Dr Sanjoy Kumar Wife Daughter Wiki Age And Family

Dr. Sanjoy Kumar wife: Unleashing the Power of a Dynamic Force! Explore the Inspiring Journey of Dr. Kumar’s Life Partner. Together, They Define Strength, Compassion, and Success.

Dr. Sanjoy Kumar is the diligent and dedicated examination controller at Nalanda Medical College (NMC), a government-run institution located in Patna.

With his expertise and strong organizational skills, he efficiently oversees the examination processes at the college.

Dr. Kumar’s commitment to ensuring fair and transparent evaluations has earned him high regard among students and faculty.

His attention to detail and meticulous approach contribute to the smooth functioning of the examination system at NMC.

Under Dr. Sanjoy Kumar’s guidance, NMC maintains its reputation for conducting examinations with integrity and excellence.

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Dr Sanjoy Kumar Wife  

Dr. Sanjoy Kumar’s wife, Saloni Kumari, is a highly esteemed individual who has significantly contributed to education.

She dedicated her career to teaching and inspiring students at the College of Commerce, Arts, and Science.

Having retired from her position as a professor, Saloni Kumari possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience that she continues to share with others.

Known for her passion for learning and ability to engage students, Saloni Kumari has left a lasting impact on the lives of many.

Dr Sanjoy Kumar Wife
Dr Sanjoy Kumar with his wife Saloni Kumari (Source: Hindustan Times) 

She nurtured young minds throughout her career, encouraging them to explore their intellectual potential and pursue their dreams.

Beyond her professional achievements, Saloni Kumari is also known for her warm and compassionate nature.

She is an incredibly supportive partner to Dr. Sanjoy Kumar, providing him with encouragement and understanding.

Together, they form a formidable couple dedicated to their respective fields and committed to making a positive difference in society.

Her unwavering passion for education inspires others and further enhances the Kumar household’s commitment to household’scellence.

Dr Sanjoy Kumar Daughter

Suyashi Samridhi, the daughter of Dr. Sanjoy Kumar, is a remarkable individual who has been making a difference in the lives of others through her work in a Delhi-based NGO.

With a strong passion for social causes, Suyashi has dedicated her career to serving underprivileged and marginalized communities.

Despite being based in Delhi, Suyashi has always maintained a close connection with her family in Patna.

She often visits her parents and spends quality time with them, cherishing their strong bond.

Dr Sanjoy Kumar Wife
Suyashi Samridhi, the daughter of Dr. Sanjoy Kumar at Kochi Biennale (Source: Instagram)

Suyashi’s commitment to her work anSuyashi’sire to creating a positive impact in society reflects the values her parents instilled in her.

Known for her compassion and empathy, Suyashi’s presence in the NGO has uSuyashi’sy brought about positive change and uplifted the lives of many.

Her determination and relentless efforts in addressing social issues have earned her respect and admiration from colleagues and beneficiaries.

As a daughter, Suyashi brings joy and pride to the Kumar family. Her accomplishments testify to her parents’ nurturing environment and unwavering support.

Suyashi’s commitment to social causes reflects hSuyashi’slues and exemplifies the values her parents instilled in her, making them proud of her endeavors.

Dr Sanjoy Kumar Wiki Age And Family

Dr. Sanjoy Kumar, the examination controller at Nalanda Medical College (NMC) in Patna, holds a prominent position in the institution as the exam controller and head of the Pharmacology department at NMCH Patna.

Unfortunately, there is limited information available regarding his age.

Dr. Kumar is part of a loving family of four. His wife, Dr. Saloni Kumari, is a retired professor at the College of Commerce, Arts, and Science.

Their daughter, Suyashi Samridhi, has been working in a Delhi-based NGO but currently resides in Patna.

Dr Sanjoy Kumar Wife
Suyashi Samridhi with her brother Shashwat Shivan (Source: Instagram)

Their son, Shashwat Shivan, has also pursued his studies at Harvard Business School, indicating his commitment to academic excellence.

Dr. Kumar and his wife have created a nurturing environment that has encouraged their children to excel in their respective fields.

Their son’s pursuit of education at a prestigious institution and their daughter’s work in an organization exemplifies the values instilled in their daughter.

Dr. Sanjoy Kumar’s family serves as a source of support and pride, reflecting the success and accomplishKumar’schieved within their household.

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