Can Elizabeth Chambers tell us what she thinks of Discovery+’s docuseries House of Hammer? BIRD Bakery’s founder shares a few thoughts.

She has broken her silence about House of Hammer.

The Discovery+ docuseries focusing on Armie Hammer and his family explored allegations of disturbing behavior, including accusations of physical abuse and sexual misconduct.

Armie attorney Andrew Brettler told E! News in 2021 that Hammer maintains that any sexual activity he had engaged in was “completely consensual, discussed and agreed upon in advance, and mutually participatory.”

As of right now, she’s on her E! The News digital cover features Chambers, who separated from Hammer in 2020 and shares Harper, 7, and Ford, 5, with him. (Read her full cover story here.)

Elizabeth chambers tell E! Exclusively!’s Francesca Amiker, “I did not plan on seeing it, but I did drop the kids off at school one day and came home and watched it with my support system around me,” the 

Continuing, “It was heartbreaking on so many levels and very painful. But at the same time, it exists. The past is the past, and all we can do is take this as a moment to learn and listen, and hopefully process and heal in every capacity.”

As a result of some revelations made in the docuseries, Chambers admitted she was “surprised” but noted, “that’s to be expected.”

Two years of learning new things has not been easy. “There were some surprises,” Chambers said, “and it didn’t feel great, especially when you feel like you have done that work, but the moral of the story is that work is never done.”

Do Ford and Harper plan to watch? “It’s not appropriate for them at this time,” said the founder of BIRD Bakery. “That was not going to be in line with my goals for them.”

Chambers and Hammer separated in July 2020 after ten years of marriage. They “decided to turn the page and move on from our marriage,” noting their children “will remain our priority.”

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