Drunk memes collected for your laughter

Drunk Memes

Ever since the origin of internet memes in the late 2000s, people started making use of memes to express their ideas, behaviors, and emotions. Today, there is an abundance of memes related to several topics on the internet including drunk memes.

People prefer to drink alcohol for several reasons. While some people really enjoy the taste of alcoholic beverages, some people like to drink for social reasons. Many times drinking is associated with having fun, letting go of your inhibitions, and reducing stress.

For all the alcohol enthusiasts out there, we have got quite a treat in store for you. Scroll below for our top picks of the finest drunk memes on the internet. Next time you enjoy your daily dose your alcohol, pair it with these memes for a time that you truly won’t forget.

Drunk memes collected for your laughter
Drunk memes collected for your laughter

Are there any accountants here? Let us know how you guys calculate the appropriate number of drinks before it gets too much.

Drunk memes collected for your laughter
Drunk memes collected for your laughter

This is for all the parents out there. Keep all your alcohol out of your children’s reach.

Drunk memes
Funny drunk memes on the internet

Have you ever got so drunk that you wake up the next day as Snow White? Let us know about all your funny drinking stories.

Drunk memes
Drunk memes collected for you

Don’t ever put your alcohol in your baby’s bottle. They may end up liking it more than milk.

Drunk memes
Hilarious Drunk memes collected

How do people have fun without alcohol? It’s really a mystery to us as well.

Drunk memes
Drunk memes for your entertainment

Drunk people can be really funny. However, drunk giraffes are a whole different ballgame.

Drunk memes
Looking at the Drunk texts.

If you’re about to get really drunk, make sure you give your phone to your friend. They’ll make sure that you don’t send any embarrassing texts while drunk.

Drunk memes

I only drink two times a year. It’s not that much considering how much other people drink. *wink wink*

Drunk memes

Ever woken up feeling like this cat? Yes, us too!

Drunk memes

This might be helpful to you guys the next time you and your friends decide to get drunk. Make sure you keep a few hangers ready for emergencies.

Do you prefer Red Bull or Vodka? Let us know!

Drunk memes

Listen Liver, you seriously need to shut up. I won’t hear any complaints from you.

Drunk memes
Funny Drunk memes collected for you

Yes, you got this. NOT!

Drunk memes
Image for Drunk memes

Guys, we don’t mind you getting drunk. However, don’t ever get so drunk that you’re on the verge of death. Just don’t!

Don’t you just hate having to talk to other people when drunk? If only they knew how drunk you were.

We knew Yoga made you more flexible. However, we were totally unaware of the flexibility benefits of vodka.

Can you relate to this one? A word of caution from us: avoid texting when drunk. You will really be grateful the next morning.

Drinking at night and during the day is not the same thing. Alcohol lovers will definitely agree.

Do you have any drinking buddies at your workplace? Let us know!

Avoid going on adventures when drunk. If you really want to go on an adventure, take your friends with you for moral support.

People who help drunk people are actual angels. They really are underappreciated.

This meme really is the epitome of drunk. At just a quick glance, anyone would know that it’s a liquor store, wouldn’t they?

Yes, I am listening. To the sound of my liver suffering!

I may be drunk. However, I can always allow some room for tequila.

When a couple of drinks turn into getting fully drunk, you know you’re in trouble. Who can relate to this one?

Normal people have just one home. On the other hand, drunk people have two homes: their house and the sidewalk.

Have you ever decided to only drink a little bit but ended up like this at the end night? We bet you can relate to this meme.

Remember this iconic scene from The Office? Don’t ever get so drunk that you end up quoting Mussolini.

Now, this one is really hilarious. Just look at Post Malone channeling his inner drunkard!

Your boss may only be aware of talents at the office. It’s time to show him your drinking talents too, guys.

You might think that the photo you took when drunk is really cool. Make sure you look at it the next day to understand the reality.

We all knew Beyonce as the voice behind “Drunk in Love”. Who knew Beyonce could also just be plain “drunk”?

Don’t you just hate family gatherings when you are drunk? It really is the worst, isn’t it?

It’s never just one beer. Why would you even think so?

What’s do you think heaven looks like? This! This is what heaven looks like to us.

This is one tough choice. However, we would probably draw 25 instead of not getting drunk on Christmas. That would be the worst.

Have you ever gotten so drunk that you end up seeing sounds and hearing sights? If you have, that is probably your sign to stop drinking.

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