Dominik Zadora Wikipedia And Wiek: How Old Is The Fighter?

Dominik Zadora Wikipedia has been a curious topic for the fighter’s fan club, as many are eager to know more about him. Read further to learn about his career and see what is his age (wiek.)

If you are a huge MMA fan, then the name Dominik Zadora must sound familiar to you.

Well, he is former FEN champion and DSF Kickboxing Challenge champion. He is from Bolesławiec, Poland and making his mark in the MMA world, showcasing his prolific fighting skills. 

The fighter got huge popularity after dethroning Łukasz Pławecki, the former champion.

So let’s learn more about the skilled fighter alongside his career and personal life.

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Dominik Zadora Wikipedia: Career Explored

As stated earlier, the talented fighter is from Poland. Looking at Dominik, one can assume that he has been fighting for a long time now.

Furthermore, he made his Fight Exclusive Night back in 2019. He won the bout against Łukasz Pławecki and was crowned a champion.

Dominik Zadora wikipedia
Dominik Zadora is a well-known figther and has achieved a lot in his career. (Image Source: Instagram)

However, his title defense did not go as planned, as he went on to lose against Wojciech Wierzbicki. He had a hard-fought battle but lost after three rounds by injury. 

He has a FEN record of 2-1, and as per the FEN’s official website, he is expected to return soon.

One should check out his Instagram bio if one wants to know how great of a fighter Dominik Zadora is.

He has proudly flaunted his achievements. The well-trained fighter is DSF KickboxingChampion, FEN Champion, ISKA K1World/EuropeanChampion, and 2xK-1PolishChampion.

Dominik has also shown his fighting skills in competitions, including Babilon MMA, POLKON Fights, LOTOS Fight Night, and Gladiators of the Cage.

Dominik Zadora Wiek; How Old Is The Fighter?

Looking at Dominik’s career and achievements, people are also eager to know about his age. Unfortunately, there are not many reliable sources which have shared about his birthday,

However, as per FEN, he is 29 years old as of 2023. He also has a height of  5’11” with a reach of  70.9″ (180cm.)

The accomplished fighter is also famous by his nickname Japoński Drwal.

In addition, there are no details regarding which education facility he attended or his qualification.  Nevertheless, Dominik is doing well in his career and reaching new heights everyday.

Is Dominik Zadora Married?

Looking at his age, many assume that he is married. However, there are not any concrete details to back up the fact. 

But, going through his social media handle, we can see that he is enjoying a blissful relationship with his partner Paulina Menard. Both of them can be seen appearing on one another’s Instagram showing love and affection.

Nevertheless, there are no details regarding their marriage. So only time will tell if Paulina is Dominik Zadora’s wife or not.

What is sure is that the pair has immense endearment and a loving bond.

Dominik Is A Father Of One

Alongside his successful career, the famous fighter also relishes his duty as a father. He has a beautiful daughter whom he shares with his partner.

Though the loving pair hasn’t revealed the name of their little one, they often post about her with endearing captions. 

Dominik Zadora daughter
Dominik Zadora shares a loving bond with his daughter. (Image Source: Instagram)

On the occasion of children’s day, Dominik uploaded a photo of his baby girl, wishing that the smile never disappeared from her face. He further added that her tears would be from happiness and not sadness.

By this alone we can see how much love he has got for his little one. 

As we can see, Dominik Zadora is not only a skilled fighter but also a loving family fan. We wish him nothing but happiness and wish him the very best of luck for his future fights.

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