After a court interpreter officially communicated the murder charge to him in Sinhalese, observers noticed this.

Consequently, the police prosecutor requested that Eshan Tharaka Koottage be detained in police custody.

This request aimed to enable investigators to conduct further work, such as revisiting the crime scene and gathering additional crucial evidence for the case.

While in court, Koottage wanted to communicate with the Sri Lankan High Commission to engage a lawyer for his defense.

Eshan Tharaka husband
In court, Koottage wanted to reach out to the Sri Lankan High Commission to get a lawyer for his defense. (Source: Stomp)

Nonetheless, the prosecution clarified that despite informing the High Commission about the case, the ongoing investigations prevent communication with external parties.

Furthermore, the prosecutor noted that the investigating officer might grant such communication at a more appropriate time.

Moving forward, Koottage will appear in court again the following Monday.

It’s crucial to stress that if Eshan is proven guilty, he might potentially receive the severe death sentence penalty.

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