Elle Bielfeldt: Bio, Net Worth & Family

“Tall, fair, and handsome with a good build.”

“Mills n Boons types, or so…”

That’s how many girls would imagine their husbands, and some of them are lucky enough to have one. Elle Bielfeldt is one of them. 

She found her prince charming in Meyers Leonard. But anyone and everyone who has ever seen Elle would say, “you need to be a princess to have a prince.” With a height difference of about a foot, the picture-perfect couple and their marriage remind everyone of fairy tales.

Elle is a beautiful lady of 28, who earns her diamond. Her personality itself is appealing, and so is the love of her life. This couple has been famous ever since their engagement in 2014, and their marriage in the following year.

Elle is independent and is a confident woman.

Elle Bielfeldt: Childhood and Education

Born and brought up in Peoria, Illinois, Elle opened her eyes on a beautiful Wednesday of January 15, 1992. Elle was born as a fourth child of David Bielfeldt and Julie Bielfeldt. She has three more siblings: two sisters and a brother.

Elle Bielfeldt family photo
Elle Bielfeldt family photo

Elle’s two sisters are Lydia Bielfeldt and Matti Bielfeldt. Matti is an excellent basketball player at her University team.

Her brother’s name is Max Bielfeldt. He has also been one of the best members of Michigan’s Wolverines Men’s Basketball team up to 2015. He joined Indiana in 2016.

Basketball is a family legacy. It is something that runs down their veins. 

Being the fourth child of a family has its privileges. Elle was born into a family of alumni from the same University, and every one of the family had a history of being an athlete. 

The privilege was that Elle could go on and off the pitch while she had her family backing her up in her professional career as an athlete. The penalty was she was described as a kind of having “partaken the passion” of her family.

Either way, her privilege did not go waste. She turned out to be a great athlete, a fabulous lady with a brilliant smile, perfect shape, and a genius career woman on her own.

Elle was often trained by her brother while growing up.

Elle was raised studying in a local school. She started playing basketball for Peoria Girls Sports League in grade 3.

When she was young, she followed her brother to the basketball training camp. She was a fighter to have survived as a single girl in the field and fought her best to hone her basket skills.

She graduated from a Catholic high school– Peoria Notre Dame High school to join as a member of the girls’ basketball team.  Then she joined the University of Illinois in her hometown, where her family has been residing for generations.

She technically complements her husband in the game as she had a fair opportunity to debut in the WNBA. She left her passion because she wanted to focus on studies more.

Later, she got a bachelor’s degree in Advertising from the University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign, Illinois. She graduated in 2014 with flying colors and proved her talents by scoring a GPA of 3.73.

But the degree alone was not the pursuit during her student life, Elle was a happy go lucky all-rounder. She was a member of many notable groups during her university days. Her friend from sorority was the reason she first met her future husband. 

Elle Bielfeldt: Personality traits

Full Name Elle Bielfeldt Leonard
Height 1.79 m (5 feet 11 inches)
Weight 135-165 lbs
Body build 35-24-35
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian White
Religion Christian
Zodiac sign Capricorn
Eye Color Ocean blue
Hair Color Golden blonde, wavy curls
Favorite sports Basketball, horse basketball, and Volleyball
Favorite book Essentialism by Greg Mckeown
Favorite singer Jennifer Lopez
Favorite songs Faith by Galantis, Dolly Parton and Mr. Probz
Favorite App Tik Tok
Favorite food Sushi, Donuts
Nickname Elle
Favorite brand Meyers Leonard Brand
Fashion style Game style belly t-shirts, jeans, shorts, and cool sleeveless t-shirts were her choice in casuals.

For formals–Long boots, off shoulder dresses, shoulder cuts with open sandal heels, white snickers, and pointed shoes.

Favorite Pet A dog (Koko)

Elle is a fitness geek. She squeezes in her schedule to manage the time, even during her vacations and breaks, to slip into a quick workout session.

It is the biggest reason why she fits into any dress and looks just right. She married a sportsman, what more do I need to say?

The Bielfeldts are a fantastic family. Since their three generations have been athlete alumni, which may be the reason why the games are kind of family tradition to them, this can be reflected in the way they dress up for the occasion. 

Bielefeld’s hold their get-togethers mainly around game days. It’s incredible to see how complementary they look in their pictures with color matching dresses and complementary gestures. The “cozy family” looks they have in their photographs are one of a kind.

Their incredible sense of dressing must have been a source of impeccable fashion sense in Elle.

Casuals and formals among gentlemen: overcoats, jackets, jeans, and shoes, whereas matching t-shirts, jeans, and boots among the ladies are seen during those festive times. The Ab clad woman Elle looks her very best in any dress that suits a leaner frame.

Elle got her love of dogs and business from her mom. Not to mention her beauty and ocean blue eyes, her entrepreneurial spirit comes from her mom, who is a real estate agent. 

Elle has a good sense of humor. A meme or two can often be seen in their SNS, whereas cute weird pictures are seen now and then.

Elle Bielfeldt: Relationship and Marriage

Elle met Meyers for the first time through a mutual friend. Elle’s best friend’s boyfriend was Mike Davis– a senior basketball player. Being on the same team, Meyers met Elle during one of the meetings of Mike and his girlfriend.

They saw each other during her freshman year, studied together for a couple of times, talked, and eventually fell in love.

Meyers is very fond of Elle, which he expresses through his statements as he calls her “a gold that he stuck upon and a lottery he won.”

Elle stood through the thick and thins of Meyers. They stayed in a relationship for about three years when finally, on May 25, 2014, Meyers popped up the question. Elle put a gradient picture of the ring with Meyers in the background. They got married on August 2, 2015.

Meyers is a famous NBA player who is currently a power forward for the Miami heat. He was previously an 11th draft pick for Portland Trailblazers.

He is close to his two brothers Bailey Leonard and Chris Leonard. Due to his physique, he is one of the aggressive players on the court.

Despite his style on the court, Meyers has a decent social life and is seen smiling often. He has a tattoo in both arms that read, “Blessed forever.” Elle is his beloved wife. He has often stated that his wife has pushed her to be better, both on and off the court.

As her personality dictates, Elle chose a fairy tale style wedding. She nailed her look with a mermaid gown with a sweetheart neckline and a veil.

Ellie Bielfeldt with Meyers Leonard Marriage photo
Ellie Bielfeldt with Meyers Leonard Marriage photo

Her sisters were the bridesmaids dressed in an A-line pink gown and a pinkish-white floor-length one-shoulder column gown.

The pictures of the family with the bride and bridesmaid carrying flowers are elegant yet trendy. Their positions well explain the comfort they could have as a family, and one could easily guess how welcome an NBA player groom would be in an athlete’s family.

Elle and Meyers share a beautiful bond to date. They have been posting weird photographs since the very first of their relationship, which shows the cool and comfortable tie between the love birds.

The adventurous duo is often seen in matching outfits in their appearances at different places.

Elle is always seen well-dressed according to the occasion. She has a wonderful outdoorsy style in her clothing, which she mostly matches with simple accessories.

The couple has shared an intimate relationship and is happy because they were never diminutive towards each other’s passion.

Elle Bielfeldt: Career

Elle started her career with achieving an NBPA Career Summit certificate of completion. She Participated in American Advertising Federation during her University days.

She got an Alpha Phi Sorority membership and ran for the position of vice president in the sorority. She was also a member of the National Honors Society as a highlight of her career path.

She worked as a spin instructor for the Burn cycle in a full-body spin studio from 2014 to 2018. She had to face some rough patches before establishing her own business.

However, she managed to hold her chin up.

Soon after her graduation, she started preparing for a lifestyle apparel company called Level Foods. She started her formal job as CEO and founder of the company that features hoodies, hats, tees, crewnecks, and stickers from November 2017.

Elle started working on her blog called “Elleleonard blog” since 2017. She also has her own Youtube channel “Elle Leonard”. Her advertisement degree seems to have helped her with the job.

She is a perfect advertiser, a brand manager of the Meyers Leonard Brand since 2018, and advisor to Leonard’s legacy foundation that she co-founded with her husband.

Elle is a young, educated career woman who has successfully balanced her work-life balance. She has handled a motive driven and disciplined lifestyle along with a profound sense of dedication and discipline so far.

Elle Bielfeldt: fame

Elle has been famous since her engagement and marriage to the NBA player. However, recent hype that has made the couple famous once again is a video of horse basketball where she continuously scored against her husband.

Elle Bielfeldt: Net Worth

Beautiful nose and a sharp jawline, the gradient look of Elle itself make her the face of the company she founded.

She is believed to have a net worth of USD 15 million.

Elle Bielfeldt: Charity

Bielfeldt’s family has donated millions to the university’s athletics program throughout the years. Her siblings established themselves into athletes through university, which is also the reason why they are close to the associates and the majority of program details.

Elle Bielfeldt: Social Media

She had a great social life from her childhood days. Being associated with sports, a good body, and a fit lifestyle led her to gather a lot of friends with whom she enjoyed her high school and university life.

Belonging to a family of entrepreneur and athlete, Elle, along with her whole family, has a good network on SNS. They often post each other’s pictures and have some elite members in their friend’s list. 

She describes herself as the one who likes “collecting moments, not things’ in her Facebook account.

She is a package of everything near beauty and glamor. She posts different recipes, beauty hacks, fitness guides, and pictures of the couple on her Facebook and Instagram walls. 

Recently, her wall is full of pictures of lovey-dovey couples and their beautiful moments together captured in stunning frames. Elle has an undying love for diet, exercise, and a healthy lifestyle.

She does not take her daily activities light, which is why her Instagram is full of inspirations in support of fitness.

Her Instagram Id is @mrselleleonard. Elle lives in Portland, Oregon, with her husband right now.

Elle Bielfeldt Instagram Account
Elle Bielfeldt Instagram Account