Django Ward: Fred Ward Son and Member of Biper Swing Band

Who is Django Ward?

Django Ward is a famous musician and a band member of the Biper Swing band. He was born somewhere between 1966-1970. Django Ward is more popular because his father, Freddie Joe Ward, was an American actor and a film producer.

Moreover, he is good at playing various instruments. Django Ward is a guitarist famous for playing jazz Manouche. He is the only child of his parents, Freddie Joe Ward and Silvia Ward.

Django Ward Biography
Django Ward Biography

Quick Facts

Full NameDjango Ward
BirthdayBetween 1966-1970
BirthplaceUnited States of America
ParentsFred Ward (Father)
Silvia Ward (Mother)
GrandparentsFred Frazier Ward (Grandfather)
Juanita lown Ward (Grandmother)
Marital StatusMarried
ChildrenNina Ward (daughter)
EducationLocal High School
State University
ProfessionMusician & a band member
Net WorthUSD 750,000
Social mediaInstagram

Django Ward Birthday

Django Ward was born between 1966- 1970. He is 52-56 years old as of 2023. Born in the United States, Django follows Christianity and has American nationality.

Django Ward Height and Appearance

Django’s height is 5ft 9 inches. The color of his hair is dark brown, while the color of his eyes is brown. His shoe size is 10 US. He has a chest size of 40 inches, a waist of 30 inches, and Biceps of 15 inches.

Django Ward Photo
Django Ward Photo

Early Life and Childhood

Django’s Father, Fred, moved to Italy after he chose an acting career. They were then living in Rome at that time. But Django Ward spent his childhood in France. So, his French is very fluent.


Freddie Joe Ward (father)

Django’s father, Fred Ward, was a famous American actor. On December 30, 1942, Fred was born into a low-income family, but he worked hard and became rich. He became a global hit star and succeeded in raising his family in stable condition.

When he was three years of age, his mother left him. So he lived his childhood with his grandmother until his mother succeeded in regaining her career. Throughout Fred’s life, his grandfather was an alcoholic criminal placed behind bars several times due to his alcoholism.

Fred Ward
Fred Ward

Fred had worked in US Air Force for three years. After retiring from the US Air force, Fred chose an acting career.

Fred was a famous actor as well as a producer. He has played in many movies and television shows. His first American film was released in 1975: ‘Hearts of the West as a cowboy. After that, he played a movie like ‘Southern Comfort,’ ‘The Player,’ ‘Swing Shifts’ and ‘Short Cuts.’ He was also a boxer when he was young.

Silvia Ward (Mother)

Django’s mother, Silvia Ward, was his father’s second wife, Freddie Joe Ward. She played a role in TV shows and movies.

She has played a role in gangster movies like Circus, the teen comedy road trip, and horror films like The Crow: Salvation. In addition, she has played a role in crime dramas like Thunderheart and the romantic comedy Wild Iris.

Fred Ward Wives

Fred is a husband of 3 wives. His first wife was Carla Evonne Stewart, with whom he married in Venice in 1965, but due to some circumstances, they divorced in the same year.

Then Fred got married to Silvia Ward. Django was the only son of his wife, Silvia. However, this relationship also didn’t last long, and they got divorced in the 1990s.

Fred Ward with his wife, Marie-France Boiselle
Fred Ward with his wife, Marie-France Boiselle

After this, Fred Ward married a businesswoman named Marie-France Boiselle in 1995. Unfortunately, they divorced, but after a particular phase, they reunited. 

His life had many ups and downs after the separation from his father. Fred Ward took his last breath at 79 on Sunday, May 8, 2022, in Los Angeles, California.


Though Django Ward’s father was an American actor, he built his career through music. He created his path and became a musician. He used to play various guitars and other musical instruments in concerts. Mostly he is good at playing guitar in the Jazz Manouche Style.

Django Ward
Django Ward

He traveled across France, Europe, and other places throughout his music career. His famous songs were Place De Brouckere, Danube, and Seul Ce Soir. He also performed at different events, cocktail parties, and private parties like birthday celebrations, weddings, and other events.

Django Ward Movies

Django Ward was involved in the acting sector also. He started his profession in acting career in Italy in the 1970s. He has played a role in many movies and television series.

Among them, ‘Escape from Alcatraz,’ ‘The Incredible Hulk,’ ‘Silkwood,’ ‘The Right Stuff, ‘Big Business,’ ‘Off Limits,’ ‘Henry & June,’ ‘Tremors’ and its sequels like ‘Thunderheart,’ ‘The United States of Tara,’ ‘Dangerous Beauty,’ ‘Grey’s Anatomy, and ‘2 guns’ were the movie and television shows.

Django Ward Net Worth

As his father was a famous actor, he didn’t follow in his father’s footsteps. Instead, he was more passionate about music and his band. He has been involved in different concerts for his talent for playing different kinds of instruments, and his primary source of income is music.

Django Ward band Biper Swing
Django Ward band Biper Swing

Django Ward was inspired by a famous Belgian Jazz guitarist, Django Reinhardt. He composes his music and songs with his band and enjoys his life. As of 2023, he is happy and satisfied with his net worth, approximately USD 750k.

Social media

Django Ward Instagram

Django Ward’s Instagram handle name is dj_an_go_wa_rd, with only 100 followers and seven posts. However, he is more attached to his instruments, as all his posts are of guitars and other musical instruments. 

Django Ward Facebook

Django Ward’s Facebook account handle name is Django Ward. He seems less active on his Facebook account, as he has posted only two posts.

One post is about nature and the second one is quite interesting as he has posted a picture of a drawing that was drawn by his daughter, Nina. 

Django Ward Daughter Nina's painting
Django Ward Daughter Nina’s painting

Biper Swings Instagram

Django Ward is a member of Biper Swings, and the dates and schedules of Biper Swings for his music concerts are available on his band’s official Instagram page, biperswing.

This band was created in 2010. This Instagram account has 38 posts, 224 followers, and 202 followings. 

The post consists of concerts in different places and photos of band group members. In addition, they are seen as more active on their band’s Instagram page as they post every event and activity performed by their band members.

Biper Swing Band
Biper Swing Band

Biper Swings Website

The band’s official website address is This official website is available in the French language. In addition, the site contains the band’s videos and photos. This band includes Damien Briard, Arnaud Estor, and Jean Clermont.


Is Django’s father a US Air Force veteran?

Yes, he was a US Air Force veteran before joining his acting career. 

Who are the parents of Django Ward?

Fred Ward and Silvia Ward are the parents of Django Ward.

What is the name of his band?

His band name is Biperswing. The band includes other members like Damien Briard, Arnaud Estor, and Jean Clermont.  

Was Django’s grandfather an alcoholic criminal?

Yes, his grandfather was an alcoholic criminal. 

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