Jessica Reed Kraus speaks out amid the outrageous backlash she has been receiving for publishing that explosive Substack account of Amber Heard and Elon Musk’s sex parties.

In some of her stories, anonymous or spam accounts have been used as sources of threats. However, her position with Johnny Depp’s legal team actually makes her seem credible to those who debate her legitimacy.

Benjamin Chew, Depp’s lead defense attorney, is seen in a photo posted on May 28 on her social media account. The actor’s attorney is a partner at the firm representing him, so she clearly has inside information about the case.

In “Depp vs. Heard / Pt. 3: The Sex Parties,” she revealed Amber Heard’s scandalous life before, during, and after her infamous relationship with Johnny Depp.

Amber Heard has been told to be utterly terrified by this news, according to Kraus’ Instagram stories. However, Elon Musk allegedly helped her analyze the course of action after she reached out to him.

Kraus revealed on her @houseinhabit Instagram account about the rumor that Heard and Musk are preparing a possible lawsuit against her.

Additionally, she posted messages from the Substack team that reassured her the team would fight for her against Heard and Musk. Undoubtedly, this platform is known for protecting authors’ freedom of speech and for fighting against censorship. However, it may end up that Amber Heard fights Kraus on her own due to a particular reason.

It does not appear that Elon Musk did anything incriminating in the Substack publication about the parties. In fact, it turns out he is another Amber Heard victim.

She also mentioned that if Amber blackmailed Elon Musk, he would sue the author and take his side. Assuming this is true, the actress must know something profoundly incriminating about Musk that he cannot possibly allow to become public.

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