Elaine Starchuk biography- Ex-wife of Tommy Lee

Who is Elaine Starchuk?

Elaine Starchuk was a supermodel and dancer. In addition, she has appeared in Playboy magazine. However, She came to the limelight after her marriage to musician Tommy Lee. 

Elaine is a French name that means “sun ray or shining light.”

Tommy Lee was the drummer for Motley Crue for many years. He was the founder of the rock band. Tommy is renowned for her songs.

He founded the rap-metal band Methods of Mayhem. Tommy is also famous for his solo work.

Motley Creu was the talk of the town for a while. Furthermore, the band’s relationship status was always a matter of hearsay. Everybody wanted to know who was dating who.

Elaine and Tommy started dating during the band’s peak period and even married. Their marriage garnered a lot of media attention. As a result, many people may wonder what happened between her and Tommy. We will share all the details of Elaine Starchuk’s glamorous life here.

Elaine Starchuk bio, relationships, career and net worth

Quick facts

Full nameElaine Margaret Starchuk
BirthplaceApril 7, 1964.
BirthdayVancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Zodiac signAries
TraitsPositive: fun, passionate, and energetic

Negative: domineering and short-tempered
ProfessionFormer Playboy Model, C.E.O. of Enlightened Lashes
SpouseTommy Lee (1984-1985) (stayed together for seven days)
Net worthEstimated $500k
Social mediaNot Active
Eye ColorHazel
Hair ColorBrunette

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Interesting facts

1. Elaine is Canadian

Elaine was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, to Canadian parents. She was born and brought up in Canada.

2. Elaine Starchuk was a playboy model

Elaine has wanted to be a model since she was a teenager. Being a model was a great career option during the 60s. 

She worked as a model for big brands such as Playboy and Penthouse. 

She even lived in Hugh Heffner’s Playboy Penthouse.

3. Elaine was married to Tommy Lee for only seven days

Elaine dated musician Tommy Lee in the early 1980s and tied the knot on November 4, 1982. However, after a week of marriage, they separated and finalized their divorce in 1985. 

4. Elaine Starchuk had a life-changing accident

Elaine met with an accident when an S.U.V. crashed into a Langley store. In that process, the S.U.V. hit her.

As a result, she broke her rib and had several injuries. She received compensation for it; however, her neck, shoulder, and hands became very sensitive.

5. Elaine Starchuk is an entrepreneur

Elaine is the founder and C.E.O. of a lash extension company named “Enlightened Lashes.” She is one of the first people in Canada to introduce eyelash extensions. 

6. Elaine loves Yoga

Elaine loved partying, being adventurous, and hanging out with celebrities when she was young. Currently, she is practicing Yoga. In addition, she preaches messages related to peace and love.

Family and childhood

Elaine’s full name is Elaine Margaret Starchuk. She was born on April 7, 1964, in Vancouver, Canada. Her zodiac sign is Aries since she was born in April. As is typical of Aries women, she has a great sense of style. In addition, she is fierce and elegant at the same time. Finally, she has a naive but trusting personality that attracts people to her.

Elaine grew up in a strict Christian family. Elaine grew up watching T.V. and reading magazines, where she was fascinated with beautiful models. Perhaps it was a wave of the 1960s.

Elaine Starchuk

Several magazines covered the glamorous lives of models in the late 1960s. The profession was considered exciting. Since Elaine was so passionate about the industry, she chose modeling as her career.

Many people judged Elaine’s love life and career choice in the 1980s and 1990s. Nevertheless, she has always been optimistic about everything. Despite an accident in her fifties, Elaine is never without hope.

Elaine’s life shows us that we need to remain optimistic no matter what happens. She attended a local school. Consequently, the former model has always been interested in entrepreneurship.

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Before meeting Tommy Lee, Elaine Starchuk was in several relationships. According to sources, she dated various personalities in the past. Some were David Coverdale, Vince Neil, Gregg Giuffria, and Nikki Sixx.

Previous relationships indicate that Elaine is not good at handling relationships.

Tommy Lee

Tommy Lee posing with her first wife

Tommy Lee Bass was born on October 3, 1962, in Athens, Greece. He is a musician and founder of the heavy metal band Mötley Crüe. Tommy’s long-term association with Methods of Mayhem is also noteworthy. His most famous songs include “Kickstart My Heart,” “Girls, Girls, Girls,” and “Home Sweet Home.”

Tommy Lee was her first husband and her fourth boyfriend.

At the time, the couple also looked smitten with each other. So it was no surprise to fans when they got married on November 24, 1984, after dating for two years. However, the marriage did not last long. The couple divorced seven days later. The reason for their spit-up is still a mystery. Nevertheless, their short-lived marriage became the talk of the town.

Tommy Lee moved on pretty quickly after his divorce. He has been married four times! One of his famous affairs was Pamela Andreson. It was a disastrous marriage in the end. He even went to jail for kicking Andreson. Tommy Lee recently married an American internet personality, Brittany Jayne Furlan.

Elaine dated a few men after divorce as well. However, Elaine has taken a step back from all her love interests and decided to live a single life at this age.

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Elaine Starchuk career

Elaine Starchuk, 1982 -shot by Raphael Mazzucio in her house in East Vancouver

Elaine Starchuk began modeling at the age of 18. Elaine’s fascination with the field made her career choice obvious. She reached new heights in the industry quite quickly. Soon she worked as a model for big names like Playboy and Penthouse.

She lived in Hugh Heffner’s Playboy Penthouse when she was with Playboy. Heffner shared his mansion with models for wild parties. Soon, Elaine became a sensation in the house.

Elaine underwent breast augmentation surgery in the 1980s before entering the modeling business. Following this, she flourished in the industry, and many big names wanted her to model for them. She made a name for herself by modeling and living a glamorous lifestyle.

As a successful model, Elaine enjoyed the glitz and glamour of Hollywood during her peak years. She even dated and had friendships with some superstars.

She is also involved in other activities besides modeling. Elaine Starchuk is the C.E.O. of Enlightened Lashes, a company that makes lashes. She established the company in 2007 with an aspiration to do something for herself.

She started with three other lash artists. Entrepreneurs are not exempt from hardships, and Elaine was no exception. She was one of the first people in Canada to introduce eyelash extension courses.

Many women are interested in the course. Her eyelash extension business is famous for using minimal chemicals.

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Accident of Elaine Starchuk

A life-changing event occurred in Elaine’s life in 2013. She met with an accident when an S.U.V. collided with a Vancouver-based Langley store and hit her. The impact of the collision caused Elaine to have difficulty in breathing.

According to a witness, the S.U.V. pushed her to the back of the shop. She was rushed to Royal Columbian Hospital. Sadly, she broke a rib and injured her neck and shoulder. Years after the incident, her neck, hands, and shoulder are still sensitive.

An older man lost control of the vehicle and caused the crash, according to police.
The accident was tragic for Elaine. But, she received compensation of more than USD 400,000. We are sure the amount helped her with her treatments.

Did Elaine stab Tommy in real? (The dirt movie scene)

The biographical drama, The Dirt was based on the real lives of the American band Motley Crue. The movie portrayed the band’s wild, rock and roll lifestyle and drug abuse.

The movie also depicted Tommy Lee’s personal life. For example, there is a scene where Tommy Lee gets into a fight with a girl named Roxy, who stabs him with a pen. Some fans believe that the incident had happened between Tommy and Elaine in real life.

But, both Tommy and Elaine have not confirmed it yet.

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Net worth

After a successful modeling career, it’s not surprising to know that Elaine has a considerable net worth.

Apart from modeling, she is also a successful businesswoman. Her net worth is somewhere around USD 500k to USD 1 million, according to sources. Her unfortunate accident in 2013 racked up her net worth too.

Social media of Elaine Starchuk

Starchuk also has a private Instagram account with the username @_prayloveforgive_

She has shared over 200 posts with 36 followers. However, she has made sure to maintain her privacy.

Elaine Starchuk has a private Twitter account where she has over 90 followers. But, by its looks, she only uses her account to keep in touch with her friends and family.

Elaine’s business seems to be going great. She is getting more experience in her ventures and growing as an entrepreneur. Elaine still maintains a good lifestyle.


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