Dumb memes that will make you laugh hard

Dumb Memes

Dumb memes are popular because they poke fun at the tendency of most people to do stupid things. Dumb memes are pretty easy to understand, even for all the meme novices. This is precisely the reason why dumb memes end up dominating many social media platforms since they are easily understandable and cater to all age groups.

If you are searching for some good dumb memes, we have got quite a treat for you. Scroll below for some of our best picks of the finest dumb memes available on the Internet. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

Dumb memes

Fat people always seem to have an excuse for their fatness. Their favorite excuse, of course, is being big-boned.

Dumb memes
I feel like a genius all the time.

Now, that’s a trick even we were not aware of. So make sure to use this one the next time you make new friends.

Dumb memes

We hadn’t even thought of it this way. Now, this makes those KFC chicken wings even more interesting.

Have a look at Chicken memes collected from the Internet.

Dumb memes
Funny Dumb memes

Sarcastic people will get this one. Don’t you just hate stupid people?

Dumb memes
Dumb memes on the Internet

Yup, that’s what the survey says. No arguments!

Now, this one really makes us roll over the floor laughing. Send this to your friends for a hearty laugh.

dumb memes
Hilarious Dumb memes for your laughter.

They would probably go to the first yard. What do you think?

Dumb memes
Height of Dumbness

Some people are really stupid to a level that even the most stupid people can’t reach. We think they are from a whole other planet altogether.

We have collected 40+ hilarious and wicked WikiHow memes you must see.

Dumb memes
Crazy Dumb memes for you to share

Stupid people are the worst. But do you know what’s even worse? Their jokes!

Dumb memes
Funny Dumb memes images

Don’t you just wish life gave you lemons instead of all these problems? How wonderful would that be?

Dumb memes
Images for Dumb memes

Okay! This one takes the cake for the most stupid meme ever. We are really confused about how someone can be so dumb.

Dumb memes
Is it for me?

Memes are great. They make us laugh and add a touch of brightness to our days. However, not all memes are created equal. Stolen stupid memes are the absolute worst and not encouraged by us.

Dumb memes
Images for Dumb memes

Have you ever been in this situation? We just hope it is a stupid meme and not proof of your dumbness.

That is true. We hadn’t really thought of it this way, but we guess it somehow makes sense.

We didn’t know the CIA was grammar police. You do see something new every day.

This really is something that isn’t talked about enough. Do you also have a favorite stovetop burner?

What is happening? Should I knock on the door or directly go in?

It was an honest mistake, alright? You don’t have to make us feel wrong about something so trivial.

Enjoy Beans Memes: A collection of cringe-worthy yet entertaining memes on the Internet.

Dumb memes
Hilarious dumb memes collected for you

Tom, those aren’t sports briefs. You need to turn it around to find out what it is.

Pockets are amazing. In fact, even God loves them.

This is a really dumb meme. However, we would be lying if we said it didn’t make us chuckle.

This one is pure gold! We really can’t stop laughing at this one.

Dumb memes
Funny Dumb memes on the Internet.

We really don’t know if we should be proud of the old dude or laugh at the comment below. Why not both, right?

Princess Diana was an icon. Unfortunately, Owen Wilson has a lot of catching up to reach her iconic level. It seems like he is on the right path, though!

Explore 20+ Hilarious Guess I’ll die memes on the Internet.

Dumb memes

Have you ever seen a meme so dumb that it makes you laugh out loud? If not, we got you covered! Just look at this one!

Dumb memes
Dumb memes images for you to share

This one has us in splits. Save this one to send to your friend who loves dumb memes.

Dumb memes

Have you ever eaten a banana that is just the right amount of ripe? Isn’t it the best feeling ever?

Dumb memes

Do you know what’s even better than a dumb meme? A dumb fish meme, of course!

Dumb memes
Beep boop, it’s a Joop.

Some memes don’t need much going to make us laugh. Take this one, for example!

Here are the Funniest Freaky memes just for your entertainment.

Dumb memes

This one is for all of you cheapskates! Would you ever buy something that’s misspelled but dirt cheap? We encourage frugality but not this level of frugality.

Dumb memes
Crazy Dumb memes images

Shipping fees are the worst. But, unfortunately, they are the only bad part of online shopping.

Dumb memes
Witty dumb meme for your entertainment.

Now, that is a job worth pursuing. But, unfortunately, it seems like all of us had our priorities wrong all along!

Dumb memes
Had a great time.

Yes, it does look like you had a great time. We are not too sure about your tans, though.

Dumb memes
Hilarious dumb memes found on the Internet.

Have you ever seen a meme so accurate? We love this one!

Dumb memes

We all did this when we were fourth-graders. Wasn’t it the best feeling ever?

Also, check out Dora memes to bring back those childhood days.

Dumb memes
Crazy images for Dumb memes

This is really dumb. However, somehow, it also has our minds blown.

Dumb memes

There is no chance. At this point, YouTube should just stop trying.

Dumb memes
Hilarious dumb meme image

Isn’t that why we all go to school? So why would someone already smart even need any sort of education?

Dumb memes

This has happened to even the best of us. How embarrassing is it to be in this situation?

Dumb memes

There aren’t many things that get dads all excited. Except gas prices are dropping, of course!

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