Elizabeth Shatner Biography– William Shatner’s ex-wife

Who is Elizabeth Shatner?

Elizabeth Shatner is a former professional horse trainer who has been working as a digital artist, photographer, and philanthropist after retirement. Besides her diverse career, Elizabeth Shatner is also best known as the ex-wife of famous Canadian actor William Shatner.

The name “Elizabeth” is taken from Hebrew origin. It means “God is my oath” in Hebrew. 

William Shatner is mainly renowned for his character in the Star Trek series, where he plays the role of Captain James T. Kirk.

Although the couple’s split surprised many, William still claims Elizabeth to be one of his greatest wives: understanding, loving, patient, beautiful, and passionate.

Here is everything you need to know about Elizabeth Shatner and her busy but beautiful life.

Elizabeth Shatner
Elizabeth Shatner Biography

quick facts

Full nameElizabeth Joyce Anderson/ Elizabeth Shatner
BirthdayDecember 30, 1958
Age65 years old
Height5’’ 9’ inch (175 cm)
Eye colorBlue
ProfessionFormer horse trainer, photographer, digital artist, and philanthropist
Sun signCapricorn
TraitsPositive: hardworking, ambitious, and responsible
Negative: procrastinating, stubborn, and impulsive
UniversityDegree in equine and animal science at Purdue University
SiblingDaniel Leith Anderson
Marital statusDivorced
SpouseMichael Gleen Martin (1992-1997)
William Shatner (2001-2019)
StepchildrenLeslie Carol Shatner,
Lisabeth Shatner,
Melanie Shatner
Social mediaTwitter
Net worthUnknown

interesting facts

1. Elizabeth Shatner has loved horses since she was a child

Elizabeth Shatner was born Elizabeth Joyce Anderson. She was fond of horses and began riding them when she was five years old. She got her first horse, a Gailceno pony, when she was eight years old.

2. Elizabeth Shatner has been married twice

Elizabeth was married to Michael Gleen Martin in 1992. Sadly, she was widowed after he passed away in 1997. 

After three years of his demise, she met William Shatner and eventually married him.

3. Elizabeth Shatner came to the limelight after her affair with William Shatner

Elizabeth met William Shatner in 2000. But then, William had also lost his wife, Nerine Kidd. 

Elizabeth and William’s love for horses brought them close; thus, they married in Lebanon in 2001.

4. Elizabeth Shatner divorced William Shatner in 2019

The couple divorced after 18 years of being married. Elizabeth received $2 million as spousal support.

She also got to keep two of her horses, her Malibu Cove home, and her family’s farm. She also got the ownership of three cars.

5. Elizabeth Shatner is a horse trainer and photographer

Elizabeth began her career as a horse trainer for an equine competition. She also has seven judges’ cards and is on the Government Advisory Board for World Equestrian Games.

After a safari trip to Israel, she became fond of nature photography

She takes images that spread feelings of spirituality and well-being while also sharing nature’s beauty.

Elizabeth Shatner early life, family, and education

Today better known as Elizabeth Shatner, Elizabeth Joyce Anderson was born on December 30, 1958, in the United States of America. She has not revealed where she is from or anything about her parents, but she had an elder sibling named Daniel Leith Anderson, who recently died at 74 due to a heart attack.

Elizabeth Shatner developed a love for horses when she was quite young. She was already riding horses when she was five years old and even received her first horse, a Gailceno pony, when she was only 8.

Elizabeth Shatner

Her passion for horses led her to become a horse trainer and even a judge for equine competitions with Indiana Arabian Club at 14 years old. According to some sources, she also won several national honors and a scholarship during that time.

As for her education, Elizabeth’s continual growing interest in horses led her to Purdue University for her further studies, where she pursued a degree in equine and animal science.

After achieving her degree, Shatner then started working as a professional horse trainer.

personality traits

Elizabeth Shatner will be turning 62 years old this December 2020. She stands 5”9 (175 cm) tall and has blue eyes and long blonde hair. Since she was born at the end of December, Elizabeth’s sun sign lies under Capricorn.

Capricorns are known to be extremely hardworking and determined and are best known to possess a lot of patience. Such traits could explain Shatner’s ability to work with horses and the recognition she has received for her work.


Before meeting and marrying William Shatner, Elizabeth married Michael Gleen Martin in 1992. However, Michael passed away in 1997.

Although shocked, Elizabeth eventually got over the sudden demise of her husband and started her new life, which is when she met William Shatner.

William Shatner and Elizabeth Martin

Coincidentally, Elizabeth and William Shatner first met in 2000 when he was going through the sudden demise of his wife. However, unlike Elizabeth, William was first married to actress Gloria Rand from 12 August 1956 to 4 March 1969.

Through Gloria, William has three daughters: Leslie Carol Shatner, Lisabeth Shatner, and Melanie Shatner.

After his divorce from Gloria, William married his co-star Marcy Lafferty, who is best known for her role in Star Trek as chief DiFalco on 20 October 1973. The couple ended their relationship after being together for 23 years on 11 December 1996.

Within a year of his divorce, William Shatner married late actress Nerine Kidd, who is best known for her role in movies like ‘Artificial Paradise’ and ‘A Twist in the Tale’ on 15 November 1997.

However, Narine lost her life while drowning in a swimming pool at the couple’s house in California. The demise of both of their partners was one reason why Elizabeth Shatner and William Shatner started bonding quickly.

Besides the demise of their former partner, another reason for the duo’s quick bond was their love for horses. In addition, the couple had faced a wide range of criticism for their age gap in the relationship, where William was 27 years older than Elizabeth.

Elizabeth Shatner marriage

Despite the criticism, William and Elizabeth tied the knot one year after they met on 13 February 2001 in Lebanon.

Before their divorce and the end of their eighteen years of marriage in February 2019, the couple lived in Belle Reve Farm, a 360-acre horse farm near Versailles, Kentucky, where they breed American Saddlebreds.

Besides breeding horses together, Elizabeth and William also worked together on many horse charity shows.

Elizabeth Shatner William Shatner divorce

William filed for divorce from his wife of 18 years in December 2019. However, the couple did not have much trouble settling for their divorce as they had signed a prenup before their marriage.

According to TMZ, their settlement took place in Los Angeles Superior Court. William Shatner claimed the couple’s two horses, Renaissance Man’s Medici and Powder River Shirley, and even the horse’s semen and horse equipment.

Likewise, he also kept the couple’s two dogs, Macchiato and Double Espresso. William will be staying at his Studio City home and a ranch in Three Rivers regarding their property.

However, Elizabeth is allowed to visit the property since her first husband’s and some of her horse’s ashes are scattered.

On the other hand, Elizabeth, too, got to keep two of their horses, named Belle Reve’s So Photogenic and Pebbles. TMZ also reported that Elizabeth would keep their Malibu Cove home in Versailles and her family’s farm in Indiana.

She will get the ownership of a 2007 BMW X5, a 2015 Mercedes Benz ML65, and a 2004 Ford Explorer.

Elizabeth also had the right to visit the animals that William kept as long as she gave her ex-husband an advance notice. Likewise, William also paid Elizabeth USD 2 million for spousal support as per their prenup.

William Shatner Reunites With Ex-wife Elizabeth Shatner to Celebrate his birthday.

After more than a year of divorcing, William Shatner reunites with his ex-wife, Elizabeth, to celebrate his 90th birthday in California.

William and Elizabeth both looked happy as they drove around the sun-soaked city. 

William was wearing a casual fit with trendy shades, whereas Elizabeth wore a white sweater with stylish brown shades. She was also wearing a facemask. 

Elizabeth Shatner career

As mentioned above, Elizabeth started her career as a horse trainer in an equine competition when she was just 14 years old. After pursuing a degree and graduating from the same field, she started working as a professional horse trainer.

Today, Elizabeth holds seven judges’ cards and is active in the horse competition judging circuits. She is also on the Government Advisory Board for World Equestrian Games.

Elizabeth came into the limelight only after meeting her second husband. After the couple became official, Elizabeth was involved in several documentaries and series.

She appeared in documentaries like ‘E! True Hollywood Story’ and Spat Attack in 2002.

Likewise, she also made an appearance in ‘Life Beyond Trek: William Shatner’ (2004), ‘Gonzo Ballet’ (2009), ‘American Pickers’ (2011), and ‘The Captains’ (2012). She also appeared daily in William’s TV series, ‘ The Shatner Project’ in 2014.

Furthermore, she was also present in Huey Lewis, and The New’s video called ‘Do You Believe in Love and had written a song called ‘Together for William’s album ‘Has Been.’

Elizabeth started growing interest in art when she had once gone on a safari trip to Israel with her husband. After that, she retired from her career as a horse trainer and started involving herself in digital arts.

She clicks nature photographs and has termed her works ‘Flowrosophy.’ Her works are mainly produced by digital technology. The end product gets printed on a canvas, tile, watercolor paper, or other media.

Ultimately, her works look like abstract works or oil or water paintings.

Soon after, Elizabeth mixed her passion for horses and her passion for digital arts and introduced her ‘Art by Nature’ series, where she produced digitally painted photographs of horses.

Shatner aims to focus on taking images that spread feelings of spirituality, well-being, and fun while sharing nature’s beauty with those who view Art of Nature. Most of her income that comes from selling the series gets donated to horse-related charities.

Elizabeth Shatner charity works

Apart from creating amazing art, Elizabeth was also involved in several Charity Horse Shows with her husband. One of the famous charity shows is called ‘Hollywood Charity Horse Show,’ which supports disabled children.

Likewise, the couple also raised a significant amount of money through their horse, ‘All Glory,’ who was chosen as the Celebration Horse of Breyerfest.

With the money Elizabeth collected, she conducted a program that promoted foster care, support programs, and institutions that adopted animal-assisted therapies for the military, veterans, and families.

Elizabeth also opened a non-profit campaign called All Glory Project, Inc through this idea. The campaign works to help the wounded militaries, their families, and animals.

She also received the WHINNY award for her efforts in the horse industry. This award is given to the people who use their platform to help and protect horses and promote their industry through charitable efforts.

Elizabeth Shatner net worth

The second wife of William Shatner, Elizabeth, is estimated to have over USD 1 million. She has collected a hefty amount of money through her horse training career and by selling her digital artworks.

Likewise, she is also a part of well-known charity shows, but most of her earnings are given to other charitable causes like helping disabled children.

social media

Elizabeth Shatner is active on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter

Many Instagram accounts claim to be her. However, we aren’t sure whether it is genuinely her account or not, as there are no pictures.

There’s one Instagram account where her artworks are promoted.

Although she has not been active on her social media platforms, she promotes her charity, All Glory Project, for donations to help fund wounded military, their families, and veterans by selling artwork.

Elizabeth Shatner now

Although Elizabeth Shatner mainly came into the limelight due to her famous ex-husband William Shatner, she is an amazing woman with abundant talents. However, Elizabeth is very private about her personal life and does not share much about what is happening around her life like other celebrity wives.

She is still working on her artwork and is contributing to her charity projects. 

She lives in Los Angeles and Kentucky. 


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