Emoji memes to share and have a good laughter

Emoji memes

Memes are the most trending things on the Internet these days. We have little doubt that this will remain the most popular part of the Internet in the days to come. After all, the regular dose of funny and sarcastic memes is what cheers us up every day.

Memes are virtual communication and a proven way to make someone smile. Don’t we all love to exchange tons of relatable memes with our close friends and share a good laugh?

With passing time, memes have evolved and have become varied. This is because memes are no more just texts or funny pictures of animals or humans with weird expressions. So, we can expect memes to get even more diverse in the near future.

Emoji is a pictogram, logogram, ideogram, or smiley embedded in the text and used in electronic messages and web pages. The primary function of emoji is to fill in emotional cues otherwise missing from the typed conversation. From a Japanese word that literally means “picture letter,” emoji help spice up our texts and social media posts.

However, these emojis are now not only a graphical way of communication. They are also widely used as memes these days. Emoji memes simply make use of emojis without any texts or explanation. However, regular Internet users will have a little problem deciphering the message the memes are trying to convey.

Emoji memes can be funnier than any other type of meme. That is why we have collected some of the funniest emoji memes you will find on the Internet. These emoji memes are sure you crack you up. So, don’t forget to share these hilarious memes with your friends and have a good laugh together! Now let’s dive right into these funny emoji memes!

This face looks more like Cardi B than Cardi B herself!

Emoji memes
Cute Emoji memes

Can you guess what this emoji might be thinking?

Emoji memes
Emoji memes to share with you on the Internet.

Here are 20+ Best Disney memes to remind your childhood.

When the grin looks better on a clown.

Emoji memes
Emoji memes collected for you to share

This is how my face looks when I send you the broken heart emoji!

Emoji memes
Emoji memes collected to share

Just another emoji!

Emoji memes

When you have to hide your shock with a smile!

Emoji memes

Lord be with us!

Emoji memes
Funny Emoji meme

Have a look at Dora memes to bring back those childhood days.

My face after a whole sleepless night!

Emoji memes

Pikachu no more gets surprised!

Emoji memes

Doesn’t this look like the perfect face for this emoji?

Emoji memes
Hilarious collection of Emoji meme

When you are scared of love!

Emoji memes
Love Emoji meme for you to share

We have collected 50+ Happy memes to brighten your days.


Emoji memes

What am I supposed to do with this?

Emoji memes

Sad life!

Hilarious meme on the internet.
Hilarious Emoji meme on the Internet.

It is just a laughing-out-loud emoji!

Emoji memes

Here are Crying emoji to share when you feel like crying.

When your level of tolerance crosses its limits!

Emoji memes

What is this?

Funny meme

There goes the blow!

Funny meme

What is going on?

Funny meme

There goes my power!

Meme collection
Emoji memes collected for you.

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