Does Dylan Crews Have Tattoo? Meanings And Designs

Dylan Crews tattoo is one of the most talked about topics on the internet and many people want to know how many tattoos he has.

Crews, a rising star in baseball has captivated spectators with his outstanding abilities on the field.

Dylan Gray Crews was born in Florida, USA on February 26, 2002. He is an American college baseball outfielder for the LSU Tigers.

Crews grew up in central Florida and attended Lake Mary High School where he played varsity baseball for four years.

Moreover, he was a top Major League Baseball Draft prospect coming out of high school but he rejected the draft prospect and joined LSU Tigers.

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Dylan Crews Tattoo and Design

Dylan Crews, the renowned baseball player, has grabbed the hearts of many admirers with his extraordinary talents, but it appears that he has no strong interest in tattoos.

While the specific number of tattoos on Dylan’s body is unclear, his visible tattoo has drawn the interest of many.

Similarly, the baseball player got a tattoo on himself and his followers want to know how many tattoos he has.

However, the sportsman has a tattoo that looks like letters on his left wrist. In some of his photos, we can view that the tattoo design contains two words.

Dylan Crews Tattoo
Dylan Crews is Named SEC Freshman of the Week. (Source: andthevalleyshook)

The sportsperson has not yet released much information about his tattoos on the internet. According to websites, he has engraved someone’s name on his left hand.

Likewise, it is apparent that the athlete prefers to acquire tattoos with basic designs rather than more contrasting and sophisticated patterns accessible on the market.

Furthermore, it is unknown whether the athlete has any hidden tattoos that are not apparent in his social media images.

Crews continue to improve and grow as an athlete, and it wouldn’t be shocking if he added additional tattoos to his collection in the future.

After all, many athletes may want to keep their tattoos secret because they might carry personal significance that is supposed to be treasured and shared only with those closest to them.

Dylan Crews Tattoo Meanings

As previously stated, the college baseball star has only one tattoo on his left hand, about which he has not said anything.

The design has been engraved on his left wrist and mentions someone’s name or anything else that is important to him. Dylan has not provided any information on the meaning of the tattoo.

However, given the tattoo is of two words, it appears to be a tiny gesture to his loved ones.

Furthermore, we must recognize that the meaning behind some designs might be personal, and many people choose not to share anything about them publicly.

Dylan Crews Tattoo
Dylan Crews after the game. (Source: cbssports)

Only time will tell whether he decides to reveal any inked artwork in the future, providing followers with an insight into the personal journey and meaning that may accompany his choice of tattoos.

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