Dua Lipa posted a series of photos on Instagram Saturday showing her and four friends, including her sister Rina Lipa, posing in colorful bikinis alongside others. A matching pair of orange sunglasses completes Lipa’s look. The ‘Levitating’ singer wrote in the caption, “Sunbums.”

The 26-years-old artist is currently in the middle of a world tour called Future Nostalgia. Originally, the tour was scheduled for 2020 but was postponed due to the COVID-19 epidemic.

The latest concert she performed was in Budapest on August 10. As she’s currently enjoying her holiday until September, she’s clearly making the most of the opportunity by meeting up with her friends and spending time with them.

The three-time Grammy winner has been dedicating some of her time to a good cause in between her performing and relaxing. In an Instagram post earlier this week, she announced that she is involved with a music foundation.

She wrote alongside photographs of herself and the participants in the program, “@sunnyhillfoundation has teamed up with @musikmakarna , the songwriter’s academy in Sweden, to create a new program for young talented songwriters in Kosovo.”

Continuing, “I went down to the studio today to see what they have been up to, and I was absolutely blown away by the talent and productiveness of the sessions within just a couple days of starting. I felt truly inspired, and I’m very excited for us to continue working together to see this program grow into something really beautiful.”

The songwriter spoke about how her music helped her overcome self-doubt in an April interview. She said, “I was at a point where I was so happy; I was doing everything that I wanted to, but then there were people who made me feel like maybe I was not good enough, or I did not deserve to be there; I was not cut out to be a musician.”

Continuing, “I realized that what anyone says does not actually matter. It was something that I learned during the period of writing Future Nostalgia. [After that], I was able to shut people out. [So] now, if anybody says anything, it does not even bother me.”

The singer added, “Nothing even cuts through because I realized that if you are passionate about something and you are good at your job, and you write from the heart, no one can take that away from you. I had to take myself off Twitter, but if that is going to help me and my mental health and allow me to thrive in whatever way I choose to, that has been a saving grace.”

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