Elizabeth Haysom Crime Scene Photos: Is She Still in Jail In 2023?

Elizabeth Haysom Crime Scene Photos: The trial concluded with the court finding Jens Soering and Haysom guilty in the gruesome double murder case. 

Elizabeth Roxanne Haysom, born in 1964 in Salisbury, Rhodesia, rose to prominence as a suspect in the 1985 double murder of her parents, Derek and Nancy Haysom, in Bedford County, Virginia.

Haysom, a Canadian citizen, and her then-boyfriend, Jens Söring, were found guilty of murdering her parents.

Elizabeth Haysom is a former student who was imprisoned for her role in her parents’ murder.

Elizabeth’s siblings were born from her parents’ prior relationships. Elizabeth, born on April 15, 1964, went to the University of Virginia.

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Elizabeth Haysom Crime Scene Photos: What was She convicted of?

Unfortunately, Elizabeth Haysom’s crime scene photos and videos are unavailable now. The place where the murder took place has not been captured in photographs.

Haysom received a 90-year prison sentence after pleading guilty to two charges of accessory to murder. She was sentenced to 45 years in prison for each murder, to be served consecutively.

Haysom and Soering were not first suspected of murdering Elizabeth’s parents, but when authorities focused their attention on them, the couple fled the country and were later apprehended in England.

Elizabeth Haysom Crime Scene
In 1987, Elizabeth Haysom pled guilty to two counts of accessory to murder before the fact.  (Source: The Sun)

Haysom testified against Soering in court, claiming that she tricked her lover into killing her parents to break up with him.

Meanwhile, Soering insists Haysom committed the murders herself and only told him what happened after her parents were dead.

Is Elizabeth Haysom Still in Jail In 2023?

On November 25, 2019, the fascinating case of Elizabeth Haysom and her former boyfriend, Jens Soering, took a significant turn in 2019.

The Virginia Parole Board announced, in collaboration with Governor Ralph Northam, that Soering and Haysom will be released from jail but not pardoned for their crimes.

Jens Soering’s release was subject to tight conditions. He was deported to his home country of Germany and was barred from returning to the United States.

This deportation effectively ended his decades-long incarceration in American facilities. Soering’s phrases were similar to those of Elizabeth Haysom.

Elizabeth Haysom Crime Scene
Elizabeth Haysom and her ex-boyfriend have been released.(Source: The News and Advance)

This restriction includes their family members. Jens Soering is still a free man in Germany as of December 17, 2019, marking the beginning of a new chapter in his life.

On the other hand, Elizabeth Haysom was deported to Canada on January 22, 2020, where she likewise enjoyed her newfound freedom.

Elizabeth Haysom and Jens Soering’s journey has had many twists and turns, and their release in 2019 was a significant move in a case that has captivated the public’s interest for decades.

Their current lives are apart, and their future courses are undetermined as they embark on the post-prison journey in their various home nations.

Derek and Nancy Haysom Murder Case

The murders of Derek and Nancy Haysom in their house in Boonsboro, Bedford County, Virginia, were the focus of the 1985 double-murder case.

Derek William Reginald Haysom, a steel businessman, and Nancy Astor Benedict Haysom, a wealthy socialite, were stabbed to death. On April 3, 1985, cops discovered their mutilated bodies.

Soering (sometimes spelt Söring) was born on August 1, 1966, the son of a German ambassador.

In 1977, he moved to the United States, where he met and began a relationship with Elizabeth Haysom at the University of Virginia.

While both were students at the University of Virginia, Soering, the son of a German diplomat, met and began a relationship with the couple’s daughter, Elizabeth Haysom.

Despite not being considered suspects at the time, Soering and Haysom, who were 18 and 20 at the time, escaped to England shortly after the double murder.

They lived under assumed names but were arrested for fraud on April 30, 1986, in London after creating bogus cheques, using false papers, and lying to police.

Soering confessed to the double murder to multiple authorities during questioning.

He claimed he murdered his ex-girlfriend’s parents while she waited for him at a hotel. 

Despite not being considered suspects at the time, Soering and Haysom, who were 18 and 20 at the time, escaped to England shortly after the double murder.

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