Emmy Rossum Parents: Mother Cheryl Rossum And Father

Who are Emmy Rossum parents? The American-native actress is a well-established actress with 8 wins and 21 nominations on various awards shows.

American actress, director, and singer Emmy Rossum has made a huge impact on the entertainment business.

She is well-known for her versatile acting and her parts in “The Phantom of the Opera,” “Shameless,” and “Mystic River.”

Thanks to these films and her ability, Emmy has won various accolades, including the Critics’ Choice Television Award and Primetime Emmy Award.

Emmy Rossum is admired by aspiring actors and musicians for her commitment to and love of her profession.

Emmy Rossum Parents – Mother Cheryl Rossum 

Emmy’s mother, Cheryl Rossum, is a corporate photographer who has done work for magazines like Time.

The actress has said that Cheryl has been one of her strongest supporters throughout her career and that her connection with her mother is one of the most significant aspects of her life.

She has greatly been inspired by Cheryl Rossum, who has always encouraged her professional goals.

Cheryl introduced Emmy to the arts and fostered her passion for singing and acting, according to Emmy.

When Emmy was just seven years old, she was initially accompanied by her mom Cheryl to a Metropolitan Opera Children’s Chorus audition.

Emmy Rossum Parents
Emmy Rossum spoils her mother by buying her presents and brunch. (Source: DailyMail)

She performed in Chorus, and this experience sparked her love of performance.

Following her mother’s footsteps, she has actively backed issues like animal rights, education, and women’s health, making her an impactful presence in society that extends beyond her acting profession. 

In addition to her film career, she has established a name for herself as a vocalist.

Emmy launched her self-titled first album, which earned favorable reviews from many of her fans. 

Rossum frequently makes fun of the fact that her mother listened to operas and classical music when she was pregnant in order to develop her musical skills.

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Emmy Rossum Father: Where Is He?

The bond between Emmy Rossum and her family and their history has both been quite transparent.

She has discussed the impact of her father’s absence in her childhood.

The actress claims that he left the family while she was still a little child and had minimal interaction with her after that.

Emmy Rossum Parents
Emmy regards her mother, Cheryl, as both a mother and a father figure in her life. (Source: DailyMail)

Since he left, Emmy’s father has met his daughter only on a few occasions.

However, not much is known about Emmy Rossum’s father since he wasn’t actually there in her life. Her mother raised her as a single mom after her parents divorced when she was a child.

We shall update the site if we happen to get any new information regarding her beloved father. Stay tuned.

Emmy Rossum Ethnicity And Religion

Emmy was born in the United States but has her ancestral roots all the way up in Russia. Similarly, Rossum is of mixed ethnicity. Her father has English and Dutch ancestry. 

Whereas her, mother is of Russian ethnicity. Moreover, Cheryl is a Russian Jewish. Subsequently, Emmy also recognizes herself as Jewish.

Growing up with her mother only, Emmy surely had a lot of Russian influence in her childhood.

Emmy Rossum Parents
Emmy is currently dating Sam Esmail, who has a Muslim background. (Source: Instagram)

Her father is, however, a protestant which is a branch of Christianity that encompasses various denominations and churches.

It separated from the Roman Catholic Church due to theological and doctrinal disagreements.

Moreover, Emmy has also discussed her Jewish origin and how her father’s faith has been a significant part of her identity despite his absence.

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