Does Maeve Cheat On Otis? Did They End Up Together?

Does Maeve Cheat On Otis? Otis Maeve’s storyline in Sex Education season 4 had a clear resolution: the ideal send-off for the characters.

There are many amusing shows on television, but Sex Education stood out for its emotional impact.

The show’s friendly, open atmosphere and incredibly skilled cast worked together to create a lighthearted, relatable universe that viewers could quickly identify with.

Jackson (Kedar Williams-Stirling), Eric (Ncuti Gatwa), Adam (Connor Swindells), Maeve (Emma Mackey), and Otis (Asa Butterfield) appeared more like peers.

Sex Education is one of the most sincere Netflix programs ever, and its great final season only further solidifies the show’s status as an all-time streaming classic.

The series includes a large ensemble cast, but the show’s central relationship has always been the will-they-won’t-they conflict between the two clinic business partners who are also classmates.

How did it exactly end? Here is all the information you require.

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Does Maeve Cheat On Otis?

Otis and Maeve attempt a long-distance romance in the just-released Season 4, which they struggle with until a catastrophe drags Maeve back home.

The pair seldom ever has a chance to be alone when she does return, the tragedy appropriately taking up most of her mental space.

Otis’ inebriated aunt ruins their only date, and when they try to have sex in a locked pool, the police catch them.

Ultimately, Maeve acknowledges that she enjoys living overseas, but Otis knows they can’t be together while the English Channel separates them.

Does Maeve Cheat On Otis
Otis and Maeve attempt a long-distance relationship in the just-released Season 4. (Source- Netflix)

So they finally break up in the series finale after having their first sexual encounter and exchanging their final “I love you.”

It’s easy to understand why spectators might feel cheated by this decision—after all, Otis and Maeve never really had a chance as a pair.

But there’s a reason they never happened: despite their feelings for each other, Otis and Maeve make a terrible couple.

The pair tends to bring out the worst in one another. For example, anytime Maeve begs for something, Otis has a propensity to break promises to everyone else.

This season, this becomes a contention between Otis and his best buddy Eric (Ncuti Gatwa), as Eric sharply draws Otis’ attention to it.

Did Maeve and Otis end together?

Bad news first: No, they do not. But there’s good news, too: Otis and Maeve recognize they are moving in different paths as they say goodbye to one another.

Otis needed to stay close to home to be there for his mother and minor sister, while Maeve was required to return to her writing program in the US to pursue her ambition of becoming an author. They were each other’s first loves and will always be.

Otis withdraws from Eric for a while when he can’t exactly figure out how to discuss their different lifestyles — not just their different sexualities, but their religion, their family lives, and their cultural heritage — but they love and miss each other.

Does Maeve Cheat On Otis
Otis and Maeve recognize they are moving in different paths. (Source- Cosmopolitan)

And once they talk it out, things are back to normal for our favorite besties. By the show’s end, Maeve and Otis have done everything they can for each other.

Rather than bringing them together for a more accessible narrative path or fan appeasement, the series allows the characters to recognize this and prioritize themselves.

After all, it’s a program about maturing and discovering oneself; anything less would have violated everything that makes Sex Education so unique.

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