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Elisa Pugliese bio, relationships, career and net worth

Who is Elisa Pugliese?

Elisa Pugliese, also known as Elle Key is a 50-year-old actress, producer, writer, and director who has been working in the entertainment industry for a decade now. She is a skilled and talented career woman, and she is also a loving wife of Emmy and the Peabody Award-winning actor, comedian, writer, and producer Keegan-Michael Key.

Elisa Pugliese’s husband, Keegan, is mainly known for his comedic role in shows and movies like Keele and Peele, Friends from College, and Keanu.

Although usually private about her personal life, Elisa Pugliese has worked in several box office hit movies like School of Rock, Law & Order, and more. She has also directed one of her husband’s movies called Madero in 2018.

Elisa Pugliese Biography

Quick facts

Full nameElisa Pugliese Key
Date of birthApril 2nd, 1971
Age50 years old
Sun signAries
Eye colorBlue
Hair colorBlack
EducationSyracuse University
OccupationActor, Producer, Director, Writer
HometownBronx, New York, United States
Net worth$1 million
Relationship statusMarried
HusbandKeegan-Michael Key
Favorite sportsFootball

Elisa Pugliese childhood and education

Elisa Pugliese was born on April 2nd, 1971, in the Bronx, New York City, USA. She is not very vocal about her private life, so there have been no media records or information about her family, relatives, and childhood.

Elisa Pugliese with Keegan Michael Key

After completing her high school in New York itself, Elisa Pugliese attended Syracuse University. Syracuse University is one of the Ivy League schools and was labeled to be one of the most expensive colleges in 2019. Pugliese graduated from the acclaimed University in 1993.

Elisa’s personality traits

The incredibly talented 49-year-old Pugliese was born at the beginning of April. She is Aries. People under Aries are known to be earnestly looking for their mission, they trust their intuition and make a delicate impression around them. They are goal-driven and determined.

The blue-eyed beauty is not just a determined and talented actor but also an astoundingly skillful producer and director, which proves that she perfectly fits her horoscope’s characteristics. Furthermore, Aries is also known to be quite energetic, takes initiative often, and prefers actions rather than planning. It perfectly explains Elisa Pugliese’s endless involvement in political and social issues, about which she is seen being significantly verbal along with her husband Keegan, on social media websites like Twitter.

Elisa Pugliese with President Joe Biden

Check out Keegan’s Twitter profile here.

Besides focusing on her professional career, this incredible lady is also known to be enthusiastic about sports and traveling. She is often seen making an appearance with her husband, mainly during football games.

Twitter posts of the couples attending matches of New York Giants, Manchester United, Detroit Lions, New Orleans Saints, and many others can be found evidently in Pugliese’s account.

Furthermore, the couple was also seen attending a Wrestling game in New Jersey, where they were supporting their friend John Cena.

Likewise, Elisa and Keegan have been seen traveling together, whether it be for a work-related or a vacation.

From gracing their presence by traveling to Miami Lady Concert to visiting the country’s military troops aboard in the USS New York for Memorial Day, the couple loves to travel and do things together. So we guess, couples that travel together stay together?

Elisa Pugliese relationships

Due to Elisa Pugliese’s preference to keep her life private, there are no known relationships that she has been involved in before settling down with Keegan-Michael Key.

However, on the other hand, Keegan was married to actress Cynthia Blaise for almost 17 years. They officially separated in 2015, and their divorce was finalized in 2017.

Elisa Pugliese with husband Keegan Michael Key

Elisa and Keegan met in 2017 while discussing a script for a possible project. The two instantly hit it off and were head over heels with each other. Although they never made it official that they were dating, the couple often was seen being papped while going on romantic dates and peaceful walks.

Elisa was also spotted joining Keegan in a few of the critical Hollywood Awards, like the BAFTA Tea Party, the Tony Awards, and the Emmy Awards, as his date the same year.

Finally, in November 2017, the couple announced that they were engaged, which was followed by a wedding in June 2018. As the couple is entirely private about their personal lives, they got married in their own house in New York.

Their wedding was reported to be low-key but cozy and warm at the same time, which only included their nearest and dearest ones as their guests. Shortly after their ceremony, Keegan had uploaded a photo on his Twitter account, which showed the couple sharing a kiss during the ceremony.

Michael Keegan and Elisa wedding phot

During a conversation with the US magazine, Keegan said that their wedding day was the best and reasoned about their wedding ceremony being taken place at their house.

He said, “Why would we get married in any place else if we love our home? Let’s have a reception upstairs and then we’re having a party the next day. A big party. So a very intimate wedding, a very big party.”

Like promised, on the following day, the couple did hold their reception for their guests at the One World Observatory in New York.

Although we are not sure whether the couple will have children, considering their age. However, there is always an option of adoption.

Today, both Keegan and Elisa are mainly focused on their career and spend most of their time on their work. But, whatever they choose to do, we will always be rooting for this adorable and inseparable couple.

Keegan-Michael Key- Elisa Pugliese’s husband

Keegan-Michael Key was born in Southfield, Michigan, in 1971 and grew up in the Detroit area. Michael Key and Patricia Walsh, two social workers, adopted him at birth.

He has revealed that he was the outcome of an affair, which resulted in his adoption. Since when Key was a child, his adoptive parents divorced.

He grew close to his stepmother after his adoptive father remarried.

Finally, Keegan-Michael Key had an emotional reunion with his biological mother when he was 25 years old. In a podcast with comedian Pete Holmes, the now 48-year-old performer joked that he has “a lot of parents.”

Elisa Pugliese career

Elisa Pugliese’s journey on building her career is truly inspiring, especially to the ones who have to put up with a male-dominated industry like Hollywood.

After graduating from Syracuse University, Pugliese entered the show business at first, by working as a makeup artist in the set of a movie called “Snow Queen”. However, being a makeup artist was not her real passion, and she finally started her acting career in 1998.

Pugliese’s first movie was called “Montanna,” which was an action comedy-crime film where she played the role of Stephanie. The film also starred Kyra Sedgwick, Stanley Tucci, and Robin Tunney.

Although Pugliese could not make it as a successful actress, she was still determined and pursued it as a career until 2007. During that time she secured several small roles in movies like The Agency (2001), School of Rock (2003) which starred amazing actors like Jack Black, Mike White, and Joan Cusack, The Cake Eater (2007), and The Junior Defenders (2007).

After her last movie in 2007, she first worked on the documentary called “American Teen” in 2008, and in the same year, she also was the executive producer for a film called “August”.

Elisa Pugliese and Keegan Michael Key

Likewise, in 2013 Pugliese went in to produce another documentary called “The American Journey”, which follows the story of an Australian actor and an Australian photographer who grew up with an infatuation with America at a young age and decided to move to the State to pursue their dreams.

One of the most successful and famous works Pugliese has produced is the romantic comedy-drama film called “Boy Meets Girl” in 2014.

The movie features the life of a transgender girl who tries to start a new life in a small town in Kentucky. Boy Meets Girl later won 18 awards and starred actors like Michael Welch, Michelle Hendley, and Alexandra Turshen.

Likewise, the brilliant lady continued to wow everyone in the industry in the following years by also directing movies like Better off Single in 2016 and even the 75th Annual Peabody Awards, which is an annual award conducted by the University of Georgia’s Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication to recognize the outstanding public service and achievements in electronic media.

Pugliese has also worked with her husband in a movie called Madero, which starred Olivia Munn and John Leguizamo. Currently, Pugliese is known to have been working on a TV series called “Brain Games”.

Furthermore, being an actor, producer, and director is not the only thing Pugliese has had under her sleeves. During her speech on the Embrace Ambition Summit, which was conducted by the Tory Burch Foundation in 2018, Pugliese admitted that she had written film scripts under a male name “Frank Saladino”.

She went on to explain her actions and reasoned, saying she had to keep her identity hidden to ensure the success of her script as the patriarchal nature of the industry is not keen on welcoming female scriptwriters.

To sum it up, just like her husband claims, Elisa Pugliese is a strong, motivated, and passionate woman, who certainly does not give up due to insignificant things like male domination and knows how to achieve the goals that she believes in.

Elisa Pugliese net worth

Although Elisa Pugliese is not as successful as her husband, she still has been working in the entertainment industry for more than a decade now.

According to some sources, Pugliese’s net worth is estimated to be close to $1 million, while on the other hand, her husband’s net worth is expected to be at $7 million.

But, there is no doubt Pugliese’s wealth is bound to increase soon, solely considering her immeasurable talent and her passion for growing career-wise.

Elisa Pugliese social network

Elisa has an account on Instagram and a Twitter account.


Her Instagram account is under the name @the_elle_key which contains about 7,329 followers to date.

Elisa Pugliese Instagram Account
Elisa Pugliese Instagram Account

Her Instagram account mainly consists of posts of her spending time with her husband, relatives, and friends (who are usually celebrity actors, producers, directors, and professional sports players).


Likewise, Pugliese’s Twitter acc is under the name @TheElleKey where she has about 1,321 followers.

Elisa Pugliese Twitter Account
Elisa Pugliese Twitter Account

Elisa often uses Twitter mainly to talk about political issues that matter to her, which is not surprising as her husband is also known to use comedy to make important statements through social media platforms.

She can be witnessed tweeting and taking a stand against political issues like the importance of elections and voting, and the rights of immigrants.

She was also seen attending protests against President Trump’s policies towards immigrants.

Likewise, she is also vocal on Twitter about supporting the victims of sexual abuse, harassment, and assault. Pugliese’s helping such a cause is completely understandable and inspirational at the same time.

She has been quite verbal about having to work in a film industry where sexism and underestimation of women are seen more than often.

During her speech at the summit conducted by the Tory Burch Foundation in 2018, she told that several times where her male colleagues were credited for her ideas and about how she used to be not invited to cast and crew dinners because wives were forbidden during such events.

Thus, Pugliese is using her position and social media platform to speak up against such issues is much-needed in today’s world.

Besides tweeting about important political and social issues, Pugliese is also a devout fan of sports, especially football. She also tweets about the NFL and posts pictures of her attending the games with her husband.

Elisa Pugliese now

There is no doubt Elisa Pugliese is one of the most driven, passionate, and talented people in Hollywood, who has not gotten as much credit as she deserves.

Although she is mainly known to be the wife of Keegan-Michael Key today, she had achieved and completed several projects not just as an actor but also as a producer, director, and writer way before she met her husband in 2017.

However, considering how motivated and skillful she is and keeping in mind her talented husband and a fair number of influential friends, we hope to see more of Pugliese’s amazing works year after year.

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