Does Starlight Cheat On Hughie With Supersonic? Do They Get Back Together?

What happens in the series ‘The Boys?’ Does Starlight Cheat On Hughie With Supersonic? Get to know if they get back together in the series.

The Boys is a TV show on Amazon Prime Video, created by Eric Kripke, that satirizes superheroes.

It’s based on a comic book by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson.

The show focuses on a group of vigilantes who go by the same name as they try to stop superpowered people from abusing their abilities.

In the Amazon series The Boys, one of the main characters is Rebecca Anne “Annie” January, who used to be called Starlight.

Annie plays a significant role in both season 1, season 2, and season 3.

Another central character in The Boys is Hugh “Hughie” Campbell Jr., one of the show’s two main protagonists.

In Season 3 of The Boys, there’s a supporting character named Alexander, also known as Supersonic and formerly known as Drummer Boy.

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Does Starlight Cheat On Hughie With Supersonic? Are They together At The End?

After the chaotic events of Season 2 in The Boys, it appears that a moment of peace has settled in Season 3.

The most talked-about storyline in the Prime Video superhero series is the public relationship between Hughie Campbell and Starlight, played by Erin Moriarty.

Despite the couple enduring numerous ups and downs, they are now officially together.

However, as their relationship becomes more public, external forces intervene, leading to complications.

Sadly, this interference negatively impacts Hughie and Starlight. This is why people wonder if Starlight cheats on Hughie with Supersonic.

While both initially enjoy positive developments in their storylines, their situation is downturned.

Hughie discovers that his boss, Congressman Victoria Neuman, is just as corrupt as Vought, the powerful corporation behind the Supes.

Simultaneously, Starlight is appointed as co-captain of the Seven, a superhero group, alongside the unstable and dangerous Homelander.

The Boys Starlight
Starlight becomes a co-captain of the Seven. (Source: Fandom)

To add to the strain, Starlight’s former pop star superpowered ex-boyfriend, Alex, also known as Supersonic, competes on a fictional reality show called American Hero to secure a place in the Seven.

Whenever Hughie observes interactions between Starlight and Supersonic, he visibly struggles with jealousy.

However, it’s important to note that Starlight does not cheat on Hughie with Supersonic despite these challenges.

The status of their relationship regarding getting back is left unspecified.

Is Starlight dating homelander?

In Episode 3, titled “Barbary Coast,” of The Boys, a significant development occurs.

Starlight and Homelander officially make decisions about which heroes to add to the Seven, the superhero team.

They reveal that Supersonic and the Deep will be the new members of the Seven.


The Boys Supersonic
Supersonic and the Deep are joining the Seven as new members. (Source: Fandom)

Then, in a surprising move, Homelander goes on live television during the show American Hero and publicly declares his love for Starlight.

Initially taken aback by this announcement, Starlight eventually kisses Homelander.

This turn of events strongly suggests that Hughie will have a significant emotional breakdown when he witnesses Starlight and Homelander sharing an intimate moment.

However, it’s crucial to watch Supersonic in this complex situation.

Before these events unfold, Starlight encourages Supersonic to leave.

Surprisingly, Supersonic decides to join the team, but his motivation isn’t driven by ego.

Supersonic does it because he still cares deeply for Starlight and wants to be there for her if she ever faces danger.

This creates a complicated love dynamic, almost like a love square.

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