Eli Kay Oliphant biography- Husband of Marina Squerciati

Who is Eli Kay Oliphant?

Eli Kay Oliphant is an American lawyer. He has experience with contractual matters, commercial fraud, data privacy, and security.

Eli Kay Oliphant has massive popularity in the world of law and entertainment. Yep, you read it right. He is well-known in the entertainment industry because of his relationship with Hollywood actress Marina Squerciati. They both are husband and wife.

Now I know it sounds like a fairy tale: a lawyer met an actress, as you will seldom hear people from two different backgrounds marrying each other, but it’s true. So some of you might be curious about who this lucky chap is to marry such a beauty. Well, it’s time to find out more about Eli.

Eli Kay Oliphant bio, relationships, career and net worth

Read on to find out all about Eli Kay Oliphant.

Quick facts

Full nameEli J. Kay Oliphant
Date of birth1980
Marital statusMarried
SpouseMarina Teresa Squerciati
ChildrenDaughter (name undisclosed)
EducationJ.D. with honors from Emory University School of Law (2002 – 2005)

Bachelor of Arts and Political Sciences from Northwestern University (1997– 2001)


Partner at Massey and Gail LLP, Chicago, Illinois

Net worthUSD 1 million
Eye colorBrown
Hair colorBrown
Height5 ft 8 inches (178 cm)

Early life

Eli J Kay-Oliphant is a USA citizen; however, when we researched the last name, we discovered that Kay and Oliphant’s last name originates from Europe.

Kay is an English surname, whereas Oliphant is an English and Scottish last name established by a family of Norman Origin.

It somehow makes us feel most likely his ancestors migrated from Scotland.

He completed his bachelor’s degree in Arts and Political Science from Northwestern University.

Eli also graduated from Emory University School of Law with honors in 2005. At Emory, he was also the editor-in-chief of the Emory Law Journal.

Eli Kay Oliphant has not revealed anything about his birth date, family, or childhood. Despite being such a famous icon, he has kept private about his life.

Eli was a William Agnor Scholar on Dean’s list throughout his university days.

He received Emory Law School Dean’s Award for Excellence. The award was for excelling at trial techniques, contracts, and corporate practice.

Eli Kay Oliphant


Marina Squerciati (wife)

Marina is a famous American actress who has played in various films and TV series. However, Marina is best known for her role as Kim Burgess in the American TV series Chicago P.D.

Squerciati is also famous for her performance in ‘Gossip Girl.’

Marina Squerciati, Eli Kay-Oliphant, Nick Gehlfuss, and Lilian Matsuda

Eli Kay Oliphant and Marina Squerciati attended the same university (Northwestern University). They met for the first time at their college.

Marina was studying arts, whereas Eli was studying law.

Eli tied the knot with her in an intimate ceremony in 2017.

According to Eli’s Facebook profile, it seems like he started dating Marina in 2012. 

But again, rumor is that Marina secretly dated her ‘Chicago P.D. co-star Patrick John Flueger in 2014. 

So it can mean Marina and Eli parted ways in the middle.

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Bean Oliphant (daughter)

Marina Squerciati with the daughter.
Eli Kay’s wife, Marina Squerciati, with their daughter.

Marina Squerciati announced her pregnancy on Twitter in February 2017. The couple gave birth to a daughter, Bean Oliphant.


Eli Kay Oliphant has a high reputation in the law field. He has experience with government enforcement defense and internal investigations. 

He is also a member of Illinois Bars. Before, he was a New York City and Washington D.C. bars member.

Eli also worked as a summer associate for Paul Hastings from June 2003 to August 2003. Before that, he was an associate at O’ Melveny & Meyers LLP from 2005 to 2007. 

O’ Melveny & Meyers LLP is where he focused on government-related counseling. He was also a former law clerk at the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit Court.

He was also an associate at Latham and Watkins LLP for four years (November 2008 – January 2013).

Before joining Massey and Gail LLP, he was an attorney at Kobre & Kim LLP from January 2013 to September 2014

Eli was a partner at Massey & Gail LLP, Chicago, Illinois. Massey and Gail LLP specializes in commercial and financial services litigation. 

As per his LinkedIn profile, he is currently a Partner in Sparacino PLLC.

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Rumors say that Eli was dating Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D. actress Serinda Swan back in 2014.

Eli and Serinda were spotted at Flywheel Sports Center in Chicago, Illinois. Later, they declared that the rumors were fake and were not romantic partners.

net worth

Eli has a net worth of USD 1 million. This amount comes from his more-than-decade-long career as a brilliant lawyer.

Eli Kay Oliphant shows involvement in community works too. Eli is a member of the BOD in the Chicago Debate Commission.

Chicago Debate Commission helps to empower the youths of Chicago. It helps them find their voice and succeed in college and careers. It also enables young people to become leaders of their community.

Eli Kay is also a member of the Evening Associates Board of Directors at the Art Institute of Chicago.

Meanwhile, Marina has a net worth of USD 3 million from her acting profession.

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Social media

Eli is not much active on social media, even though he owns an account on everything. You can find him on Facebook as Eli Kay-Oliphant, but it seems like he stopped using it in 2014.

He also has a private Instagram account: @elikayoliphant. You can also find him on Twitter as @elikayoliphant. You can view his LinkedIn profile here too.

Eli’s wife Marina’s Instagram account is @marinasqu. But she has zero posts of Eli. But hey! You can at least see their daughter’s photos here.


How old is Eli Kay?

Eli Kay-Oliphant has not yet revealed his date of birth due to his private nature. However, it is known that he was born in the 1980s. He is in his mid-30s to early-40s.

The handsome man seems to have maintained his looks quite well and appears quite young for this age.

Is Eli Kay Oliphant an actor too?

No, Eli is not an actor but an attorney only.

He was a part of a movie named Chasing Taste (2013). Eli’s name appears in the movie’s ‘special thanks to’ list.

How long has Marina Squerciati been married?

Marina Squerciati has been married for 6 years. She tied the knot with Eli Kay-Oliphant in 2015. Marina has been leading a happy married life with her attorney husband, Eli Kay-Oliphant.

Is Eli kay oliphant related to Timothy Olyphant?

Eli Kay-Oliphant is not related to actor Timothy Olyphant.

Did Eli Kay Oliphant’s wife, Marina, have an affair with co-star Patrick John Flueger?

Some sites reported that Marina was in a relationship with Patrick John Flueger. They met on the sets of Chicago P.D. in 2014 and were immediately attracted to each other.

Now let’s not jump to conclusions. Let us clear some information out to you. The news is false.

Yes, Marina and Patrick have terrific chemistry as co-stars. But they are not more than good friends.

The audience got confused over the photos that they shared on social media. however, Marina was already married when those images circulated on the internet.

The entertainment sites keep stirring new headlines about Marina’s cheating scandals. But, Marina has denied all rumors about her infidelity.

Currently, Eli Kay Oliphant and Marina Squerciati are very faithful toward each other. Their marriage is still going strong. In addition, the duo is happily co-parenting their beautiful daughter

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