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Elliot Kingsley Biography – Ozzy Osbourne’s son

Who is Elliot Kingsley?

Elliot Kingsley is the adopted son of legendary English metal singer-songwriter Ozzy Osbourne. He was born in 1966 in The United States.

His mother, Thelma Riley, married Osbourne a few years after his birth. Although his mother was a British teacher, he was born and brought up in The United States.

Shortly after the wedding between his mother, a teacher, and the famous artists, he was adopted by his stepfather, Ozzy Osbourne, in 1971. So naturally, this adoption caught a lot of people’s attention in the ’70s.

Elliot Kingsley had quite a fascination with acting from a very young age. He has worked on multiple plays like ‘Romeo and Juliet,’ ‘Fiddler and the Roof,’ ‘The Story Giant’ etc.

He started his career by working as a freelance Speech and Drama teacher in The United Kingdom. However, his passion for theatre acting grew more, which led him to pursue a career as an actor in this sector itself.

Being an adopted kid of a famous personality is quite hard from the attention you get. But Elliot Kingsley has maintained a pretty low profile of his throughout these years.

Quick facts about Elliot Kingsley

Full nameElliot Kingsley
Age55 years old
Sun signCapricorn
TraitsPositive: Persistent, ambitious, and realistic
Negative: Stubborn, impulsive, and cold
Father’s nameOzzy Osbourne
Mother’s nameThelma Riley
SiblingsLouis Osbourne (brother)
Jessica Starshine Osbourne (sister)
Aimee Osbourne (sister)
Jack Osbourne (brother)
Kelly Osbourne (sister)
Marital statusSingle
ProfessionTheatre actor
Net worth$ 600,000
Social mediaTwitter

The early life of Elliot Kingsley

Elliot Kingsley had a decent childhood. But his stepfather’s addiction and his parent’s unstable marriage were quite tricky for him and his siblings.

Additionally, there is no information regarding his biological father. He hasn’t disclosed his name or where he is as of right now.

He has spent most of his childhood with his parents and his half-siblings. Although the relationship between his parents wasn’t stable enough, his siblings were good company to him.

Moreover, his love for theatrics was quite evident in his early years as well. He worked as a drama teacher in multiple schools of Wirral and Chester.

Elliott Kingsley

He has had a lot of interest and experience in acting as he was constantly seen playing various roles in different plays from a young age. His skills are praised by his audience as well.

Although his parents are initially from the United Kingdom, he holds citizenship in The United States of America. As a result, he has been living back and forth in The US and the UK.

Adoption of Elliot Kingsley

After the marriage between Thelma and Ozzy, his stepdad adopted Elliot as his father wasn’t in the picture. But unfortunately, he had no father figure to look up to because of Ozzy’s addiction.

This was an admirable step by Ozzy Osbourne towards his then stepson. They had a good relationship with each other initially.

Even though his stepdad took him under his wing, he wasn’t quite there for Elliot during his early years. In recent years, Ozzy has admitted that his marriage with Elliot’s mother, Thelma was a colossal mistake.

Although Ozzy hasn’t spoken a lot about his adopted son Elliot, he must be proud of his accomplishments. And Elliot’s dedication towards his passion is similar to his stepdad’s dedication towards music.

Elliot Kingsley’s stepfather, Ozzy Osbourne

John Micheal, popularly known as Ozzy Osbourne, is a famous singer, songwriter, and television personality of the United Kingdom. He was born on the 3rd of December, 1948, in Birmingham, England.

Ozzy rose to fame as a lead vocalist in the band ‘Black Sabbat’ but later got fired due to his drug and alcohol problem in 1979. Later on, he eventually started his career as a solo artist and released many hits during that period.

He was then rehired yet again in the ‘Black Sabbath’ in 1997. Since then, he has given multiple hits from the band throughout these years.

After dating his then-girlfriend Thelma Riley briefly in 1971, he married her and adopted her 5-year-old son Elliot. His marriage with Riley ended eventually due to his alcohol and drug addiction and multiple cheating allegations in ten years period.

He ended his marriage with Elliot’s mother in 1982 and married his manager Sharon Arden again. He has multiple children and has even admitted that he wasn’t a good father in their childhood.

Osbourne is one of the most famous English artists of his time. He even has his name in one of the stars in the Hall of Fame in Los Angeles, which is a lifetime accomplishment.

This legendary singer is, to date, known as the Godfather of Metal. He has also been given the title of The Prince Of Darkness.

Moreover, he even starred in a reality television show, ‘The Osbournes’, about his family. The show was aired in 2005 and showed insights on his family.

He has suffered prominently due to his drug and alcohol addiction. But he has tried to stay sober in recent years.

Despite his age, this 72-year-old star is seen posting various photos and videos on social media actively. He is still very much active in the music industry, directly or indirectly.

Elliot Kingsley’s mother, Thelma Riley

Thelma Riley, the birth mother of Elliot Kingsley, was a teacher from England. She married her lover Ozzy Osbourne in 1971 when Elliot was just five years old.

Thelma and Ozzy met in a nightclub in Birmingham, England, and got married shortly after their affair. They were very much in love and eventually hit it off during the period.

She and Ozzy have two children, Jessica and Louis, together. Although she was married to Ozzy for a decade, it didn’t last long, and she divorced him in 1982 due to various problems.

As of right now, she has been living a low-key life away from all the limelight. She is close to her children Elliot, Jessica, and Louis and hasn’t been in the public eye since the divorce.

Half siblings of Elliot Kingsley

Kingsley has five siblings, of which two of them (Jessica and Louise) are from his mother’s side, and the rest are from his adoptive father’s second wife, Sharon Osbourne’s side.

He hasn’t been seen with any of his half-siblings or has posted any photos with them. But he is pretty personal when it comes to relationships with people.

Most of his siblings appeared on the reality television show ‘The Osbournes.’ But Elliot was not seen in any of the episodes of the reality TV show.

His half-siblings even admitted that Ozzy was not a great father figure to all of them. And they had a childhood where there was not much presence of their father.

Despite them having a pretty colossal family, they do not get along, according to the sources. Some of the siblings even have openly talked about their differences with one another.

Relationships of Elliot Kingsley

Although he’s already in his mid 50’s there is no transparent information on his girlfriend/wife. He is pretty private when it comes to his personal life.

There are no rumors regarding any linkups or relationships about him. He hasn’t been seen with anyone till now.

Even though he hasn’t had any linkup rumors, his stepfather has been associated with various affairs with multiple women. One of the reasons for his divorce from Thelma is infidelity and an extramarital affair.

Elliot Kingsley career

Elliot Kingsley has had a pretty fruitful career in theatrics. His passion for theatre acting can be visible through his fascinating work.

Likewise, he has been enrolled in theatre acting since the time he was just twenty years old, where he has learned a lot about theatres and plays.

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He has even played significant roles in various plays, which were widely appreciated and enjoyed. One of his famous roles in “Romeo and Juliet” was recognized and loved by the people.

Working in the theatre and plays can be pretty challenging, but he has proved his talent all these years. His job as a freelance speech and drama teacher in schools was a turning point in his career as multiple people recognized him through his passionate work.

Furthermore, he is a member of Everyman Company 2017 as well. He is hardworking and compassionate and a serious individual when it comes to his work.

Because of his stepfather’s career path, many eyes were on him whether he would take any inspiration from his adoptive father’s magnificent singing career. But his interest lay in theatre acting, which was a different profession.


Elliot’s family has been in a lot of limelight due to their unstable relationships. He has been linked with various controversies regarding his adoptive father’s alcoholic nature and infidelity from a very early age.

Although he has had a clean career with no disputes personally, his family has been controversial. This is quite obvious looking at Ozzy’s popularity.

Ozzy has always been in the news for the wrong reasons. He was always on the headlines due to his problems related to drug and alcohol intake.

Elliot Kingsley net income

Elliot has done quite well for himself financially on an annual basis from his acting career. His net income is estimated to be $50,000 per year.

Elliot Kingsley Net worth

Elliot Kingsley lives a simple life compared to his adoptive father’s. He isn’t financially well off as his other family members but earns a decent amount of money for himself.

His net worth is estimated to be $600,000. This amount is a pretty sufficient sum of money he has earned from his career as an actor.

On the other hand, Ozzy Osbourne’s net worth is almost $220 million, which is quite a lot. But it is uncertain whether Elliot will be a part of his fortune or not.

Social media

Elliot has a Twitter account with 265 followers. He is pretty active in there, where he is seen constantly retweeting about different topics.

The link for Elliot Kingsley’s Twitter account is given below: