Donna D’Errico is the newest member of OnlyFans, and despite her initial hesitation, she doesn’t seem ashamed of her decision.

As she shared on her Instagram account on Tuesday, the actress posted a photo of herself in a bathing suit sitting on a toilet. Adding a caption to the photo, she explicitly stated that she was “doin it,” and that her followers should go to the link in her bio to find out more about her OnlyFans page.

The ‘Baywatch’ alum wrote, “My take on a vintage pin-up poster. I obviously don’t take myself, or the fact that I’m on that site, too seriously. This post may upset some people. I don’t care.”

As she stated, many people assume that people who are on OnlyFans are doing risque things, which is one of the things that negatively affect the site. Additionally, she said many of the stars are posting controversial content on other social media platforms.

The 54-years-old model also mentioned, “All these celebs posting nude and topless pics of themselves here on IG and Twitter all the time covering their important bits with their hands. [Then], boom, thousands of likes & comments talking about body positivity and confidence and empowerment, and you go, girl! Hot!”

Continuing, “But take that same photo of that same celeb and put it on OF where she can control who sees it, and now she’s gross and hard up. People kill me. ‘That site’ is a social media platform pretty similar to the rest with a few big differences. No censorship and no bullying/haters. I’m in.”

Actress explained to her fans that she is no longer listening to those who are only out to bring her down in another recent Instagram post.

The Playboy model expressed, “Once upon a time, I used to allow what others thought of me to really bother me and even dictate my actions. Strangers in public or haters online, so many women just seem to love tearing other women down.”

Further, she elaborated, “It affected me pretty badly over time. No matter how great I felt about how I looked when I left the house, if I got photographed while out, I’d be absolutely torn to shreds by mostly women making fun of everything about me in online comments.”

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