Edgar memes people have been talking about for years

Edgar memes

What would you say is the best part about social media? If we get to vote, most of us will vote for memes. And why wouldn’t we? Memes have played a significant role in making our days happier. Additionally, it has also brought people from all over the world together. Thank social media for memes!

One such meme that has been circulating for many years now and that many people talk about is the Edgar meme. It is a famous meme that a lot of people know about. However, this meme might confuse you if you don’t know all the details. So, let’s start this article with some background information about the Edgar meme, so you don’t get lost reading these funny Edgar memes we collected for you!

The Edgar meme began sixteen years ago and was first created in 2006. In particular, a video titled “Edgar’s Fall” was uploaded to YouTube that started it all. In this video, with over 70M views, a Mexican boy named Edgar falls from a bridge to the stream.

So, naturally, this made Edgar mad at his cousin, who was the one who made him fall into the stream. So, a lot of viewers found this video hilarious. People loved it so much that they played games and ringtones that honored the video. So, this is how the Edgar memes evolved.

Similarly, the Edgar meme was also about a specific haircut. It is a high bald tapered hairstyle. However, the meme started to go further with an image viral in November 2017. One user posted a picture of two teenagers who had stolen his truck as per his statement, So he asked the people for help finding the two boys.

The person behind the wheel in the picture was short and had his Edgar haircut, though the actual name of the cut is the takuache hairstyle. Again, it went viral, and this picture and hairstyle made countless memes.

So, now that we have given you the details of what the Edgar meme is all about, we hope you will enjoy the memes collection we have just for you. Similarly, we hope you share this article with your dear ones and share the happiness and laughter!

Be careful if you ever see someone with this type of hairstyle!

Edgar meme TikToks

2021 saw the Edgar haircut resurfaced on TikTok as memes.

Pedri.Potter posted a video with the haircut referencing a Bhad Bhabie song. The video went viral with more than 3.4 million views.

Other TikTokers used the Edgar meme theme for their videos, becoming a trend. They also received a lot of views.

@dn_is_king #edgar #tacuache #fyp ♬ original sound – 🦅

Viral Edgar memes

Edgar memes
Funny Edgar memes

My girl will go mad if she sees someone with this incredible sense of style!

Edgar memes
Hilarious Edgar memes for you

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I hope you know why.

Edgar memes
Edgar memes on the internet

Come on, Dude! It is written all over your head!

Edgar memes
How do you know my name is Edgar?

Edgar is too busy for all this shit!

Edgar memes
Hilarious Edgar memes for your entertainment.

I guess they all have the same sense of style!

Edgar memes

Is this hairstyle so popular? Or is it just my imagination?

Is this hairstyle so popular? Or is it just my imagination?
Is this hairstyle so popular? Or is it just my imagination?

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Give yourself a professional haircut, the tutorial said!

Edgar memes
My quarantine haircut.

Hey pretty! Is it me or just my haircut you find cute?

Bro, some things don’t need to be explained. Everything about you looks, Edgar!

Edgar memes
How did you know my name was Edgar?

It has to be for me!

Edgar memes
Is it for me?

I guess it’s a beating heart!

I guess it's a beating heart!
I guess it’s a beating heart!

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What makes you think that I haven’t read Edgar’s work?

All his works are so relatable and full of raw human emotions!

Not again, Birdie! I am tired of hearing you rant about your lord every single day!

Edgar memes
Funny Edgar memes to share

Wait, what?

Edgar memes
Edgar memes images

I would have never known this was possible if it weren’t for you, Edgar!

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Oh, what you missed, Edgar!

We all love Edgar!

How can I believe her when she says she chooses me over this guy?!

How can I believe her when she says she chooses me over this guy?
How can I believe her when she says she chooses me over this guy?

If you wear these things, I can say for sure that your name is Edgar!

Edgar memes
Some dude named Edgar.

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