Enrico Frattasio Wikipedia: Age And Net Worth

Many fans are searching for Enrico Frattasio Wikipedia because they are curious to know more about him. This article will also provide you with insight on his age and net worth.

Enrico Frattasio is a well-known personality and internet sensation. He wanted to be a DJ but instead built one of Italy’s biggest piracy empires.

The internet sensation had an interest in the field of music from an early age. Entico was exposed to music due to his father’s involvement in smuggling alcohol.

In addition, the well-known personality became more passionate about music as he grew older and started making mixed tapes on demand.

Moreover, the recent Netflix show Mixed by Erry, which covered the real-life story of Enrico, has made fans more curious to know about him.

Enrico Frattasio Wikipedia and Age

As mentioned before, due to the popularity of the new Netflix show “Mixed by Erry,” Enrico Frattasio’s life has been in the spotlight, and many are curious to explore his Wikipedia.

According to The Guardian, the famous individual was born in Naples’ working-class neighborhood of Forcella to his parents.

There has been little information regarding his birthday. However, sources suggest he grew up in the 1980s, so we can estimate that he might be in his forties or fifties.

His nationality is Italian and he was passionate about music and wanted to work as a DJ. Unfortunately, Enrico’s dream did not come true due to a lack of opportunity and confidence.

Enrico Frattasio wikipedia
Enrico Frattasio wanted to be part of music industry from an early age. (source: Fanpage)

However, by combining the tunes that consumers wanted on cassettes, he demonstrated his musical brilliance.

In addition, the business started growing with the help of his two brothers, Peppe, and Angelo.

After a phone-tapping and undercover policeman-led operation in 1997, the Frattasio brothers were taken into custody.

Moreover, despite the case of piracy, some believe that they are still heroes to young musicians, giving them a path to explore the international music industry as well.

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Enrico Frattasio Net Worth: How Rich is he?

It is certain that Enrico earned well from the company that he established. As mentioned before, he and his brothers built one of Italy’s biggest piracy empires.

The Mixed by Erry organization peaked with 100 employees and an annual revenue of almost £4 million in today’s currency.

Enrico Frattasio net worth
Erry had become widely popular by the late 1980s, not just in Italy but also in Romania and Hong Kong. (Source: Fanpage)

However, his career came to an end after his arrest. According to Filmzzine, Enrico and his brothers took up other conventional employment to support themselves after serving their prison terms and having no remaining assets.

In addition, Frattasio currently makes a career out of selling gift boxes and still occasionally DJs.

Moreover, during their peak, the artist and his brothers sold about 180 million cassettes both inside and outside of Italy.

Enrico Frattasio family

As we now know, along with the popularity of a person, people tend to get interested in knowing about their family members as well.

Frattasio was born to his father, Pasquale Frattasio, and mother, Marisa Frattasio. Selling fake liquor continued to be his father’s main source of income.

Real Enrico Frattasio brothers
Together and his brothers, Frattasio built an enterprise selling fake music cassettes throughout Italy. (Source: Filmzzine)

In addition, as mentioned before, Enrico was not the only child of his parents. In fact, he had two siblings, Peppe and Angelo.

Moreover, among them, Peppe is his oldest brother, whereas Angelo is the youngest. His brothers were supportive of him and also helped him build the record label.

Furthermore, it is unclear if the internet sensation is a married man, as there has been little information regarding his relationship.

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