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Dominique Chinn: Biography, net worth, relationships and career

Who is Dominique Chinn?

Dominique Chinn is an Instagram model and entertainer. Dominique Chinn has established herself in the entertainment world due to her glamorous personality and attractive physical features.

Dominique is known for her curvy figure, bold personality, and lavish lifestyle.

Dominique Chinn Biography
Dominique Chinn Biography

She often shares her sensuous posts on her Instagram account, where you can see her posing seductively wearing barely-there bikinis and beautiful lingerie. It helps Dominique grab a lot of eyeballs and create headlines.

As a result, she has a massive fan following. She is also in the adult entertainment business and has co-founded Platinum City Gentleman’s Club.

Dominique Chinn childhood and relationship

Dominique was born in Houston, Texas, on the 20th of August, 1989. She is the second-born child of her parents. She has two siblings.

She was raised in a strict Catholic household by her single mother. Dominique likes to keep her private life private and does not like to disclose every aspect of her personal life to others.

As a child, Dominique wanted to be a model. She fulfilled this childhood dream of hers by being one of the leading plus-size models in the modeling world and a famous Instagram influencer and content creator.

Furthermore, she also wanted to become an actress as a child. She still has this dream and aims to create establish herself on the silver screen in the coming future.

To help her reach her aim of being an actress, Dominique joined the theatre group in her high school and also continues being a part of many theatre plays in the present.

Relationships and dating history

As Dominique prefers to keep her private life private, she hasn’t revealed much about her past relationships and dating history. She is unmarried and states that she is currently single.

She wants to stay single now as she wants to focus on her career and her multiple businesses. However, she has mentioned that the thing she finds the most attractive in men is their ambition.

Dominique Chinn educational and professional background

Not much is known about Dominique Chinn’s educational background and qualifications. However, she disclosed that she previously studied franchising and worked as a real estate agent before becoming a full-time model and Instagram influencer.

Currently, she is pursuing her undergraduate degree in business administration, which has been extremely beneficial in providing her the knowledge and skills required to manage the business ventures.

Additionally, Dominique has also mentioned that she worked at a clothing store in a mall at 14. It generated her interest in the field of fashion and modeling.

Dominique Chinn personality

Dominique has an optimistic and ambitious personality, and she enjoys traveling and fashion. Likewise, she also is interested in business, as illustrated by her involvement in various other ventures.

Dominique Chinn travel photo in egypt

She is an introvert and does not like to share every detail of her life on the internet. She is a bold and confident woman who is not afraid of putting herself out on the internet as she frequently posts her highly erotic and racy photos on her Instagram account.

Dominique Chinn’s sun sign is Leo. People with this sun sign are known to be passionate, warm, and dynamic. Leos often enjoy being the center of attention and like celebrating themselves.

Likewise, her Chinese zodiac is Snake. She is an ambitious, creative, responsible, and sophisticated person.

Her favorite song is 12 Play by R. Kelley. She enjoys rap, hip hop, and RnB music.

Dominique’s favorite food is ice cream. She especially likes the flavor dulce de luce. Similarly, she likes to watch movies in her free time.

Nationality, Ethnicity, and Religion

Dominique Chinn is an American citizen and is of Afro-American ethnicity. She follows Christianity.

Dominique Chinn appearance and physical features

Dominique Chinn has an attractive face with full lips and beautiful black eyes. She has long, dark hair and a voluptuous figure with feminine curves. Likewise, she also has some tattoos on her body.

Dominique Chinn: Health and Diet

Dominique follows a healthy lifestyle which is required to maintain her gorgeous figure. She enjoys working out and prefers incorporating yoga into her fitness routine.

Besides, she likes to eat healthy to support her fit and active lifestyle. Information about her diet and eating preferences are not available.

Height, Weight, and Measurements

Dominique is 5 feet and 4 inches tall. Likewise, she weighs 63 kilograms.

It makes her reasonably petite. Her measurements are 35-25-41, which gives her a stunning hourglass figure.

Income source and Net worth

Dominique Chinn’s net worth is estimated to be somewhere around $100,000 to $5,000,000. It is just a rough estimation, as Dominique herself hasn’t fully revealed her net worth. Her primary sources of income are modeling and her Instagram account.

Due to the colossal following on her Instagram account, Dominique makes money through sponsored posts that promote different up-and-coming brands and products such as lingerie, bikinis, swimsuits, and other fashionable clothing items.

Besides, she also makes money off her other businesses, including Platinum City Gentleman’s Club and Platinum Grill.

No precise data about her lifestyle and expensive purchases are presently available.

Platinum City Gentleman’s Club

Platinum City Gentleman’s Club is the strip club co-founded by Dominique Chinn, specializing in adult entertainment. It is located in Jacksonville, North Carolina.

Other Business Ventures

Along with her work as a professional model, Dominique has also ventured into the restaurant business.

She owns a late-night dining spot called Platinum Grill, which is just next to her other business, i.e., Platinum City Gentleman’s Club in Jacksonville, North Carolina.

Dominique Chinn awards and recognitions

Dominique Chinn has previously been voted as Web Girl of the week by King Magazine.

Also, she has featured in several magazines such as Show, King, Hip Hop Weekly, Urban Ink, and Smooth Magazine. These magazines are targeted towards the male audience.

Dominique Chinn and Amber Rose

Dominique is often associated with Amber Rose, a famous model, and socialite, known for her curvy body and glamorous personality, just like Dominique Chinn.

Amber Rose has been romantically linked to rapper Kanye West in the past. She also got married to Wiz Khalifa in 2013.

Dominique Chinn and Gabriel Fox

Dominique is often associated with her friend and colleague Gabriel Fox as they gain fame by posting their travel videos on Instagram.

Gabriel Fox is also a social media star and is a popular plus-size model, just like Dominique. She, too, is known for her curvy figure and her racy pictures posted on her Instagram account “_blackgabbydoll.”

Dominique Chinn social media account

Facebook and Twitter

Dominique does not have a Facebook and a Twitter account, although some accounts use her name and photos. She is currently only active on Instagram.


According to her Instagram bio, Dominique also has a Youtube account named Dominique Home TV. The channel currently has 333 subscribers and contains ten videos centered around cooking and homemade recipes. The channel seems to have been dumped.

It suggests that Dominique is a good cook and that she enjoys cooking in her spare time.

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Dominique gained popularity through Instagram after she began posting her sensual and erotic pictures on the site. Previously, her Instagram ID was “dominiquechinn” and had a total of 2.7 million followers.

However, after violating the site’s no-nudity policy, her account was disabled, and she created a new account called “dominiquelchinn” which is also the account that she currently uses.

Presently, this account has a total of 1.1 million followers.

Her posts created headlines and grab a lot of attention, especially from the male audience. Because of this, her followers will surpass the 2.2 million followers that she previously had.

In addition to her main account, she also has another travel-based Instagram account named “dchinntravels,” where she likes to post about her travels and adventures in exotic locations such as Egypt, France, and Dubai.

Overall, Dominique Chinn has a very impressive fanbase, which has helped establish her in the world of plus-size modeling and adult entertainment.