Ah, memes. We can’t get enough of them. From “Grumpy Cat” to “Leeroy Jenkins,” these innocently entertaining bits of weirdness have slipped into our lives in a big way.

A meme is a piece of information, a thought, or an idea that spreads from person to person. Memes can spread from one person to another without written means of distribution, like a tweet or Facebook status update. The first time I saw the YouTube video “Grumpy Cat,” I found it weird and amusing—so much so that I had to watch it again.

It essentially has become a way of bantering with friends or people you are unaware of in a subtle yet sarcastic way. Some memes are so epic that they make us laugh, especially those close to or who express our words.

Memes have been used by kids and adults, fans, politicians, stars, and everyone to express their feeling online.

The internet is a changing place. Every month there seems to be an influx of new trends. Whether they are created deliberately or by accident, they quickly develop into memes, influencing popular culture and social norms. Below is the list of memes that have been viral.