Dr Mowlavi Patient Death Case Resurfaced: Who Was She?

Discover Dr. Mowlavi patient death case and harrowing accounts of patients affected by him and the quest for justice in medical malpractice lawsuits.

Renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Arian Mowlawi is embroiled in a complex legal battle as he faces many accusations from former patients and authorities in Orange County, California.

Dr. Mowlawi’s troubles began when his medical license was suspended for 90 days by the Medical Board of California late last year.

The Orange County District Attorney has now added to his legal woes by filing a civil lawsuit against him.

Moreover, more than 30 former patients, including individuals like Mcayla Sarno, Chalene Johnson, and Toni Arken, have initiated a separate case against Dr. Mowlavi, leveling allegations ranging from medical malpractice to negligent hiring and supervision.

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Dr. Mowlavi Patient Death Case Resurfaced: Case Details Explored

The case surrounding Orange County plastic surgeon Dr. Arian Mowlavi, known as Dr. Laguna, has resurfaced with a flurry of legal challenges and troubling allegations.

In January 2023, it was revealed that Dr. Mowlavi had faced an investigation by the Medical Board of California, resulting in a three-year medical license suspension three years after a patient’s tragic death.

The Medical Board’s decision now mandates that Dr. Mowlavi cannot perform Vaser liposuction without additional training and supervision.

As part of the stipulated settlement, Mowlavi made no admissions but agreed to disciplinary actions, including monitoring his practice by another physician and a 10-year probation period.

The same decision also imposed a three-month suspension of his medical license related to the death of a patient following surgery.

Dr. Mowlavi Patient Death Case resurfaced
The Orange County District Attorney initiated a legal action by filing a civil lawsuit against Dr. Arian Mowlawi.  (Image source: YouTube)

The initial accusation by the Medical Board cited a diagnosis of “hemorrhage from surgical intervention leading to cardiac arrest” and alleged “gross negligence” in the care and treatment of the patient.

Disturbingly, multiple patients have come forward with harrowing accounts.

Furthermore, in September 2023, the Orange County District Attorney’s Office filed a civil lawsuit against Dr. Mowlavi, alleging 19 unlawful business practices, including the unauthorized use of clients’ photos and videos on websites.

Former employees have also raised concerns about patient mistreatment and consent violations within Dr. Mowlavi’s operating room.

More than 30 women, including Mcayla Sarno, Chalene Johnson, and Toni Arken, are suing Dr. Mowlavi for various allegations, including battery, medical malpractice, and negligent hiring, training, and supervision.

Dr. Mowlavi Patient Death: Who Was She?

One of the patients at the center of the controversy surrounding Dr. Arian Mowlavi’s practice is an individual who has concealed her identity under the pseudonym “Bobbie.”

She was entangled in a medical nightmare after seeking liposuction around her bra line from Dr. Mowlavi.

What was initially presented as a routine procedure took a harrowing turn for Bobbie. 

Ten days after her surgery, she experienced a catastrophic collapse and slipped into a coma, enduring two agonizing weeks in intensive care.

Her fight for survival continued for two months, marking a life-altering ordeal.

Bobbie’s unfortunate experience is emblematic of the challenges faced by more than 30 patients who are suing Dr. Mowlavi for various allegations, including medical malpractice, battery, and negligent hiring and supervision.

Dr. Mowlavi Patient Death Case-
More than 30 patients are suing Dr. Mowlavi on multiple charges. (Image source: YouTube)

However, their pursuit of justice has hit a roadblock, as Dr. Mowlavi has declared bankruptcy, temporarily halting their lawsuit.

Even after surviving her near-death experience, Bobbie grapples with the aftermath of her surgery.

Lingering infections, which she attributes to her procedure with Dr. Mowlavi, persist, and she is burdened with ongoing medical bills.

The road to reconstruction is estimated to cost her tens of thousands of dollars more, adding to her traumatic journey’s financial and emotional toll.

Both Bobbie and other affected individuals are advocating for further action by the Medical Board to ensure patient safety and accountability in plastic surgery.

As of now, privacy concerns prevent the board from confirming if any ongoing investigations exist. Dr. Mowlavi’s suspension was lifted on January 6, 2022, but the aftermath of his alleged actions continues to haunt those who entrusted their well-being to his care.

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